Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bleach ranting

Okay, so I have watched over 100 episodes of Bleach (yes, I started about a week and a half ago, crazy, I know). I think I want to get some things out of my system.

There are many parts where it feels like a smaller DBZ. What do I mean? Well, I never got that into DBZ, although I know the basic premise and certain things about it, and I remember that most places had Cartoon Network except my house, so when I would visit places, I would watch a lot of CN. Toonami had DBZ, and I watched some DBZ. It was when Goku was fighting Frieza (or however you spell it), and I believe there were at least 3 episodes in a row, where Goku was charging up his super attack, and pretty much nothing else happened. Now, either it was less and I'm exaggerating, or it was that many, or more, I don't know, but it was ridiculous, and one of the main reasons I didn't try to get more interested in it. With Bleach, it is never as extreme, but certain times, people just stand, facing each other, and let their reiatsu (spirit energy) flare up, and for a minute or two, they face each other with flames representing their spirit energy flying around them, before they finally attack. It kind of makes me sad, but oh well, at least it is toned down from what DBZ did.

Power levels are ridiculous. So, Ichigo, the main character, is ridiculously strong which means he needs to face people on equal footing to make it interesting. They pulled a Silver Age Superman. Let's see...When he first went to Soul Society, he defeated the guardian (first time he had been defeated, but there had only been one slightly serious challenge before), a 3rd seat (3rd most powerful in one of the 13 Guardian groups), a Lieutenant (2nd most powerful in a group), arguably one of the most powerful captains (most powerful in a group, most powerful at straight up combat, this captain later defeated two captains at the same time and a guy who gave a captain, two lieutenants, Ichigo and friends a run for their money), and then a captain who is even more powerful and that everybody wants to beat. What next? Well, he was only that powerful in Soul Society, so when he returned he couldn't use Bankai again. Yeah, let's neuter him! That works! Now, they are back in Soul Society and they have to have him face a guy who can destroy Sereitei (the Death God section of Soul Society) by using a ridiculous WMD.

At this point, I don't know why his friends tag along. Chad is powerful, but not powerful enough. Inoue can heal people, sure, but she isn't a fighter at all. Ishida lost his powers, and has a bad substitute for them. Ichigo could probably beat all of them put together right now easily. Anyway...

My favorite characters are Zaraki Kenpachi because he is a bad ass, who ends up being deep although he doesn't really care, Hitsugaya Toshiro because I love that he is so small and still a powerful captain with awesome ice abilities and Tsumugiya Ururu because she is one bad-ass little girl. Yoruichi is also up there just because she makes people uncomfortable and creates awkward moments (just by turning into a naked woman from her cat form) and has the best superspeed (God of Flash).

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