Friday, March 14, 2008


So, recently some of my friends showed me the Leekspin Flash, which has become an internet phenomena. I have it below:

Basically, it shows Orihime Inoue from the show Bleach, spinning a leek. After watching the loop a few times, I also found the show Break a Leg, which is on YouTube, and feels like Arrested Development. The intro to the show has the song from Leekspin, the Ievan Polkka, so I found that song and downloaded it. Then, to completely understand the Leekspin, I decided to watch Bleach, because I found out it was in the second episode. After watching the first two episodes, I easily understand why she was spinning a leek in the first place and easily found where it was in the episode, but I have decided to keep watching Bleach because it is both funny and action packed and is a really good anime, at least after the first 13 episodes I have seen so far. So, in case you don't watch Bleach, and I do recommend it, Orihime Inoue is a girl who lives by herself, and always makes bad food, basically, combining things that shouldn't go together. So, when she is talking to Ichigo, the main character, she is saying how she is going home to cook, and she twirls the leek, although twice, and not in a row, and not even on the full screen. Still, it is amusing, all in all. Enjoy the weekend! I know I will.


Amy said...

The only time I've seen Bleach is when I was in Israel. It was on TV in Japanese with Hebrew subtitles and it was fun trying to translate it. But each set of subtitles went really fast so I'd translate the first line and Aaron would translate the second line and then we'd put it together. Fun stuff! I was paying more attention trying to read the subtitles than to actually pay attention to the plot, but it looked pretty good. I'd try watching it this weekend but finals have me pretty busy. Have a good last few days of spring break!

Pi_3.14159... said...

I mostly try to avoid the popular animes that are brought to America, because I don't like following trends. I've seen various things with Naruto and One Piece, but I never was interested in them. I heard about Bleach, but wasn't interested. With this, I decided to try it. It's a fun show with a plot that is interesting and has lots of different things that can happen. I finally recognize everybody at the end of the intro. It only took 12 episodes, and the 12th led into the 13th and 14th.

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