Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Avengers

I was going to create decks focusing on the New Avengers and Mighty Avengers, but then I realized that the Mighty Avengers only have 1 card for most of their characters. New Avengers has only Spider-Woman with 1 and I am counting Jessica Jones, with 0. Mighty Avengers have Ms. Marvel with 1, Wonder Man with 1, Wasp with 1, Spider-Woman with 1 (yes, same Spider-Woman) and Ares with 0. Oh, and there are no 5-drops and an overabundance of 2 and 6-drops. So, I scrapped that idea, and decided to just make my own fantasy cards (which I will make into are also) and make decks based off of those.

New Avengers in the post-Civil War world are basically a team that is on the run from the government and are always in hiding, except when they go and protect people. With that, all of the characters are hidden in New Avengers and generally grant bonuses for either hidden or visible characters. Plus, I gave them some plot twists and locations to help out with the theme. Oh, and I couldn't help doing a search called "New Avengers Assemble!" If anybody can think of versions for my characters, that would be great.

New Avengers:

Jessica Jones
Former Superheroine
Cost: 1
Hidden attackers you control get +1 ATK.

Jessica Drew<>Spider-Woman
Hesitant Heroine
Cost: 2
Activate -> Stun target character with a cost of 2 or less. Use only during your attack step.

Iron Fist
Cage's Partner
Cost: 3
While visible, Iron Fist gets +1 ATK for each hidden character you control.

Enslaved No More
Cost: 3
Whenever Echo stuns a defender, if you control no visible characters, KO that defender.

Luke Cage
Fist's Partner
Cost: 4
While visible and protecting a character, Luke Cage has invulnerability.

New Life
Cost: 4
When Hawkeye stuns a character, if you control no visible characters, that character's controller loses endurance equal to its cost.

Back to Basics
Cost: 5
Free -> Target defender you control gets +3 DEF this turn.

Reluctant Hero
Cost: 6
When Wolverine stuns a character, if he is hidden, KO that character.

Dr. Strange
Arrogant Mystic
Cost: 7
Activate -> Stun target character if its cost is less than or equal to the number of hidden New Avengers characters you control.

Rand Corp.
Cost: 3
While visible, characters you control with the printed New Avengers affiliation get +2 DEF.

Starbucks Sanctorum
Cost: 2
Activate -> Move target New Avengers character to your hidden area or visible area. That character gets +1 DEF this turn.

Helping the Innocent
Cost: 2
Move target hidden New Avengers character you control to your visible area. At the start of the recovery phase this turn, move that character to your hidden area.

On the Run
Cost: 2
Target attacker gets +2 ATK this attack. If that character has the New Avengers affiliation, you may move that character to your hidden or visible area.

Still a Hero
Cost: 3
To play, choose a non-stunned New Avengers character you control. Remove target defender from this attack and the chosen character becomes the defender.

Unfair Outlaws
Cost: 1
Ongoing: Hidden New Avengers attackers you control get +2 ATK while attacking a character with a higher cost.

In-Team Paranoia
Cost: 4
To play, exhaust two New Avengers characters you control.
Move target New Avengers character to your visible area. That character gets +X DEF this turn while defending this turn where X is the combined cost of the characters you exhausted.

New Avengers Assemble!
Cost: 3
To play, discard a character card with concealed. Search your deck for a New Avengers character card, reveal it and put it into your hand.

EDIT: I have given them versions now. Look for the Mighty Avengers Thursday.

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