Thursday, March 13, 2008


I played Best of 3 games with my New Avengers and Mighty Avengers decks against my Revenge Squad and Darkseid's Elite decks respectively. Both times, it went to 3, but my actual decks won. Kind of sad. Now, I did notice broken cards that I had created, but they weren't enough help to defeat my decks. I am actually very impressed with both my DE and RS decks, because, while I knew they were powerful, I didn't quite realize how powerful they actually are. My RS deck is based off of Executive Privilege and aiming to make it work every time, with 30 characters and 30 ongoing plot twists, I have a good chance of always drawing two cards. The deck can do some ridiculous things, regardless of initiative, with 6 being a deadly turn with evens and 7 being deadly with odds. My DE deck is one that tries to mess with my opponent's resource row like crazy. The first of the three games saw me getting a Dark Matter Drain, 3 Servants of Darkseid and a Planet Weapon. With some other stuff, it was deadly. Both decks have done well for me before, but with this, I am just incredibly impressed, and I am so happy that I created actual decks that are more powerful than my imagination.

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