Monday, June 30, 2008

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Well, this game is awesome, but my being a super comic nerd and semi-perfectionist means that everything gets me annoyed. For example: The entire universe is just weird. I believe it is the same as the X-Men Legends universe, which also annoys me while making me happy. One of my biggest complaints about X-Men Legends and X-Men Legends II, which wasn't really fixed in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, is that you never know what you can destroy. Oh, I'm facing a guy with unbreakable armor? Heh, I can defeat him. Oh, I'm facing a glass wall? Well, Thor can't break that down, obviously. Oh, there is a small gap, well Thor obviously can't fly over that. There is a small glass wall? Deadpool can't teleport through that! Through a whole bunch of cement and metal walls, right next to the door? Well, obviously I can do that. I don't know what I can or cannot do. Sometimes, I can kick a guy's ass, sometimes I need a specific move to damage him. Sometimes I can destroy statues, other times I cannot. Sigh... In X-Men Legends and its sequel, I had the same problem with Colossus and then Juggernaut. Why can't my unstoppable force go through this glass wall? He can go through some walls, but otherwise, he is, how to put this, stopped. Oy.

Another thing that irks me are characters. Okay, so you have Winter Soldier pretty early on. I like Bucky and Winter Soldier and think it is cool to have him. I believe that by '06, it was revealed that Winter Soldier was Bucky. I don't know how long, I'm sure Zonos could tell me, but I don't think it was too much time, between when they revealed Winter Soldier and then who he really was. Still, in this game, he isn't Bucky. Well, he is, but nobody knows that, so while Cap and he may talk to each other a little, it is just as one of Cap's enemies and not as Bucky, the sidekick that he still thinks had died. Radioactive Man, his partner, also bugs me. So, Chen Lu is a nuclear physicist and an intelligent individual. Why, then, in his dialogus with the Invisible Woman, does he sound like an idiot? It makes little sense to me. Oh, and I believe the people who created this read Secret Wars (the original, not the sequels or Secret War), because there are a lot of things that make little sense aside from that they were in Secret Wars. Ultron is following Doom. Hmmm, really? Ultron? Only because he was snuffed out like a candle by Galactus, reprogrammed, then given back his energies did Ultron obey Doom. I don't think that happened here. Enchantress follows Doom. Um, sure, I guess. Okay, so why does Doom form a Masters of Evil? He doesn't consider himself evil. He is the self-appointed ruler of Latveria, who wants to rule the world and be the most powerful man ever, all while trying to kill that blasted Richards, but I mean, come on! He doesn't think of himself as evil. Why is his group the Masters of Evil, then? Oh, and Winter Soldier on the Masters of Evil? When he went by Winter Soldier, he would never be on that group unless his masters made him which they wouldn't. Being free of their control, he wouldn't be evil. So, why is he there in the first place? Same with Bullseye. He is an assassin, not a super-villain. He doesn't work well with teams. The closest I can think of is on the Thunderbolts as their guy in the shadows who takes the guy out after the rest of the team fails. And that isn't by choice. He just doesn't seem like he should be there. And Loki is following Doom? What? That doesn't make much sense to me either.

Still, an awesome game. I really did enjoy it. It is one of those X-Men Legends type games that I enjoy, although I do have a few complaints other than stupid things with the characters. They auto-spend points unless you turn that off. I really dislike that. Same with equipment, they auto-equip equipment unless you turn that off. Still, I love these games. They are a lot of fun, and while there are annoying things that bug me about the game and how they characterize the people, just seeing them is cool. My dream team?
Deadpool (obviously)
Ghost Rider
Beta Ray Bill
Silver Surfer

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