Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So tired...

On Friday afternoon, I went downtown to give my dad a ticket to the Giants game later that evening. It was somewhat complicated with reasons, but basically, I had to go there, and then I would wait for my friend to get out of school, so we could hang out before the game. Like I do every time I go downtown (practically), I checked in at the EB Games to see if they had Wiis in stock. They didn't, but said to check back on Wednesdays or Fridays as that is when they get their shipments in. Sad, but not wholly surprised, I decided to see if Virgin Megastore had it. Lo and behold, as I entered, but there was an ad for Wiis. Slightly more enthusiastic, I went inside, asked one of the people working there if they had Wiis, and, to my surprise, they did. They had some deal where you had to buy two games, so I bought Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (which I wanted very badly) and Mario Kart Wii (which sounded fun). I already owned Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and then finally purchased a Wii. So, as you may have guessed from the title, I have played a lot of Wii. Seriously. Mario Kart is a lot of fun, especially with the Wii Wheel. Wii Sports is pretty fun for a game you don't have to buy. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is so bizarre. Okay, I am a comic reader, right? I like all the references to things, but hate certain things they do. For example:
The group that Doom forms is the Masters of Evil, when Doom never associated himself with the group.
Bullseye is on the team, when he never really worked well on a team (including Thunderbolts).
Winter Soldier is on the team, when he isn't a villain, and is in fact Bucky (although he did do evil things, it was under direct mind control, and always in secret).
It isn't the regular Marvel Universe or the Ultimate Marvel Universe, but some weird amalgamation of the two.
Still, it is a fun game and I really enjoy playing it. The controls are very hard to understand and difficult to use, but once you get the hang of it, is actually pretty cool. I do like that you can swing the Wii Remote around or use the A button to attack.
Smash Bros. is amazing, as I believe I have said here before. I went through Adventure Mode, unlocking tons of characters. As of when I am writing this, I only have to unlock Wolf. Only Wolf, Toon Link and Jigglypuff were the ones I was not able to get in Adventure Mode. The Adventure Mode is pretty cool, although starts to get a little tedious. Something cool though is how they seamlessly blend the Nintendo worlds together. For example, on the Halberd, which Meta Knight is trying to reclaim, along with Lucario, Snake is sneaking about, and when he hears Meta Knight and Lucario approaching, he hides in a box, which Lucario then senses him (aura) and lifts the box, causing the exclamation point to appear above Snake's head and the "Found Out!" sound from Metal Gear plays. After squaring off, they realize they have to work together. I mean, all the characters act as themselves, with nothing being out of character. Sonic at the end is amusing. Basically, at the very end, I am about to fight the last boss, when Sonic appears. Oh, okay. The game itself is awesome, and I need to get myself back to about where I was back when I was playing Melee like crazy.

Anyway, Wiis are awesome, but late nights are crazy.

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