Thursday, June 26, 2008

Negative Zone

So, I have my Negative Zone deck, and it is a lot of fun to play, to be perfectly honest. I really enjoy it. There are a few things that bug me though. I'll just list them as questions here:
1) Should I run Currs as a 1-drop? They do have 2 ATK and can come back 5 or later, but have 0 DEF and aren't anything really spectacular.
2) Is Thanos better than Seekers at 3? In most of my games, I play a Seekers instead of Thanos, if I have the choice. I mean, Thanos is cool, but I don't really have all that many locations in my KO'd pile. Should I discard NZs for NZs, then retrieve them with Thanos? Is that how I should play in general?
3) What cards should I have other than NZs in terms of resources? I can have a maximum of 16, and I am not going to put 4 of the one that KO's as long as you have a ready character. I need a maximum of one of those out, so I have two in my deck. Swarm of Annihilus is awesome, as is Wave of Destruction (strictly modern here), although I have fewer Wave of Destruction in my deck.
4) Is there anything else you recommend for getting cards into my hand? NZs require discards and are annoying like that. One NZ gets me cards, and with 4 of those up, I can draw like crazy, if I do things right. Otherwise, though, I haven't found it hard, but should I be worried?

Well, if you answer, thanks for your help. Oh, and the comic review is being finished and will probably be done by the time you read this statement.

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