Friday, June 6, 2008

Secret Invasion 3

I still like Secret Invasion a lot. Let's see. In this issue, we see Skrull Jarvis confront Maria Hill about her surrender, being completely amusing, as he is still in the form of Jarvis. We see Norman completely calm and talking to the Captain Marvel Skrull about his breaking into Norman's office. We see the Initiative to prepare to fight the Skrull invaders, the Young Avengers confronting the Skrulls, joined by the Initiative, who do well initially, then get their asses kicked. We see Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), known to be the Skrull queen at this point, defeating Echo and making Tony believe he is a Skrull. Vision dies (again) and Nick Fury's Howling Commandos make their appearance.

So, one thing I have seen is the debate on whether or not Tony is a Skrull. Personally, I do not think he is. Here are some reasons: In the Marvel Universe, Tony was always kind of there, but not nearly as important. Sure, he was a founding member of the Avengers, founded the West Coast Avengers and became Secretary of State, but he wasn't really all that big in the MU to readers. Recently, around the time of New Avengers, he started doing more. He has been working with the government, representing superhumans (despite barely qualifying at the best, or not qualifying as superhuman at the worst, depends on the writer's mood and how he or she feels about AI). Because of this, he worked with S.H.I.E.L.D. a lot more and eventually fought against Captain America in the Civil War, representing the Pro-Registration side, becoming one of the most prominent Marvel characters. In the Marvel Universe, he is now big in both the comic universe and ours. All of these things are weird and made Tony look like an ass, which makes him one of the most disliked members of the superhuman community. Because of that and because he is really powerful in the world, it would seem that he would be a likely candidate for a Skrull. Unfortunately, I give writers credit in the Marvel Universe. Especially Bendis. That would be the most obvious thing in the world, so I don't think it's true. I've failed with this logic a few times (the new Cap being Bucky), but I feel that writers try and make you guess a lot. For example, with Bendis, everybody assumed that because Magneto ruled the world in House of M, he must have wanted that and Scarlet Witch made it happen, but really, Quicksilver did it. That is the kind of thing I am talking about.
Plus, Tony has been a dick. I never really cared about the character all that much, although did like him for the most part if I had to think about him. Two of my friends really liked him though. With that, and reading New Avengers, I started to like him more. He was friendly and he helped people like Spidey (the character that introduced me to comics that I like a lot) out and seemed like a cool guy. Then Civil War happened. Everything that he did made sense in terms of his character and in terms of the storyline, and then I realized that he is a dick. He tried to not be a dick, and was better than Cap at certain points (such as the point mentioned by the Watcher in the second story in What if...? Civil War), but all in all, he forced too much upon the superhuman community and expected too much out of people. Plus, he made the current incarnation of the Thunderbolts with Venom and Bullseye, along with Taskmaster and Lady Deathstrike at certain points. I mean, he had good intentions, I'll give him that. He also knew what was coming, to an extent, but he failed miserably in trying to be the good guy. Sending Hulk into space was a mistake as well. To make him a Skrull is to take away all of that and say "Hey, it wasn't Tony! It was a Skrull! Tony's not a dick!" To me, that would feel like the end of World War Hulk, when Miek reveals that the Illuminati members that sent Hulk to space (Mr. Fantastic, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange and Iron Man) didn't cause the ship to explode. I read Planet Hulk, and when that happened in Planet Hulk, I wanted to personally kill all of those guys along with the Hulk. At that point, I felt the Hulk was completely justified. After all, those guys killed a freakin' planet! I was totally supporting Hulk, but then, Miek revealed and suddenly, I felt sorry for Iron Man. Read above, and you'll know I dislike Iron Man. I felt like apologizing to Tony for that. That was infuriating. I loved everything else, and even that at the time, but I am furious that they just absolved him by saying, "No, it wasn't him. It was that guy over there! Tony didn't do that!" Doing that here would be the same thing on a larger scale, as it covers much more stuff (not more horrifying than a whole planet, but more important on a personal level).
Plus, the Skrulls are all about deception. They always have been. Taking out Tony is a really important task, given how much power he wields (along with taking out the Sentry) and a brilliant way to do it is to make him even more paranoid than he already was. He was paranoid because he realized there was a Skrullektra that came to him and started suspecting everybody. With this, the queen is able to make him doubt himself at the same time. As opposed to simply taking him out, which she could do as well, she is able to turn him against people. I found that part to be hilarious, as I don't think Tony is a Skrull, so her trying to convince him of being one is awesome to me.

Vision died again. Sigh... Well, he came back before, so he could easily come back again.

Nick Fury's team is pretty darn awesome, I have to say. We've got Nick Fury and a Rob Liefeld gun. Daisy Johnson (Quake) and her ability to kill people (okay, that isn't her power, but it seems to be all she uses it for). Phobos, son of Ares, God of Fear, and a small child. The grandkid of the Phantom Rider and his mystic chain. The daughter of Griffin, with her superspeed yo-yo-like ability. The son of Dr. Druid, with all the mystical powers and none of the know-how. Some random tough guy. All in all, they make a pretty awesome team. Hopefully, they won't be able to stop the Skrulls.

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