Thursday, June 12, 2008


So, today is my former high school's graduation, and I am going there to support some of my friends. Congratulations on graduating high school, Ruben Raskin and Evan Klein-Corman.

On another note, I finally won my first game of Dungeonquest, the game where everybody dying is commonplace. At Gamescape, we have been playing it on Wednesdays a fair amount recently, and while it is very aggravating, as much of the game is left to chance, it is a lot of fun. While never having died on turn 1 ever, I have been infinitely stuck on turn 2 (meaning I die at the very end). Still, it is a lot of fun, especially for a game that stopped being printed since before I was born.

I hate how hard it is to get uncommons in the new MUN set. Out of 1.5 boxes, I have pulled 0 Ravenous, although I have pulled 2 Captain America 4-drop, 2 Helmut Zemo, 2 Unregistered Combatants, 2 Hulkbuster Armor, 2 Head Case, 2 Loki, 2 Death and 2 Quicksilver. Some of those were traded, but come on! Hopefully my remaining 4 boxes will be better for Negative Zone (of which I have gotten 1 rare, Wave of Annihilation, although have traded for some others.

If you read this, and have not read Curtis' post on VsRealms, and actually care, please let him know how wrong it would be to cut his uncut sheet, and that if he wants to keep it, and can't for a little while, he should give it to someone he trusts to take care of it while he waits and sees (then he can sell it, if he wants to, but I think it is just way too cool).


Anonymous said...

I picked up some NegZone rares in my first two boxes; I'm gunning for Crime Lords and Avengers if you want to talk trade :)

Pi_3.14159... said...

Well, I still actually have my 4 boxes to open (they just came today), so I thank you for the offer, but I'm going to see what I get first. Out of what I pulled, though, I do have Vision, Thou Art No Thor!, 2 Head Case and a foil Cold Storage (my other Avengers stuff are probably going to somebody I know closer to home, sorry).

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