Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Comics on 6/4

Here is the incredibly long list of comics:

Punisher: War Journal 20

Basic Plot: Punisher runs around trying to find Jigsaw, while Jigsaw sends the Hand after Frank and Bridge's team starts doing things.

Well, it gets better and better, but starting at being horrible means it is now okay. So, this issue wasn't particularly bad, but wasn't all that great. Frank trying to fight those ninjas was just weird. I had no idea he was capable with a sword. Has Punisher ever used a sword before? It is just really weird. Kind of cool, but weird. Also, Chaykin's art makes certain people hard to distinguish from others. Plus, does Chaykin love ninjas or something? The last series I read with Chaykin was Wolverine, in which he fought ninjas and the Hand, along with the Scimitar organization that was trying to make a name for itself by offing Wolverine. Oh well. At least it gets better every week. Hopefully it will be good soon.

Spider-Man Family 9

Basic Plot: Spider-Man and Marvel Girl babysit Bruce Banner to keep him from transforming into the Hulk. A kid pretends to be Spider-Man to get free food.

Two fun stories. Not great, but lots of fun. The art in the first one is also good, and I like it. It is very amusing and is just fun. Favorite parts are how nobody recognizes Spidey as the actual Spidey (despite him clinging to walls and whatnot) and trying to rob places, forcing Spider-Man to go into battle, trying to make sure Bruce is calm all the way through. Also, when they realize Bruce is "the guy who turns into the Hulk," they just stop fighting. It is just lots of fun. The second story is interesting. It has a kid who lives on the streets who robbed a store, then returned in a Spidey outfit with the food, claiming he was Spidey and that he had caught the criminal. For that, and for "protecting" the store, he then gets free food whenever he wants, just by going in, and the owner giving him food. Peter stops it, and it ends well. At the end though, my friend noticed that it was 8:55 PM and Spidey was swinging towards the sun, which had not nearly set yet. Yes, at almost 9 PM, the sun was still up. Apparently, he lived in Northern Canada during this time, or somewhere else far north where there is sun a lot of the day. Who knows? Still, a fun story. The backup ones were weird as they were parts of a group of comics where the entire thing wasn't fully there, but the middle or end of the story was.

Amazing Spider-Man 561

Basic Plot: Paper Doll goes after Carr's new girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson!

MJ's back. -ish. Apparently, she has been in New York, although hiding, and is Carr's "mystery girlfriend." When Spidey realizes Paper Doll was going to attack Carr's fancy house where his girlfriend was, he goes to protect them. As he tries to fight Paper Doll, MJ is in a panic room, helping him out. Kind of amusing, as he never realizes it is her. She makes references to how it could have worked between them in some other time, but not then. Kind of interesting, but I really want classic villains, if we are doing more classic-ish stories. Where is my Doc Ock or Lizard or something?

Ultimate Origins 1

Basic Plot: How the Ultimate universe started-ish.

Okay, so spoiler, but mutants weren't born, they were created. They took Jim Howlett and ran tests on him and came up with a new DNA strand and called him a mutant. Weird. The rest is kind of weird as well. Stuff is just bizarre. Jim, Nick Fury and a Fisk (Wilson, possibly) were all together in WWII, where Nick was subjected to Project: Rebirth (aka the Ultimate Super-Soldier program) and apparently doesn't age much, since he is around in the present. All in all, really weird, and explains even less than it brings up.

Nova 14

Basic Plot: Nova tries to convince Silver Surfer to stop Galactus for a time.

Well, again, kind of meh. I found the stuff with Silver Surfer talking to Nova interesting and Galactus to be kind of dull. I mean, yeah, Galactus just kind of sat there. Plus, I found Galactus to not really look good. I'm not really into changing Galactus' appearance all that much. The artist adds space (it looks like outer space on his face and suit) and way too many small tech lines (microchip type stuff on something like Galactus, with weird doohickeys coming out of him). The rest doesn't feel like Surfer and Galactus as much. I don't know. Harrow is weird and not that interesting to me. I mean, my main problem still is how weak the frickin' Nova Corps is. One man with all the power of the Nova Corps, the whole Nova force cannot take on Silver Surfer. Okay, sure. The entire Nova force cannot come close to taking an adult Technarch? Come on, now! Basically, I feel Nova should be much more powerful than he is. He should be more like Ion than anything.

Avengers/Invaders 2

Basic Plot: The Mighty Avengers go after the Invaders.

Well, things are getting interesting. I liked the story. The fight was cool, but way too short. The best part is easily when Iron Man gets the crap kicked out of him by Cap. Iron Man uses a magnet to pull Cap's shield away, but Cap holds on, then punches Iron Man into the ground. Awesomeness. Namor is the only one they didn't capture, but it was pretty cool all in all. Plus, Bucky. Oh, yes. Bucky. Still a bad-ass as a kid. Plus, Winter Soldier/Cap saw Bucky, which causes all sorts of confusion. So, Bucky can meet Winter Soldier, Namor can meet Namor (god, how did he stay so young?), Cap can meet Winter Soldier/Cap and Vision could meet Torch (on which Vision was originally made from). Or Torch could meet Torch. Still, lots of interesting things to do.

Kick-Ass 3

Basic Plot: Kick-Ass starts becoming an internet celebrity and tries to help people.

Okay, read this. Done? Good. Holy shit! WTF? That is seriously twisted shit, man. That looks to me to be, like, a ten year old girl. I've seen people say it's a guy, but the hair and the eyes signify me to be a girl. Either way, holy shit! I am so glad that blood and guts don't freak me out. Otherwise this and Invincible (also picked up) would freak me out. I love how they just have people beat up and bleeding and having vital organs spilling out. It is amazing and ridiculous. Every person who finished reading it just said, "What the fuck? What?" I mean, come on! Ridiculous!

Secret Invasion 3

Basic Plot: As the Super Skrulls (not Kl'rt) attack NYC, everybody else deals with major crap.

You know I'm going to love it. I mean, it is the Skrulls. Review coming Friday. Until then, though, I don't think Tony is a Skrull. More later.

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