Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I saw The Incredible Hulk on Friday, and thought it was pretty darn good.

Some parts were kind of corny, and the dialog wasn't great. Also, Hulk didn't say as much as I wanted him to. He did however say the two things I would expect of him ("Leave me alone" and "Hulk smash!"), so I am okay with that. I also found his using items in his smashing kind of bizarre. It reminds me of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, where Thor could smack someone with Mjolnir, or he could pick up a hammer for testing your strength (those carnival things) and smack someone harder than if you hit them with Mjolnir. Hulk picks up pieces of tank or car and smacks people. It is weird. All I could think of when I saw the previews for, and in the movie, Hulk breaking the car, and putting the two parts on his hands, wearing them like gloves, was hearing about the Hulk video game where you could run almost anywhere and he could do that. It just seems like a weird thing to do.

I did think that the fight between Hulk and Abomination was the best superhero fight I have ever seen in a movie. It was just amazingly cool and awesome. Some really powerful stuff. Also, the small things were awesome. Tony showing up, recruiting, was pretty darn cool. Seems like a very connected universe. Some Starktech shows up also. The psychiatrist Betty is dating is never named in the movie (from what I remember), but is Leonard in the credits, and is fairly obviously Doc Samson. Mr. Blue and Mr. Green was pretty cool too and a fun thing from the comics. The running scenes were really awesome and done well. Seeing Jim Wilson (an obscure Hulk character) was also amusing. Why there is no Rick Jones is confusing, but I didn't really feel he had to be in it. Oh, and Samuel Stearns? Heh, oh, the Leader. How awesome. I just really liked this movie. Not quite as great as Iron Man, but the fight was better.

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