Wednesday, June 25, 2008

6/25 Comics

Well, a long list today:

New Warriors 13

Don't know, wasn't at my comic shop. It will be my last issue as I just don't like the series.

Ultimates 3 #4

Basic Plot: Some of the Ultimates semi-storm the Savage Land.

Crap. Pure crap. I was starting to like Ultimates 3 a little with issue 3. This reminded me of why Ultimates 3 was crap. The characters act stupid and nothing like they had been previously defined. I like Madureira as an artist most of the time, but I don't like how he draws the Ultimates, I don't know why. Anyway, this is crap. You know what's great? Keeping things within the pre-established boundaries. I'll bet that as a kid, Jeph Loeb liked to color outside the book. Not just the lines, but the book itself. Whatever. One more issue and it's over. Thank Deadpool.

Hulk 4

Basic Plot: Red Hulk fights Hulk as Iron Man tries to figure out what's going on.

Wow, Loeb just sucked with 4th issues today. Hulk was also crap. I liked the other issues, to an extent. This is just stupid though. The first 4 pages were what ruined it for me. Okay, so the Watchers are really powerful. They only observe because they once upset a society, and have stopped interfering as much as possible (to mostly being just observing, although observation changes the situation, whatever). Still, they are really powerful. There was a whole arc in FF a long time ago where Aron, a rogue Watcher, was doing crazy things. He shrugged off nova flame, Thing-punches, shots from a Doom-built gun very easily. They aren't the most powerful beings ever, but are still really powerful. Red Hulk kicks the crap out of one of them. He also ruined Hulk. Hulk shouldn't have been taken down as easily as he was. I swear, I will stop reading this if Thor is taken down. Has Loeb read Thor? Like in issue 3, where Thor tells Iron Man that the difference between the past, where he was really powerful, and now, when he is much more powerful is that he is not holding back. Thor and Hulk went toe-to-toe when Thor was still holding back. Come on, Loeb! Don't disappoint me. The best thing about this issue? The last page, a mini-Marvel comic by Giarrusso. Shows how stupid the color thing is.

Runaways 30

Basic Plot: The Runaways try to get back to the future.

I always wanted to say that. Heh. Anyway, the first arc in Runaways, a 6-issue arc, after Civil War, finally finished. Yeah...oops? Less than every other month? Oy. Still, I love Whedon and Ryan, and this was pretty cool in all honesty. I still don't quite know what exactly happened, but it was fun. I think my favorite stuff is Klara, to be perfectly honest. She is so crazy to our perspective. Heh. Well, next is Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers, then a new series in August. I'll have to get the volumes. Sigh...

Captain America 39

Basic Plot: Grand Director makes his grand appearance (heh) and Bucky gets annoyed.

Well, Cap is still very meh for me. I know people really like Cap, but the whole story and stuff just doesn't work for me. I'll probably read til the end of the arc. Again, not that Cap is bad, just not for me. It isn't super enough or fun enough. It is too dark and depressing.

Ultimate Spider-Man 123

Basic Plot: Eddie tells people his story.

Well, Venom is creepy. There are no two ways around that. I thought he was creepy enough in regular comics, wanting to eat people's brains. Here, he just eats people. Lots of people. Creepy. I thought it was interesting, but very bizarre, and more than anything, just recap. Whatever. Nothing special.

Wolverine: First Class 4

Basic Plot: Kitty (literally) and Wolverine must beat Man-Beast to protect the New Men.

This is one of my favorite series. It is pure and simple fun. Not the greatest stories, but amusing and enjoyable. I love Kitty (as you know from Saturday and Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men) and she gets to shine in a story where there is only her and Wolverine. Really just enjoyable. Nothing too deep or annoying and it is just fun. Nuff said.

Fantastic Four 558

Basic Plot: Doom wants protection from the New Defenders.

Yeah, buh wha? Last page. Next cover. What? Oh, Millar and Hitch. You crazy, crazy people. What the heck is going on? I don't know, but I so want to know. And Valeria? So, when does Secret Invasion: FF take place? Oy. Craziness! I love Doom, and I think Millar respects him enough to make these guys ridic powerful. Considering that S.H.I.E.L.D. (yeah, I know, whatever) is really impressed that these guys can take out Doom, they give Doom respect. Plus, he has good dialog as Doom.

Mighty Avengers 15

Basic Plot: The secret life of Hank Pym from Avengers: Disassembled through Mighty Avengers' first arc.

Okay, so some confusion. They messed up here. According to this, some time after the New Avengers formed, the Skrull that became Hank Pym became Hank Pym. In New Avengers, he was a Skrull, as was Spider-Woman, before New Avengers. Hmmm... Or, I could go for the crazy explanation. She was talking to the Skrull who was practicing to become Hank. It seems less suspicious if Spider-Woman and Hank are talking together than Spider-Woman and some random woman. Still awesome though. She totally owns him. It is awesome. Did I forget to mention that the Skrull impersonating Hank is a female Skrull naturally? Heh. Romita Jr. always does fun art and it was good. This, New Avengers and Avengers: The Initiative have convinced me how important Hank Pym is to the Marvel Universe. And something I just realized. It is really amusing that Hulkling took Hank's place for a short while to help unlock the 42 during Civil War. Man, a Skrull imitated a Skrull imitating Hank Pym. Fun stuff.

Avengers: The Initiative 14

Basic Plot: 3-D Man arrives in Hawaii, while Crusader realizes he isn't the only Skrull at Camp Hammond.

Strawberries and pickles? Seriously? And that is apparently close to how a fruit tastes in the Skrull system that Skrulls love to eat. I love Crusader's paranoia. He's had it for a while, and it really amuses me. I love the stuff where the Skrull Hank Pym explains what is going on and how "Hank Pym" survived the stuff he shouldn't have. He's never been able to go subatomic before, but now he suddenly can? Why didn't I realize that he was an impostor earlier? Anyway, he goes over how he used his other Super Skrully powers to escape death twice (Vision's diamond-hard form, and intangibility, and then Black Panther's reflexes and Quicksilver's speed), and takes strawberries and pickles together, proving to Crusader that Hank is a Skrull. Fun times. Oh, and 3-D Man can totally see Skrulls through his new goggles (old-school, but new to him), even through nobody else can tell. The last two page spread is awesome, and I am glad we have the original artist on Avengers: The Initiative, as opposed to the guy who makes everyone fat and unattractive.

Secret Invasion: Young Avengers/Runaways 1

Basic Plot: Both teams have a Skrull on them, so yeah...

Okay, if you read Runaways 30, you're good. Otherwise, you're somewhat confused. Basically, this takes place immediately after. So, you have the Runaways (Nico, Chase, Molly, Karolina, Victor, Xavin and Klara), Klara literally having joined them in Runaways 30, and not used to the future. Oh, and I love Xavin. In terms of Skrulls, I love Kl'rt, then Xavin, as my favorite two Skrulls. Xavin is just so funny. She/he is just not used to Earth culture and society, and not used to all these things that just are annoying or stupid, but make Earth Earth. Anyway, Xavin is awesome. I loved this story. Oh, Xavin, if you weren't interested in Karolina, I would be all over you (since Kl'rt is away and Deadpool keeps getting restraining orders).

New Avengers 42

Basic Plot: Spider-Woman and being a Skrull.

Yeah, awesome. Okay, so remember in those issues of New Avengers where Spider-Woman told her recent past, how she got her powers back from HYDRA and what-not. Well, it wasn't HYDRA, but the Skrulls, and as soon as she was passed out, they took her and made their leader, the queen into the new Spider-Woman. That is when the change was made. In a way that was awesome. Then, she causes all sorts of havoc, eventually, in this issue, ending up with the House of M style reality change whiteness stuff. You know what I mean, right? Yeah, House of M has stuff to do with Secret Invasion. Fun, but as I said, annoying because it contradicts. Oh, and it is more annoying it contradicts, because it is the same writer in comics that came out the same day. Oy.

What if...? New Fantastic Four and a tribute to Mike Wieringo

Basic Plot: What if the New Fantastic Four (the ones pictured above) stayed together?

Well, as you may know, in August, Mike Wieringo passed away. Wieringo was best known for his work on The Flash and Fantastic Four, as well as Sensational Spider-Man. He also did all the alternate covers for The Other, with all of the different incarnations of Spider-Man (regular, black suit, armored suit, masked wrestler, cosmic, Spider-Ham, etc). He was a great artist. He was working on the What if? story mentioned above before he passed. He had completed seven pages, and they are in there, and other artists contributed the rest of the story, for much reduced rates, mostly as a tribute to Wieringo. The story is fun, but not the main thing about this issue. I just enjoyed seeing some of Wieringo's last work, and it was nice hearing all the things they said about him.

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