Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sorry I was late on this, there may be something else going up later, probably to explain why it was so late.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 55

Basic Plot: The Ultimate Salem's Seven become NY's newest heroes, as the FF fight amongst themselves due to the puppet strings of Agatha Harkness.

So, the one thing I found cool was the ending. And by ending, I mean the last page, and second to last panel. Especially given what Sue said earlier in the issue. She is totally going to bang Namor. Awesome! He isn't even royalty in the Ultimate Universe, but a criminal. Awesome! She wants to see other guys at the moment and just have fast relationships just for the fun, and Namor shows up and saves her life. I mean, come on. Given the relationship between the two, you know they are going to get freaky. The Salem's Seven stuff is not all that interesting to me, not knowing them all that well. Still,I do know Agatha Harkness, to an extent, and finding her as a hot woman, as opposed to an old bag, is rather amusing to me. Oh, so many new "superhero" teams in the Ultimate Universe. Such as Alpha Flight below.
Ultimate X-Men 95

Basic Plot: Colossus and the gang go after Northstar, using Banshee. Wolverine discovers a secret from his past. Cyclops stops being a tard (kind of).

So, was anyone else confused by Cyclops agreeing to go with Colossus? Sure, Jean, power, out of control, fiery death, Phoenix, etc., but he loves her and he is also a wuss most of the time. Sure, Ultimate Cyclops is cooler than non-Joss Whedon 616 Cyclops, but still not great. In this, he seems worse, then gets better. I still hate the idea of Colossus taking Banshee, but have to say this was a good issue, but I have one problem. The same problem that happened with Freedom Ring, Moondragon and 616 Northstar (kind of). Kind of annoying, but fine. At least Nightcrawler is more tolerant and Colossus is...oh wait, Colossus is bad for another reason. Crap.

Amazing Spider-Man 563

Basic Plot: Spidey goes after the Bookie and the Enforcers.

Well, I loved this issue. Bob Gale did a really good job writing and I love McKone. So, this was one of the good arcs of ASM post-OMD in the BND universe. The Enforcers have always been great for me because of my reading the early Spidey issues. I love how much trouble he had with Fancy Dan, Montana and Ox, three guys without powers, just a small, fast, fighter, a guy with a whip and a strongman. I mean, come on! To early Spider-Man, they were a challenge, but now? Still, the stuff in it was just really fun and amusing. Oh, why do Gale and McKone have to stop? Why do they have to keep switching guys around in the ASM shuffle?

Incredible Hercules 118

Basic Plot: Herc and the God Squad go after Nightmare to see how to get to the Skrull Gods.

Oh, snap! Probably my favorite reveal is in this issue. Are you ready? Amadeus' coyote pup is a Skrull. I am not making this up. At the very end, you see the pup's eyes go glowy green as he watches Herc and Snowbird make out. Yes, Amadeus' pup, Kirby ("from the name Kerberos/Cerberus"), is a Skrull. How crazy is that? When did they even switch him out? When Athena was doing her stuff as a Skrull? Man, this series is a lot of fun. The story itself was fun, although kind of annoying. Still, I did enjoy it, but man! I did not see that coming at all.

Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four 4

Basic Plot: Lyja and Johnny fight/make out while Ben squashes Negative Zone bugs.

Okay, so I enjoyed this, but didn't think it was all that spectacular. Lyja and Johnny fight, then make up, then Johnny takes her back to the Baxter Building (in the NZ still). Thing squashes some bugs, then Franklin and Valeria squash some in their armored suit. Then, Franklin has the brilliant idea of getting a super-villain genius in the 42 to help them rebuild the NZ portal in the Baxter Building. As opposed to of course going to the NZ portal at 42 and leaving from there. That would be smart. Oy.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Basic Plot: The Guardians find Vance Astro (Major Victory) in time-ice.

Yeah, time-ice. Drax is so cool. In this issue, he is semi-philosophical. Although actually, he is just telling the truth. So, there is a rift in space and a chunk of matter is frozen. Frozen in time. Literally. I don't mean that it is still and not moving and waiting for something, I mean that it is frozen in old, old frozen time. Drax could tell by licking it. It tasted like regret. The rest is also fun. Definitely one of my favorite current comics. Go Drax!

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