Wednesday, June 11, 2008

6/11 Comics

Okay, here is what I will get.

X-Force: Ain't No Dog

Basic Plot: Wolverine kills some people, and Warpath regrets killing people.

All in all, I disliked the art, and thought the stories were somewhat interesting, but not that great. Wolverine sounded very different from usual. I know he isn't the smartest guy in the world, but he sounded very stupid and not like himself. Basically, it is about how Wolverine kills bunches of people and feels very little. The other story is actually drawn somewhat well, although I am really tired of Warpath being upset about killing people. If he is going to be crying about it after every time, he shouldn't be on this team. Plain and simple. Many people could be on it and kill, but that doesn't mean they should, because some shouldn't kill (like Warpath, who is always haunted by the people he kills or Wolfsbane, who just isn't a killer). I don't know, maybe they could get Shatterstar (yes, I know, Liefeld creation, whatever, he kills and enjoys to an extent) or Hepzibah, probably. I just don't see why they should have someone who should be upset whenever he kills.

Skaar: Son of Hulk 1

Basic Plot: Skaar grows up in the vast wasteland that used to be Sakaar.

Okay, so what happened to Sakaar? After Planet Hulk, what happened? I thought the planet was fucked up so badly that nobody could do anything there, and that is why Hulk went to Earth. No? The planet's tectonic plates were fucked up and everything was destroyed, but Skaar was able to survive along with a lot of people and fight for himself. I mean, once I get beyond that Sakaar should be more ruined than it is (literally, planet falling apart as opposed to just no basic structures up), it is an okay story with interesting Ron Garney art that feels much more rough. Not great, but amusing. Hopefully, Skaar will get off the dying Sakaar, although I could see him uniting it like what happened with Hulk in Planet Hulk.

Amazing Spider-Man 562

Basic Plot: Spidey deals with being jobless as the Bookie makes deals with supervillains.

McKone is an awesome artist. I have liked his style ever since I saw it in Exiles and FF. With that, the story was pretty fun. So, spoiler, but the other Spider-Man is Screwball, the "villain" from the past arc that was streaming live. What doesn't make sense is why she would dress up as Spider-Man for someone when she is so freaked out by Spider-Man (the stupid Spider Tracer killer stuff) and gave herself willingly to the cops to escape from Spidey. Ah, BND, you make little sense. Well, it was okay, so whatever. Nothing spectacular.

Captain Britain and MI13 2

Basic Plot: Skrulls try and take over magic.

Yeah, okay, so the Skrulls are using their tech to conquer magic in Avalon. I know little about Avalon in the comics (not the space station also known as Asteroid M at times), but apparently a lot of magic is there. Oh, and when did that nurse get powers? Oh, and why is this called Captain Britain and MI13, when Captain Britain is no longer in it. Killing off the title character in the first issue? Even worse than Cable and Deadpool (over the course, Cable died a lot, but always came back except that last arc, where he came back with his own series) or Captain America (where he died in 25, but the series is on 40 almost). First issue? Yeah, he;ll be back, but come on! Just confusing and not great. Okay, but not great like I think other people see it.

Secret Invasion: Who do you Trust?

Basic Plot: Many stories detailing events with Skrulls during Secret Invasion.

Captain Marvel wrapped that story up pretty well, I thought. The art was okay. For Agent Brand, I have liked the character since Astonishing X-Men, but this was crap in terms of both art and story. The Beast/Wonder Man one had okay writing and story. Marvel Boy was amusing, but not great, both art and story. Agents of Atlas was fun in both art and story. Not the greatest story ever, but fun. So, all in all, it explained some stuff, and was somewhat fun, but not the greatest thing ever.

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