Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Missed Comics

So, after hearing such great things about Captain Britain and MI: 13, I picked it up yesterday before my VS tournament.

Captain Britain and MI: 13 1

Basic Plot: In Britain, Skrulls are attacking.

Honestly? Meh. I mean, some cool parts, like Black Knight kicking ass. Mostly, though, I was pretty meh about it. Maybe not knowing Spitfire very well put me at a disadvantage, but I have read classic Excalibur, as well as New Excalibur. I got most of the references, I just didn't think it was that great. The art was pretty good. The story was okay. Maybe I am such a Skrull fan that I hate any comic that shows Skrulls dying left and right. Oh, and you'd think the Skrull empire would give invulnerability to all their Super Skrulls. Plus, some of the stuff is stupid. Like, Captain Britain takes the Hyperion and Doc Spectrum Skrull's head clean off. Hyperion has invulnerability and the Power Prism should stop Cap. As powerful as some of these guys are, I don't think they should be doing as well as they did against the Skrulls.

Invincible Vol 9

Basic Plot: Oh, who am I kidding.

Okay, so you either know Invincible or you don't. This is the first time I have really discussed Invincible. I really do like this series. It is one of my favorite series. I just happen to get them in volumes and there have been no volumes since last summer. For those who don't know, Invincible is the story of a kid who grows up with his father as the world's greatest superhero from outer space with flight, super strength, super speed and invulnerability named Omniman (Superman who?). Being of the same origin, Mark Grayson starts to develop those powers and grows into them. If you haven't read Invincible, stop right now and read through volume 8 at the very least (maybe this one as well). Okay, so Invincible, in this volume, has to deal with Allen, the Viltrumites and Multi-Paul, along with Magmaniac and Tether Tyrant and other random baddies. The parts with the Viltrumites are easily the best parts as that is the way the comic is heading. Stuff at home is fun, but to be perfectly honest, Kirkman is great at developing the whole Viltrumite mindset and all that Viltrum does. Lots of fun stuff and a great volume again. One annoying thing (to me anyway) is that Cecil's scar isn't very visible, like is used to be. You kind of see it at times, but there are moments when I don't realize it is him because the scar is gone. I mean, what, did he get something for the scar and it is healing, now? Stuff with Allen is always fun and I do enjoy Magmaniac and Tether Tyrant. Both fun villains (especially Tether Tyrant) who are kind of lame, but still interesting. Is it just me or does Magmaniac always fall through the floor? Anyway, pick up the volume if you read it in volumes (the extra art at the back is my main reason) or continue reading the stories in comic form if you do that. Invincible is awesome!

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