Friday, February 29, 2008

Yay for randomness

No doubt, you have noticed, if you've been here before, that there are some small changes. On the right-hand side of the page, I now have a short intro if you are new here. And, Skrull Invaders reading this, I really do support you in your efforts. I also have, below my links, a voting button so you can vote for my blog on the list of VS blogs. You can vote a maximum of one time per day. On to more important matters...

Okay, so I now have programs that will pop out a random card from Golden Age, Silver Age or Modern Age. All you do is choose, and it gives you a card name and number. I used DocX's search engine to get checklists and then ran through them. Programming can be fun!

Anyway, I ran a Golden Age randomness, and came up with the card Wayne Manor. From DOR, this card is a location that has "Exhaust a GK character you control -> Gain 1 endurance." A simple enough card, and while it may seem like an okay card and maybe filler at first, it also is a whole lot more. My friend built a GCPD deck before I knew him and had it forever. GCPD Officer is an army card that GK got with the text "While GCPD Officer is exhausted, it has reinforcement." An ability that is pretty cool, but really comes to fruition with other cards like Wayne Manor. With Wayne Manor, you always have an ability to exhaust your characters. Sure, you could actually reinforce or try and set something up in another way, but you could also gain 1 and be reinforced. Basically, unless you could take away reinforcement, with something like Blind Sided, you were stuck. You could take out some of his guys, but he wouldn't lose endurance for any of them, and with Gone but Not Forgotten (before it was banned), he would in fact gain life for dying. His deck was a stall deck to try and get to turn 8 or 9, and Gamma Bomb everybody to death, followed up with an Imperiex to finish the opponent off. The first time I saw him use it, he was using dice as life, and had a lot of 6-sided dice. He had 10 of them, each with a 5, to represent his original total. I believe he got at least 5 more dice out that game, and was at a ridiculously high total. His cops were ridiculous and while I was generally able to beat the deck (somehow, I could beat him a lot of the time, even though my deck was pretty crappy), it was still incredibly annoying and powerful.

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