Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stupid Holocaust...

I just hate the...Wait, that came out wrong. Hold on, let me back up. It's not because I'm Jewish that I'm mentioning hating Holocaust, because I'm not referring to the event during World War II, I'm referring to the character card that recently came out. Recently, the UDE points store put up new cards for people to get from the MAA set. Exciting! So, now I will finally get my zombies and a couple other cards, but two more cards that had not been seen before are now available. Breeding Pens, Age of Apocaylpse and Holocaust, Age of Apocalypse. Breeding Pens is okay, although I'm still not fully sure I want to build the full on Horsemen Deck, so it is kind of pointless to me, but Holocaust is annoying. Now, we get back to where we were...

Okay, so he is a 9/9 with Flight and Range for a 5-drop when he comes out and can drop below an average 5-drop fairly easily. Unfortunately, his second ability completely annihilates any deck I build to face this that has +1/+1 counters. Beast Boy Legend deck? Destroyed. New and Improved Pawns? Wiped Out. Zombie Atlas? Obliterated. Okay, so his ability is conditional. If you put him in your Horsemen deck, you probably have a lot of counters, and you might feel safe removing them, although maybe not. Still, if he burned for all counters you had, I'd be fine with that. If he burned only if he had counters on him, I'd be fine. No, though, he burns for every counter in play whenever he becomes stunned. Very conditional, but ultimately incredibly powerful and could be game-winning easily.

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