Monday, February 18, 2008

Fatal Five Hundred

Loathe to repeat myself, I decided to use my PRNG (Pseudo-random Number Generator) to go through all the cards on DocX's search engine and find a random card and try to tell the story of it. Well, card 1039 in his search engine landed me at DLS-078, which is Fatal Five Hundred. What a coincidence. I know that exact storyline!

The Fatal Five are a group of supervillains that exist during the time that the Legion of Superheroes exist. They consist of Emerald Empress with her Emerald Eye of Ekron, Mano with his hand of death, Tharok the half-cyborg who is able to control Validus, the incredbly powerful, but near mindless monster and the Persuader, with his Atomic Axe that can cut through anything, not just being limited to the physical, but also the metaphysical. During our time, Superboy and Wonder Girl were going on a date, when suddenly, Superboy vanished into a portal, only to come back seconds later wearing a version of Superman's costume, asking for the help of the Teen Titans. It seems that he had been pulled into the future and was helping the Legion. Then, the Persuader came back in time to attack Superboy. After the Teen Titans try to fend him off, he jumps back in a portal, taunting Superboy to follow him. Superboy then gives Legion Flight Rings to the Titans, making them honorary Legionnaires, and they follow Superboy through the portal. When they get back to the future, they discover that Superboy had been fighting for 5 months and the reason why the Fatal Five are such a threat now. As opposed to being merely five, Persuader used his Atomic Axe to cut though dimensional barriers, allowing approximately 99 other versions of the Fatal Five into our dimesnion (in Legion time), making the Fatal Five into the Fatal Five Hundred. They then arrive at Legion World and attempt to protect it from the FFH. Ultimately, they fail, and Raven teleports them to the former Legion Headquarters, which they had abandoned in favor of Legion World. Brainiac 5 is able to devise a plan, using XS and Kid Flash, using a Cosmic Treadmill, that will send the Fatal Five Hundred back to their respective dimensions. Don't ask me to explain how it works, it is something only a 12th Level Intelligence really could comprehend. Anyway, it succeeds, and the Fatal Five Hundred are disbanded, and the Legionnaires are ripped from the Space/Time continuum or something and the Titans attempt to use Persauder's Atomic Axe to send them home. They arrive in the 21st century, just 6 years from our present, in the year 2014.

It is a fun storyline, and I recommend it. Not the best I have ever read, but fun nonetheless and well worth reading. Plus, the volume it comes in comes with the rest of the story, including the part mentioned at the very end with the Titans of Tomorrow.

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