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Comics on 2/27

Look! A new post! Yay! Anyway, apparently 5 people (including me) read my blog from Friday to now. Weird.

Blue Beetle 24

Basic Plot: Jaime's family and friends flee from the Reach while Jaime enacts his plan.

Okay, so you figured everybody was pretty screwed after last time, right? I mean, they pulled the scarab off of Jaime and locked him in a room, while his family looked like they died in an explosion. Surprise! They're not dead. Traci 13 shows up to save the day. Bringing cookies. I just like this series. It's just good. Never great, but never bad. It is a consistently good series. This storyline is pretty cool and it is nice to see Jaime fight on and enact his plan without the use of the scarab, although with a lot of the knowledge of the scarab. It's just cool. I like this comic. Everybody facing the Reach? Cool. And by everybody, I mean Peacemaker and the Posse, along with La Dama's crew and Traci 13 fighting with Paco, Brenda and Jaime's family against an alien attack? It's just fun! Oh, and I just still love how Jaime is still going on, including speaking in the Reach/Scarab weird language. Just awesome.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 51

Basic Plot: Thanos fights Reed for the cube. Yes, it is pretty much the cover.

After having part of Manhattan brought into space, it is then teleported to Thanos' planet Acheron. Then Thanos confronts Reed and the FF with an army. After Thing is vanished away to somewhere, Reed proves he can use the cube which makes Thanos walk out and challenge Reed. They fight in the realm of the mind. Thanos wins. It really isn't interesting at all. I don't like UFF after Millar, and this is just boring to me. I don't know. Meh.

New Warriors 9

Basic Plot: The Warriors don't trust Thrasher who is about to trick them.

Okay, so they don't fully trust Thrasher, which makes sense to me as he hasn't told them who he is. Plus he has hidden devices in their outfits. They can phase apparently, but he can control it. This series is kind of fun, although not my favorite. I mean, there is some fun stuff, but all in all, it's just kind of weird. I like the idea of the New Warriors although I don't like not knowing who anybody is. I only really can remember that Jubilee is Wondra and that Jono is there, because Jono is easy and Jubilee is practically the main character next to Thrasher. Eh, I like it and it is good, but I'm not a big fan.

World War Hulk: Aftersmash! Damage Control 2

Basic Plot: The Damage Control crew along with a bunch of superheroes try to clean up New York after World War Hulk.

Okay, I didn't read the first part, but I'm getting it next week. I read this anyway, and I think I can guess at what happened. Either way, it is fun this week. The art is good. I like Salva Espin's style. It is similar to Steve McNiven although slightly more cartoony, and I like cartoony. Plus, the entire thing is both silly and serious at the same time, practically. As Bart Razum confronts the Thunderbolts, and is asked if he is psychotic, he mentions Slapstick being actually crazy and then wonders why Slapstick registered since he is an anarchist. Plus he gets to say to Speedball (okay, Penance, but whatever) what I have always wanted to. It's not your fault, no matter what anybody else says or thinks, including you. Stop hurting yourself as it's not you. Stop being Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3. Seriously. I also love how nobody calls Black Goliath by his actual superhero name, but by the names Black Buck, Big Brother and Big Black. Plus they brought back ARCH-E 5912 who insults everybody. It's just a lot of fun. Oh, and the Chrysler Building is angry.

Captain America 35

Basic Plot: Bucky runs crowd control.

Okay, when I say Bucky, I mean the new Cap, who is Bucky. I am not going to call him Captain America, as he is not Steve Rogers, but is in fact James Buchannan "Bucky" Barnes, and I will call him Bucky to distinguish him from THE Captain America. So, things are crazy, what with Faustus's SHIELD agents firing into a crowd and people are against SHIELD, and with drugged water to make people go slightly crazier, it blows wide open and Bucky has to beat up some random people and use sleeping gas. It is pretty cool although when this takes place is kind of confusing. Oh well. It is very good though. I do enjoy the Cap issues.

Thor 6

Basic Plot: Life is different for people in the small town in Oklahoma, as gods are there. Thor decides to free all of the Asgardians that are trapped in their mortal forms.

It is awesome to see Thor drawn by Coipel. Olivier is just a great artist and everything in this series has looked amazing and been cool also. I was always a fan of mythology although more Greek than anything. Boring, right? The one mythology everybody learns about. Anyway, I never was too interested in Thor, but when I did read it, it was fun, and so when I eventually read stuff with Beta Ray Bill, I thought it was awesome. Currently, I have a limited knowledge of Norse mythology, although I still enjoy it. I like what they encompass in these stories. It feels somewhat like an Ultimate Norse, as it is the Norse gods living today with humans and hanging out to an extent. I also like how Donald Blake is like a separate personality of Thor, with it being less that Blake becomes Thor and Thor turns back into Blake, but Thor and Blake just share a single body that changes. Kind of confusing, but cool. I like Thor. It's fun.

Ultimate Spider-Man 119

Basic Plot: Liz tries to deal with being a mutant.

Okay, this is the comic that has been consistently good for 119 issues. Seriously, not a single issue that I have read of Ultimate Spider-Man has been bad. I do love this series. I love the concept of Liz, the mutant-phobe, being a mutant and being Firestar. She hasn't picked a name yet, but given how it is named after the show Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and how Iceman is the other character and that there is a female who flies and has fire abilities. Liz is Ultimate Firestar. Hey, if Harry can be Ultimate Hobgoblin, but not the 616 Hobgoblin (which he wasn't! Seriously!), then I can accept this. Plus, I liked seeing Kong just get pissed off at Peter and tells him to go help Liz who is their friend and that he doesn't want to pussyfoot around any more with Peter being Spider-Man. Although he did say it in front of MJ and Kitty, both of whom he couldn't have known that they knew (although he easily could have assumed that they would since both dated him). Either way, it is funny and awesome that Kong is taking charge of his life more and just doing things. Oh, and Liz doesn't have unstable molecules or things close enough to unstable molecules, so she is naked the entire issue. Kind of awkward when she flames off, which she does twice. Once, she has a towel. The other time, Bobby (Iceman) has to surround her in ice, so he won't be able to see her naked. When Spidey shows up, she just flames on again. Plus, that part is awesome, as Iceman asks how Spidey found them, and he just is like, "Um, duh?" with all of the ice trail behind him. I just realized, everybody at the bonfire except for Liz knew that Peter was Spidey and everybody except for Kong had powers (although Liz didn't know she did, Peter hides his from practically everybody although everybody is a small amount of people, and MJ is kind of over being Ultimate Demogoblin, which she apparently was). So many people know Spidey's identity! We've got:
Aunt May
The FF
The X-Men
SHIELD and lots of SHIELD agents
Green Goblin (dead?)
Hobgoblin (dead?)
Doc Ock
The rest of the Ultimate Sinister 6, although they might not know his name
Kingpin (saw him, but doesn't know name)

So many people, and this is not a definitive list by any means!

Marvel Zombies 2 #5

Basic Plot: The zombies deal with no longer being hungry and stuff.

Well, it ended with a pop. Not a bang, like last one, but a pop. It ended in a way that was interesting, although not great. I don't know, I really liked how Marvel Zombies ended, with the zombies in space as the Galactus eating planets of people. It was cool. This was kind of dull, I have to say. So, pretty much everybody except for Hulk isn't hungry any more, and Hulk goes on a rampage. Somehow, Dark Phoenix is a lot weaker than she normally is and she gets killed along with Iron Man, Firelord and Hawkeye. Eventually, Reynolds sacrifices himself to Hulk as he thinks Wasp is dead, and Hulk is killed as Banner to stop this type of thing from happening again. Malcom is crazy though and transports the zombies (all of the remaining ones) to somewhere, and then beats Forge up, and is crazy. It is a "The End?", but frankly, I don't know if they could do much any more. The zombies are all somewhere else at this point, and they aren't hungry so it wouldn't really be interesting to follow either group. Oh well. It is kind of interesting to think of where the zombies may be, but not something I care about that much.

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