Monday, February 4, 2008


Well, I took a look at how long my summary of Identity Crisis was, and realized that it would take up almost 4 whole pages on Microsoft Word, at close to 3000 words. Sure, Identity Crisis itself is a lot longer, but this was my summary of it, without any of the art, and it was incredibly long. I can't believe I wrote that much (even though it wasn't my thoughts, it still is my choice of what to include and everything). Seriously, just read Identity Crisis. My summary cannot give you all of the emotion that is included in Rags Morales' art, or even how much is just by what Brad Meltzer told him what to do.
On another note, I wanted to thank everybody who voted for my Manhunter Giant deck that Rian Fike just announced was the winner of his challenge. I am surprised that I won, although I do appreciate that people did think my deck was awesome for whatever reason. I was somewhat obsessed with the idea of abusing Manhunter Giant around that time (I also submitted a deck to CarlosTheDwarf for the Mimic/Rogue abuse that abused Manhunters and Mnahunter Giant). It's nice to see me being victorious at something. Yes, I really wore that outfit to prom (although it was underneath the tux until I got there, at which point I put the entire thing on. My biggest problem with wearing Deadpool stuff or a Deadpool outfit? People mistake him for Spider-Man.

Yes, they both wear red masks. They also both have white where their eyes are and black around it. Spidey has webs on his mask, giant white lenses, and a small outline of black around it. Deadpool has small eyeslits, about as big as his eyes, and giant black ovals around the slits, and no webs. It kind of annoys me when people confuse them, but I have to let it go, as I realize people don't know who Deadpool is, even though they should know.
This blog is awesome and I love ranting, but we'll see how we do with it. I do need to put a big focus on school right now, so I might have to lower the amount of times I post (from once a weekday to maybe three or two times a week). Stay tuned for more information.


Amy said...

I'd forgotten that people were mistaking you for Spider-Man. Heh. Unlearned people. Oh, you know what I just remembered? At one of the pre-prom meetings when they were going over the rules and said no weapons or fake weapons were allowed, and we both went, "No!"

Oh great, I have class in 20 minutes. Isn't that just wonderful.

Pi_3.14159... said...

Constantly being mistaken for Spider-Man at prom. People thought my belt was some sort of Spider-Man belt. Heck, even my shirt, people see it and say Spider-Man, at which time, I turn around and show them that it is Deadpool. One of the few people to know that it was Deadpool outside of the people who know me and who I know know Deadpool was the person who works at the comic shop here in Troy. He was able to recognize that it was a Deadpool shirt.

Have fun at your class which is in 7 minutes now. I sincerely doubt you'll see my response to your response before your class, but even after, have fun (if possible)

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