Thursday, February 7, 2008


As opposed to the past weeks, this week, I built a deck that actually follows a storyline. It was made for a contest on VsParadise that revolved around making a team that is a team in comics, that doesn't exist yet in VS. The example was the Rouges which is a team I have helped to fake create. Since this was around the time we were voting on Marvel Universe, I was very into getting Annihilation into VS. Annihilation wasn't voted for and many people said that MHG was basically Annihilation, aside of course from the fact that there was no Annihilus, no Nova, and not much to represent it in general. Of course, there were still some cosmic stuff that related to Annihilation, but not much. When this contest came around, I realized, "Wait a minute, I can actually make the United Front! Not only that, but I can explain every single card that goes into the deck and why characters are at the drop they are and everything! Awesome!" One more thing, the contest had a rule where you can choose a team that your deck has and that every single character in your deck gets that affiliation. I chose Heralds for reasons that should be obvious.

To Save a Universe...
5 Kree Soldiers, Army
4 Silver Surfer, Skyrider of the Space Ways
4 Gamora, Protector of the Time Gem
2 Air-Walker, Gabriel Lan
4 Richard Rider<>Nova, Xanadarian Nova Corps
2 Stardust, Merciless Warrior
4 Drax the Destroyer, Protector of the Power Gem
1 Red Shift, Rift Walker
3 Super-Skrull, Kl'rt
1 Firelord, Harbringer of Havoc
2 Ronan, Supreme Public Accuser
1 Silver Surfer, Norrin Radd
1 Galactus, Devourer of Worlds

Plot Twists
4 Absorba Shield
4 Creaton of a Herald
4 Elemental Battle
3 The Power Cosmic Unleashed
4 Sworn Enemies
4 Intergalactic Summit

3 The Kyln

Let's run through every card in the deck to see why it is there.
Kree Soldiers because they were the main race fighting the Annihilation Wave, and they are easy to have as a 1-drop. Surfer, at the beginning, wasn't nearly at his "Herald" level status, but still went to Galactus (fetches high cost). Gamora played a big part as Nova's girlfriend and as a fighter, and she proves here that she can fight the soldiers that are after her by herself. Air-Walker was pretty much just destroyed by Ravenous, but was able to stall for time. Nova was the leader of the Corps, and even after they lost the main battle, he won the war by taking out a single guy after everything had finished. Stardust was powerful in helping, but wasn't able to do much early on, and was lost early. Drax held a big role in this, by just being a beast. He was incredibly powerful and helped everybody a lot, although he did it by himself, without anything crazy happening. Red Shift wasn't there for long, but was able to help get the United Front away from the planet Annihilus was attacking in a critical battle. Kl'rt had an important role, and became more powerful, and helpful, when he joined with others to help fight Annihilus. He affiliated himself with Skrulls, being one, the Negative Zone with Praxagora, Nova Corps (however represented) by helping Nova along and the Kree affiliation when he went to help Ronan. Firelord got to the main part of it late, but powerful, and pissed off because of Air-Walker. Ronan was incredibly helpful in the battle and was able to shut down Ravenous and everything he was trying to change. Silver Surfer came back later and changed the tide of the war, with one simple action. Galactus came back and it was over.
Absorba Shield because Air-Walker, while not quite powerful enough to defeat others, was able to hold them back long enough for better things (Silver Surfer) to happen. Creation of a Herald because Galactus remade Silver Surfer into his herald, giving him all the power he once wielded, making him more powerful, and recreating him. Elemental Battle, because Firelord had to fight Ravenous with his fire, plus he held him off, stalling for time. The Power Cosmic was Unleashed when Surfer released Galactus from his imprisonment, and a lot of heralds also gave their all to this battle, unleashing cosmic blasts. Drax came face to face with his Sworn Enemy for the last time in one of the most awesome scenes ever. Using Richard Rider as the main part, an Intergalactic Summit was formed to defeat Annihilus.
When The Kyln was around, it kept Tenebrous and Aegis under lock and key (at least until they were destroyed).

So that was pretty much my post. Nobody else posted, so I won, but this is a representation, to an extent, of Nova fighting the Annihilation Wave against Annihilus with his United Front.

There really isn't a way, at the moment, to represent the Annihilation Wave. With only one copy of Annihilation, and then, no bug soldiers or Ravenous, you have almost nothing. These are the cards that currently exist that would go into a deck, although couldn't make one:

Annihilus, Destroyer of Life (MOR-156)
When MOR came out, Negative Zone was a two-bit team with two characters and a location. Now, it has 6 characters, two locations and a plot twist. Not a lot. Hopefully, with all the support NZ got in the MU vote, we'll see more and be able to build a deck. Until then, we still have the leader of the Annihilation Wave, the one who literally wanted to destroy all life.

The Annihilation Wave (MTU-218)
Um, duh? But it is pretty cool. On turn 5, you can wipe out all stunned characters with the Wave. Not quite as much as I would want, but whatever.

Negative Zone (MOR-158)
Wow. That is a horrible card! You discard one card to get it up and then lose two if you want to use it. Oy! Still, it is a Negative Zone and they still have reps from the Negative Zone when they invade.

Negative Zone, Shadow Dimension (MHG-210)
Much better. Still one to get it going, but can get any character to your hidden area and can bring people out of hiding. Again, it represents how Negative Zone still helps Annihilus and his crew.

Thanos, Courting Death (MTU-155)
Okay, the art is almost, but not quite, straight out of Annihilation. He even has little girl Death with him. Plus, Thanos is just awesome and helped Annihilus out.

The Fallen One, The Forgotten (MHG-025)
He became Thanos' servant after Galactus and was his servant when Thanos confronted Aegis and Tenebrous.

Terrax, Harbringer of Ruin (MHG-024)
Terrax was corrupted into helping Annihilus. Otherwise, he wouldn't be here.

Paibok, the Power Skrull (MHG-188)
Just like Terrax. Just helped because he was captured and made to fight.

Only 8 cards that really would represent the Annihilation Wave. Sigh... Any questions can be asked. All will be answered to an extent.


Christopher said...

Dammit, we need Starlord...

Pi_3.14159... said...

Before the miniseries I might have disagreed with you, but now I really want a Starlord, especially with his team.

Christopher said...

I agree. I had no idea who he was prior to Annihilation, but he played a decent role in the United Front, and his team in Annihilation Conquest is just fun on a stick.

Pi_3.14159... said...

Yeah, Peter Quill is just an awesome guy and I want a Captain Universe (not just The Uni-Power plot twist) and Groot and Rocket Raccoon. He was awesome and is so amusing now.

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