Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Comic Book Doctors

Okay, so I was thinking about the comic book world, and was wondering about comics book doctors. When I think comic book doctors, the first one that comes to mind is Dr. Doom, who never finished college, and is not actually a doctor. I was wondering how many other doctors in comics are not or are doctors.

Dr. Doom-No
He never finished college, although he could get an honorary degree in Latveria, so he could have an honorary doctorate.

Dr. Strange-Yes
His origin story tells you whether or not he is. He was a brilliant, but arrogant surgeon who lost use of his hands and then became Master of the Mystic Arts.

Dr. Fate-No
Just a mystic sorcerer and the most powerful of the Lords of Order who inhabits different people (through his mystical helmet and stuff).

Dr. Light-Yes
Dr. Arthur Light was actually a doctor, not a medical doctor, but a doctor nonetheless.

Dr. Light-Yes
Kimiyo Hoshi was an astronaut and a medical doctor. Wow, nice life.

Dr. Light-Yes
Finlay was a doctor and the Dr. Light before Arthur (retconned).

Dr. Octopus-Yes
Again, like Arthur Light, not a medical doctor, but a doctor.

Dr. Polaris-Yes
An actual doctor, who knew? Yes, even medical doctor. He used magnets to try and heal people, and the Earth's magnetic field, etc. Crazy.

Dr. Sivana-Yes
He is a doctor, and definitely uses his crazy for evil, although not a medical doctor.

Dr. Mid-Nite-Yes
All three versions of Dr. Mid-Nite have been medical doctors. I have an issue where he does actually deliver a baby.

Crime Doctor-Yes
Even with his Elton John glasses, he still is a medical doctor.

Dr. Death-Yes
Who is Dr. Death? Batman's first recurring villain. Seriously. And he is a doctor.

Dr. Psycho-Yes
He is a crazy little dwarf, but a doctor nonetheless.

Dr. Occult-No
As far as I can tell, Occult is not actually a doctor, and was just given the name. Plus, I learned, and this is awesome, he was created in 1935, 3 years before Superman. Sure, he wasn't a superhero then (really isn't much of one now), but he is an existing character in the DCU who was created before Superman. The more you know, right?

Dr. Ub'x-No
Well, I know he never got a medical degree from Earth, and I'm not sure if they have doctorates on H'lven, but really, he probably could get a doctorate.

Dr. Bedlam-No
Again, no need for a doctorate where he came from, but probably would have gotten one if on Earth.

Dr. Darrk (Ebeneezer Darrk)-Yes
My guess is that he was in fact a doctor, although not a medical one, although I do not know for sure.

Dr. Destiny-No
Just a common crook who wanted a good name to defeat the Justice League.

Dr. Tzin-Tzin-No
Seriously, he got a card in the first DC set? He's apparently had 4 freaking appearances. Looking him up is pretty pointless. He doesn't even have a Wikipedia entry.

Dr. Alchemy-Yes
I'm pretty sure at least the first one was, and the second one, at the very least, shared a psychic connection with the first one.

Dr. Mist-No
Who? An obscure Global Guardians member who has nothing to do with doctors from what I can tell.

Dr. Impossible-No
Again, as far as I can tell, he has no doctorate, and might have had no opportunity to have gotten one, but still doesn't have one to the best of my knowledge.

Dr. Double X-Yes
Who? Damn, there are a lot of obscure doctors in comics, although this one is a doctor.

Dr. Moon-Yes
Creepy as hell and a doctor who is crazy. Let's move on, shall we?

Dr. Cyber-No
I'm assuming no, because nothing is known about them, either of them, so I really have nothing to go on.

Dr. Phosphorous-Yes
I assume only a nuclear physicist (only), but I don't really know. I don't know much, do I?

Dr. Poison-No
Oy, more obscure villains. I don't think so, but am not positive about either being doctors.

Dr. Spectro-No
Nothing to prove it, but nothing that tells me he is or should be.

Dr. Thirteen-Yes
A parapsychologist who doesn't like/believe in magic who is an actual doctor. Sucks for him that his daughter it Traci Thirteen, a well-known sorceress.

Doc Samson-Yes
He is a psychologist, but is a doctor of something, so he qualifies.

Dr. Bong-Yes
While I may not know if he held a doctorate when he was first shown, he did by the time he tried to treat Deadpool, so he is a doctor (not medical).

Dr. Hauptmann-Yes
Just because he is a crazy scientist who has all these ideas, I am going to assume that he is.

Dr. Demonicus-Yes
An obscure Avengers villain who holds a Ph.D. in genetics.

Dr. Dorcas-Yes
He was a doctor enemy of Namor until he died. He created Tiger Shark (who I think just died in Punisher: War Journal).

Dr. Druid/Droom-Yes
Another medical doctor, with other various degrees.

Dr. Faustus-Yes
He holds a doctorate and is a total whackjob who I dislike because he tortured Bucky/Winter Soldier/Captain America. Huh, still feels weird to call Bucky Captain America.

Doctor Glitternight-No
WTF? Glitternight? Sigh... Anyway, being an extradimensional being, I sincerely doubt Glitternight has a doctorate of any kind.

Dr. Minerva-Yes
Holds what would pass for a doctorate from the Kree. She graduated from the Kree Science Academy, so I think the title holds. One of the few aliens I can say that about.

Dr. Spectrum-No
None of the Dr. Spectrums hold any type of doctorates, although the Squadron Supreme (original Squadron) one does have a college degree in aeronautics.

Dr. Sun-Yes
He is actually a doctor, although a Chinese one, so it doesn't count. Just kidding.

Well, those are the doctors I can think of and can find anything about. If you can think of others or can actually provide proof for any of the ones I am unsure of, please do. Oh, and these are only the people with doctor in their name. I know other characters hold doctorates, but none of them claim to be a doctor in their name.


David said...

Dr. Thirteen for the win! I really enjoyed his mini-series in the back of the first few issues of Tales of the Unexpected with the new Specter.

Pi_3.14159... said...

Yeah, that was pretty amusing to you from what I remember. I do have some issues with him and he is rather amusing. It must be hard to be a person trying to disprove magic in a world where magic exists.

Rian Fike said...

Freaking brilliant idea, just in time for your hits from the mothership.

Good show.

Except for one thing...

When I read the title, I thought your were talking about repairing the spines of my old key issues!

Pi_3.14159... said...

Ah, I don't know how to do that as well.

It came to me when I was looking at all the doctors in Secret Society, and then Dr. Light, and then remembering that Doom wasn't actually a doctor. Random ideas float in and out of my head all the time.

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