Thursday, February 14, 2008

Comics for 2/13

First off, Happy Valentine's Day!

Ultimate Iron Man II #3

Basic Plot: Trying to make a deal to stop nukes from blowing up NYC, Tony has to agree to give a dangerous man his "robot."

Well, Orson Scott Card is an amazing writer and I am still impressed with Ultimate Iron Man II. I hate Iron Man, I really do. Ultimate Iron Man is different. Originally Ultimate Iron Man was kind of dull as his backstory was exactly the same as 616 IM. Then, Orson Scott Card wrote Ultimate Iron Man which was amazing and made him a much more interesting character. This continues to do the same. Tony is still an arrogant little prick, but an interesting arrogant prick, and it is fun to see him try to succeed in his plan, when he calculates all these things in his head, while everything falls to pieces around him. Hmmm, maybe I like it so much because it shows the failings of Iron Man as he tries to survive in the world. Oh well. I definitely recommend both this series and the previous one.

Punisher: War Journal 16

Basic Plot: The Gibbon wants revenge on the Punisher.

Holy crap, they're using the Gibbon? Seriously, the Gibbon? I love classic Spidey, so I know who the Gibbon is (Martin Blank always was teased for acting like a monkey, when he semi-resembled and acted like a human gibbon. He wanted to help Spidey fight crime, but Spidey turned him down, so he became a villain). Talk about obscure characters. He only has one appearance in VS, and that is on the card "Legion of Losers", along with Kangaroo and Grizzly (who don't have cards). Anyway, apparently Punisher blew up a bar with a whole bunch of supervillains and Gibbon can't look himself in the mirror anymore and has decided to kill the Punisher. It's a nice one-shot story, where he eventually realizes the Punisher is a good person in general, and that he shouldn't try to kill him. Oh, and Princess Python? And she's blind also? WTF? Oy, although still a good story.

X-Force 1

Basic Plot: Cyclops wants a Black-Ops X-Men team to take out Stryker's men.

Okay, so William Stryker was not an army-guy who thought that all mutants should die. He had a military background, but was a faithful Christian who thought that mutants were abominations before the Lord and that it was his job to destroy them all. Read God Loves, Man Kills. Do it. Go. I'll wait. Have you read it? Wasn't that amazingly good. It isn't very cheerful or happy, but one of the best stories of all time. Anyway, Stryker's Purifiers have high-tech weaponry and have infiltrated SHIELD, and stole something, killing 16 SHIELD members in the process. Wolverine, X-23, Thunderbird and Wolfsbane have gone after them, deciding that they should die before any more harm comes to mutants. I mostly got it because I do like Wolverine and X-23 and want to see them tear stuff up, especially since the art is Clayton Crain who is an amazing artist. It's an amusing story at the moment, although I'm not sure how "hardcore" it's going to get. We shall see.

Fantastic Four 554

Basic Plot: Johnny wants to form a rock band. Sue wants to help people who have been caught in superhero/supervillain battles with her new female superteam. Reed and his first love reconnect.

Okay, I said I wouldn't read FF anymore, but you know what? Mark Millar. Bryan Hitch. yes, the creators of The Ultimates are now at work on FF, and you know what? It's pretty good. Almost no fighting involved so far, and almost nothing has actually happened, but it still is good. I don't know what they have that makes everything they do together amazing, but it is really good. Bryan Hitch is an amazing artist and one of the best I have ever seen. Alex Ross and Bryan Hitch are around the same for me, with Alex being more iconic, but Hitch being more comic-oriented and modern. Millar is my favorite epic-writer. He wrote Ultimates and Ultimates 2 really well, did a good job on Civil War (and not everything in it was his writing, since it was so epic that what happened in it really was decided by many people, but the issues themselves were really good, despite the end result not being the greatest). When he wrote UFF, I loved that, and it was a lot better than the current UFF, which just isn't as good. Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch working on something together? Count me in! And it is really good. Seriously.

Nova Annual 1

Basic Plot: Richard Rider becomes Nova in the past, and faces the threat of the Phalanx in the far future.

Basically, Nova has two separate stories, with a third at the end that happens in the present. It is somewhat confusing, as neither of the first two are true, while the last one is what is actually happening. Nova's first mission wasn't against a swarm of Phalanx, being helped by Rhomann Dey, but it is here. Hopefully the Phalanx won't make their way to Earth and enslave everybody, being the last place the Phalanx have as a base. Who knows, though? It could happen. Just like Days of Future Past could happen. And Hulk: The End could happen. They won't, but they could technically happen. The future story is more of a What if...? story than an actual one. Oh, and it probably won't happen too because Captain America is dead, although revived here. I think one of my favorite little parts is when the Earth heroes are attacking the Corps (which Nova refounded) and off to the side is a hero with a blue outfit and red cape, who you can't really see who it is, but looks suspiciously like Superman. At the end, Nova finds himself on Kvch, the Technarchy homeworld, ready to do whatever he can to stop the Phalanx, who are an offshoot (hated offshoot, but offshoot nonetheless) of the Technarchy. And Warlock is apparently going to be in Nova, which is awesome. Warlock was always my favorite New Mutant (of the original New Mutants) and I am glad to see he will hopefully help Nova in defeating the bastard child of the Technarchy.

Amazing Spider-Man 550

Basic Plot: Spidey runs from the registered heroes, faces Menace, and ends up having to maybe fight the police.

Menace certainly is interesting. The mask and outfit make it difficult for me to tell whether or not it is a man or woman behind the incredibly ugly mask. Just leaving it open. Probably a guy, but if it isn't, I told you right here that it might not be a guy. Anyway, this really does feel a lot more like classic Spidey, the way I like him. He has trouble with everything and has no one to really turn to. He runs from everybody, has no job, money or apartment and ends up getting his ass handed to him by Menace, who feels a lot like a Goblin, Green, Hob, Demo or whatever. I just like the stories, although hate why they exist. It is hard for me to get past the reason why they are doing this, and what exactly has happened.

New Avengers 38

Basic Plot: Luke Cage is pissed off about Jessica running to Tony Stark.

I really can't wait for Secret Invasion. I really can't. This leadup is amusing me, but I need more actual Skrulls. I agree with both Luke and Jessica in regards to what each should do. I really hate the Registration Act, and support Luke fighting it, although I do think that Jessica and the baby are safer with Tony and the Mighty Avengers, who are the "good guys." Luke arguing with her was amusing, but kind of long, and I didn't think that an entire issue with them arguing was the best thing ever. Hopefully next issue is more interesting and Skrully.


David said...

I'm going to make an assumption and guess what is probably wrong... I'm thinking that Menace and Jackpot are both Mary Jane, just split up into two different people. I mean, they both have really similar features and their appearance together like that would seem like something that Mephisto would totally get off on.

...And I think Jessica Drew's baby is a SKRULL!!!

Pi_3.14159... said...

That would be cool, and I wouldn't be surprised at all. I mean, it seems just crazy enough that it could work. Although I think that if anything, it would be more that Menace is MJ and Jackpot is Gwen Stacy or something, who is also back from the dead with a red wig. Because they are obviously making people think that Jackpot is MJ (calls everybody Tiger, "Tiger, you just hit the jackpot", red hair etc), but it would be cool to have MJ be somebody different.

Do you mean Jessica Jones' baby? Because I don't think Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) has a baby, although Jessica Jones does. Too many Jessicas on the Mighty Avengers. I would not be surprised if the baby was a Skrull. I wouldn't be surprised if Luke is a Skrull. He is very adamanat about the Skrulls, so much so that pretty much nobody would really expect him to be one, which is just what he would want. Right?

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