Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Life is so bittersweet

Okay, so today is tragic for me, as it brings me to the end of the wonderful..., no, I'll let you read for yourself. This is the comic review for today, Wednesday, Feb 20.

Ultimates 3 #3

Basic Plot: Wolverine goes over part of his past, as he convinces the Ultimates to go retrieve Scarlet Witch's body from Magneto.

If you have read my blog, you know I have been extremely disappointed with Ultimates 3, as it was bad, and Ultimates 2 and Ultimates were my favorite stories of all time. I think I have had what I refer to as a "Zoolander" moment, as I had incredibly low expectations and was excited after it was over. My aunt and uncle appear briefly in Zoolander in a single scene, where they were at a party when part of Zoolander was filmed. You know what, I'm not even sure if they do appear, but they were, never mind. I don't like Ben Stiller, as I don't like stupidity in certain (like Ben Stiller) cases. But, it was funny enough that I was able to enjoy it anyway. If you go into something with a low expectation, you can go from being right to being surprised and being happy about it. Ultimates 3 you have to look at from that perspective. It was fun. Not good, but amusing. I still don't know what is going on fully, as there are way too many things happening, but I do know that they have to wrap it up in the next few issues, as Ultimates 3 is only 5 issues long, and they have two issues left. I no longer look at it as the sequel to Ultimates and Ultimates 2, but merely something that semi-relates to Ultimates and Ultimates 2. That makes it better.

The Order 8

Basic Plot: Supernaut and Aralune get out of the mess they were in with the M.A.N. from S.H.A.D.O.W. while Mulholland tries to get out of the mess she's in.

First off, I know that I missed The Order 7, but I picked it up this weekend. It was pretty good. I think I like The Order because it takes place in California, and I like being reminded of where I'm from. Plus, this one was pretty cool all in all. This isn't the greatest series I have read. It isn't bad though, and while practically everybody in it is specially made for this series, it is still pretty good. It no longer has the Initiative stamp that got me to read it in the first place, but it is amusing enough that I will continue to read it as I find it fun.

Ultimate Human 2

Basic Plot: Tony and Bruce work out their problems, while the Leader makes his move.

First off, let me say that I like that Ultimate Pete Wisdom is the Ultimate Leader and that he can't actually support the weight of his head, and has to be in a special wheelchair that supports his head, so he doesn't die. I never liked Pete Wisdom, and so seeing him as a villain is satisfying. The fight was amusing, but not as good as I wanted, although the talk was good. I don't know, but the whole premise is at least amusing. Hopefully, not everybody will just die, although I know Tony at least survives to Ultimates 3. Hulk? Probably. Leader? Maybe, maybe not.

World War Hulk: Warbound 3

Basic Plot: The Leader's Gammaworld is killing everybody within it, and the Warbound try to get everybody out.

I loved the Warbound, and I find it fun to see them fighting to protect people who are trying to kill them. It's classic X-Men all over again. Fighting to protect a world that hates and fears them. They were never evil and never were bad guys (well, maybe the Brood was when she was back on Broodworld) and were only doing what seemed to be right, but are now hated and hunted. This is a fun storyline and I like seeing the Warbound together. I want them to be a team after this, although without Hulk and Miek, and without a single human in the bunch and with Hiroim's Old Power going crazy, I doubt this will happen. Oh well, at least I get to have fun just seeing them in this series. It is a real blast and incredibly fun to see all these characters, as they are actually interesting and deep. What happens next should be fun and interesting.

Runaways 29

Basic Plot: Hah, basic. I don't think I could explain it anyway. The official version is this: "The Runaways find themselves in the middle of a super-powered gang war in 1907! To make matters worse, two figures from the Runaways’ past show their faces. Mr. and Mrs. Yorkes don’t believe that the Runaways played such an innocent role in their daughter’s death. Heads will roll!"

With everything taking place in a superpowered past that is incredibly confusing, I don't know what's going on at all. Why did I pick this up? Well, I love Joss Whedon and I love Michael Ryan. I actually met Michael Ryan and he is a great person and a great artist. Joss Whedon is an amazing writer. With that, I don't really know what is happening. I do know that I was intrigued by the reaction by a young girl (with an older husband who makes her preform her "marital duties") to Xavin (as a female) and Karolina making out. It's a sin to be homosexual, but not to be forced to have sex while a young girl with a much older man. Molly isn't the most mature (in fact is often fairly immature), but is very deep when explaining that the homosexuality (to an extent) is completely normal and that she doesn't want to have somebody her own age to hang out with if that person is homophobic and can't accept her friends. As someone who grew up in San Francisco, I have never had a problem with all types of things that would make people upset and claim to be a sin. I really like this as it shows how much things have changed, although it also makes me think of the people who don't approve of homosexuality today anyway. Sigh...

Ultimate X-Men 91

Basic Plot: Apocalypse kicks everybody's ass.

Seriously, that is the plot. The Ultimate Apocalypse can control mutants, which means that Spidey gets attacked by Kitty (who apparently is patrolling with him, even though they are no longer a couple) and the FF get attacked by Cyclops and the staff of Xavier's. Apocalypse also apparently just gets stronger when attacked, kind of like Darwin from 616 X-Men. He originally wore the outfit he is known for, but when attacked, he gained armor and became more powerful. And as powerful as he is, he also has Ultimate Stryfe and Ultimate Onslaught under his control. Who are they? Who knows? Based off of who Ultimate Cable is, Ultimate Stryfe is a clone of Ultimate Wolverine, which means there could be three Wolverines at the same time. Ultimate Onslaught? Who knows, although he doesn't look as much like Magneto as his 616 counterpart. I'm just wondering how Kirkman figures the X-Men are going to get out of this one. I love you Kirkman, but holy moly, you made a mess. With someone that powerful, what is it going to take to take out Ultimate Apocalypse? Seriously! What?

The Incredible Hercules 114

Basic Plot: Hercules tries to deal with hallucinations and Amadeus makes his choice.

Okay, so I have liked Amadeus Cho, and while I don't like what happened, I can understand why he is doing what he is doing, but I disagree with him. While trying to hack the stone ship so he can take down SHIELD (something I don't fully approve of, but understand), and after taking out a SHIELD agent who was trying to take him out, Black Widow hits him from behind, kocking him onto his stomach. Which is where he keeps his coyote pup, and breaks the coyote's back. This of course drives Amadeus to take drastic measures and he is aiming to completely wipe out SHIELD as vengeance for breaking his coyote pup's back. I liked that coyote, but I don't think he is in the right fully. SHILED should offer him full medical support for his best friend, but he shouldn't go all out and take out a group that actually does a lot of good (for all the bad things they have done, and even with The Devi...I mean Tony Stark leading them, they are still trying to do good). Sorry, but I disagree with Cho. The rest is fun, with Herc's hallucinations being amusing. On a somewhat morbid note, given what happened in the issue, you can go to and vote on a name for his coyote pup. Considering what happened to the pup, it's somewhat sad.

Amazing Spider-Man 551

Basic Plot: After evading the police, he goes after Menace with Jackpot.

Look at that. Menace also has red, flowing hair. Hmm... Anyway, I am going to ignore that One More Day and Brand New Day have ever taken place and just going to look at this from the perspective of someone that is just looking at the single issue. I love this arc and like the directions Spidey is going in. Spidey is fun, and I think that the story is fun. See, if you look at how it compares to other things, it doesn't fit well, and is confusing, but if you look at it as an individual story that could take place at any time (such as during the 70's or 80's something), it becomes a lot better. I actually enjoy the stories, and still intensely hate their reason for being. These are very much like the classic Spidey stories of old, with it just being set in the present, and things being confusing. Oh, and Sara Ehret may or may not be Jackpot, but it looks like she knows something, but isn't quite Jackpot. Who is Jackpot? I still don't think it's MJ, because that is the obvious answer, although I also didn't think that the new Cap would be Bucky because that was too obvious, and I was wrong there.

Hulk 2

Basic Plot: Red Hulk tears up the Gold Helicarrier.

Okay, WTF? Seriously! I mean, it was sort of obvious that Red Hulk wouldn't be Banner, but who is he? And why is he doing the things he is doing? He shot Abomination with a big gun (and by big, I mean a handgun that looks special designed for Hulk), and then wrecks the Helicarrier to destroy the info they had on the Hulk? Why? What's going on? What is Jeph Loeb's obsession with making things amazingly confusing and then slowly picking the pieces away until you go, "Okay, that was a pretty good story! Not at the beginning, when it was confusing as hell, but now that it is over, it is good." Oh, and why are there different colors? Sure, a Red Hulk, but a Blue Abomination? WTF? Oy, I should stop trying to understand Loeb writing at the moment, and just look back at it after it is all over. At the very least, it was better than Ultimates 3.

Mighty Avengers 9

Basic Plot: After learning the Venom bomb originated in some way or another from Latveria, the Mighty Avengers go after Doom.

Ah, Bendis. Thank you. I am going to miss Bagley when he joins the Dreaded Competition (unless he draws Blue Beetle), and you were able to force him to do a lot of art in this issue. Seriously. 3 double pages in a row of the Mighty Avengers fighting Doom Sentries and everything? Awesome. I mean, when Nextwave did it, it was supposed to be a joke, but this is just awesome and we get to see Bagley make an amazing spread. 3 of them in a row? Thank you Bendis. The story is a little lame, but it is also making up for lost time thanks to Cho being a perfectionist. I also like the parallels between Stark's armor and Doom's armor (both of them have similar readings as they fight). I also love the art at the beginning. It isn't Bagley art, but is done by Djurdjevic who is an amazing painter. He did the alternate covers for the One More Day series, and was amazing with simple characters on white. His 1211 is awesome as Doom time-travels and talks with Morgan Le Fay, who teaches him his magics. It is just awesome. Bendis, thank you for making Baglery do double page fighting spreads before he leaves Marvel for the forseeable future.

Wolverine: Origins 22

Basic Plot: Deadpool keeps trying to kill Wolverine.

God, I hate Steve Dillon and I am starting to dislike Daniel Way. Dillon's art is horrible and makes me ill every time I see it. It's just awful, with no motion, and everything is stiff and I hate it. I don't hate Dillon, just his art. Sorry about the comment in the beginning. Daniel Way does not understand Deadpool at all, unless he has some big plan for him later. If he does, then it better be good. Considering..., I'll save it. Deadpool deserves better. Deadpool reminds me a lot of this person I went to high school with, Nikolai. Nikolai and Deadpool both act stupid and crazy in order to get attention and to be funny. Neither is a rocket scientist, but neither is totally retarded either. Nikolai wasn't the smartest guy at school, but he wasn't stupid either. Deadpool isn't a stupid idiot, although he is an idiot. He'll say random things and use pop-culture references and break the fourth wall and talk to himself (well, the readers, but he doesn't hear responses so it's as good as talking to himself). He's not stupid though. He is also a good fighter. Read Cable and Deadpool, issue 36. While both hands and feet are shackled, he is able to take out Taskmaster. Taskmaster is an amazing fighter and incredibly powerful, and while shackled, Deadpool took him out. Deadpool is competent, he just acts stupid. In this, it seems that Deadpool just is stupid. Everything he is doing makes him look stupid, although without making it seem as though he is trying to be stupid. Hopefully, it'll get better, because I hate that Deadpool gets such poor treatment.

Cable and Deadpool 50

Basic Plot: Deadpool and crew fight off symbiote dinosaurs with the help of Spidey, the Mighty Avengers and the FF.

Wow, two Deadpool issues in a single week. I should be ecstatic, right? Unforunately, even though there was Deadpool, it was bittersweet. Dillon and Way making a mockery of Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins (good because it is a comic with Deadpool, bad because of Dillon and Way). This issue is a bigger issue than normal (good), but is also the finale (bad). See, this is a good issue though, and amazing, and I love Deadpool a lot, so this is an awesome way to go out with a bang. When Spidey confronts him about what he did, he denies it at first, then let's him know that the dinosaurs were his fault (which is true), but the symbiotes weren't his fault. Weasel and Bob back up Deadpool in his assertion, which causes Spider-Man to ask about his sidekicks, which Deadpool responds by talking about how he didn't have to make a deal with Mpehisto to accomplish it. Yay, obvious reference to how retarded the idea of One More Day is! When Bob gets carried away by a symbiote-covered Triceratops, pure humor, and how he accidentally defeats it? Genius! Plus, it seems his wife approved of his kicking a symbiote-Triceratops's ass, as he got texted that she saw him defeat the Triceratops on TV. The heroes fighting the symbiote dinosaurs ask Deadpool to help them out, like Thing or Black Widow, and he gladly helps, and it just fits to me. He isn't quite a hero, still somewhat of an anti-hero, but he is more heroic than before and it fits. I never liked him because he was a hero, but I loved his personality, and that it intact, while he is a hero. It's awesome. The speech he makes near the end is the pure form of what I said. Imagine this being told in his yellow boxes: "They're everywhere. All the city's best heroes. Fighting together. Ms. Marvel and Mr. Wonderful [Wonder Man]. Spider-Woman and Mr. Thing. Dude I don't know [Ares]. Sentry and the Wasp... All of them fighting together...And I'm standing right alongside all of them...And when yo ucome down to it, I sure don't feel out of place here. Of course, maybe standing next to ice-cold super-spy Black Widow might alleviate some of that out-of-place thing a bit. But even so...They don't look at me funny. She says, 'Cover my flank' and I don't make a joke about it. I just do it. And I do it well, because let's never forget...I might be an annoying brain-addled, absurdly conflicted individual...But I can still kick ass better than the best of them." It's true. He is a hero like them. Maybe not like them, but he is still a hero. He can also kick ass, and while brain-addled and conflicted, he is also awesome. When Deadpool saves the say, Ms. Marvel thanks him for it and lets him know and everybody around them know that she thinks he did a good job. And at the end, he just hangs out with his peeps, Weasel, Irene Merryweather, Bob, Alex, Outlaw, and Sandi. And something I think is awesome. At the end, Nicieza wasn't able to do the scripts fully, so Reilly Brown stepped in and completed them. And considering how well it was done, I really think Brown is awesome as a plotter. Wait, that came out right. Reilly Brown plotted well, and... damn it! You get the idea. They also had some nice pin-ups. Mark Brooks did Cable and Deadpool in his Marvel Girl outfit. Patrick Zircher make s hidden images pic with Cable and Deadpool fighting where you can find tons of different random things. Ron Lim did one of Deadpool kicking HYDRA agents upside the head with Cable in the background. And of course, one by the creator (semi-creator) of both, Rob Liefeld, one of the most controversial artists around. Well, now you know why I am both happy and sad. Happy because of the awesomeness that was the last issue of Cable and Deadpool, sad because it was the last issue.

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