Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things don't work the way they should

Okay, so there are many things in the world that were good ideas, but when they were created, people then realized they were a bad idea. For example, in VS and any CCG/TCG, there are banned cards, because people realize the cards can be too powerful. Occasionally there is errata as opposed to banning, as it can still work the way it was supposed to with a little extra wording. Rama-Tut was errata'd because when he was created, people didn't think there would be cards to get him back from the KO'd pile, allowing for infinite combos as early as turn 3. The Fate Artifacts were an interesting idea, but for the low cost of 0, and with easy equipment searching, it's fairly easy to give a guy +4/+4, flight, range, make him not be the target of effects, and cycle through three cards in your deck. Four Freedoms Plaza was made, never assuming that there would one day be a character that could get all names and identities so that it could easily be abused. Disney movies were amusing and fun when I was growing up. Direct-to-Video? Wow, I can get my Disney movies without having to go to the theater! Wait, these are bad movies. If a movie is direct to video, that means the people who made it thought it wouldn't be good enough for them to make money if they gave it to theaters and made people pay money per person per movie, and felt it would be better if they just allowed people to buy it for slightly more and view it anytime, as it would be better that way. Direct to video means it was a bad movie. Why release it? Or even make it?
Mainly, I bring this up because in Elite Beat Agents, you have an Elite-Meter. If your Elite-Meter drops all the way, you lose and have to start the song over again. It is supposed to drop when you do poorly, and get higher when you do well. See, but the way it is in the game is that it is constantly dropping and that you can keep it stable and make it to the maximum by doing really well. On Diva-mode, on the final song ("Jumpin' Jack Flash"), I made it into the third part of the song, and missed zero beats the entire time I played, and yet I lost. The concept it pretty good, because it means you still have to worry about it falling, but I don't think they planned for the meter to fail you when you have gotten all the beast (albeit a few too many 50's, but still a lot of 300's). I have almost completed the game. I just need to beat one more song, and then I am going to work on getting all 300's throughout the game. But, first, I need to still beat that last song, and hopefully not die while getting every beat.

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