Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Comics tomorrow

Right now, we have freezing rain, and getting my comics was one of the most harrowing tasks I have partaken in. I go down, then back up a lot of steps, in a very steep approach to RPI from Downtown Troy where the comic shop is. Freezing rain and lots of steps is not fun. I have them, but other things to do as well, so the review will be tomorrow.


Amy said...

Send the rain over my way! It's cool and sunny here... and I hate it. Rain beats cold/sunny 100:1. But I can definitely see going to buy comics in the freezing rain would not be so much fun.

I got your message (my phone has this super fun habit lately of not ringing) but I've been studying all day for a midterm and just finished writing a paper that I started an hour and a half ago that's due in... an hour and a half. I am so on top of things. I'll give you a call tomorrow when school is less evil.

Pi_3.14159... said...

No, see freezing rain is not fun at all. Rain, I can see being fun. Freezing rain has no redeeming qualities. It makes things super-cold, miserable looking and extremely slippery almost everywhere.

Call when you get the chance. Take your time (although not too much) and get that paper in in about 27 more minutes.

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