Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My comic buys on 2/6/08

Only two comics came out this week that I was interested in. Thankfully, the What if...? from last week was back in. Three comics for you to see me talk about.

What if...? Spider-Man versus Wolverine

Basic Plot: As opposed to going back home after killing Charlemagne, Spidey stays in Europe.

I did like the Spidey v Wolverine story, so this was a pleasant surprise. Pleasant because I liked the story and was interested. Surprise because it is a somewhat obscure story. Instead of going back home because he was "over his head", Logan talked him into helping someone else, Charlie's sister. Okay, explanation time. In Spider-Man v Wolverine, there was a killer in Berlin killing mob people or something and it was interesting enough that Spidey went to get pics for the Daily Bugle with Ned Leeds, whereas Wolverine and the killer were lovers, and he went back to stop her or help her. See, she was going to be killed by the KGB eventually, and she and Wolverine knew about it, but Spidey thought he would be able to save her. Wolverine was going to help her by killing her painlessly as opposed to being tortured to death. Ned Leeds ended up dead for some reason that I am not sure of (although he was later revealed to be the Hobgoblin's pawn dresses as the Hobgoblin and was killed because of that or something). What happens is Spidey is manipulated by Charlie into killing her, and he is tortured by his punching her, killing her. In the 616 universe, he goes to MJ where he cries on her shoulder and he gets back to being normal. How that is affected by Brand New Day, who knows? In this universe, he saves the kid, although ends up killing someone else and watching Wolverine kill a bunch of people and he changes. In an effort to save Charlie's sister, who looks somewhat like Gwen Stacy, he decides to stay and protect her. With that, he and Wolverine, along with Alex (Charlie's sister) and a trainer of killers, they pulled a lot of missions, including killing and death. Spidey became more dark and also mastered his Spider-Sense so that as opposed to just danger right before it hits, he got premonitions and was pretty much a psychic. Plus he got a much more awesome costume, although he was darker and even shot somebody when he probably could have knocked him out. All in all, it's crazy and I like it and think it makes a lot of sense following the story. Who knows what would have happened if he hadn't even had a Mary Jane.

Amazing Spider-Man 549

Basic Plot: Spidey tries to deal with Jackpot and the new goblin-esque villain.

Oy, another goblin. Then again, Harry's back, so who knows what could happen. Jackpot is pretty much MJ in an outfit. Super powers? Who knows. She has red hair and acts a lot like MJ. She may or may not be, but either way, this could be interesting. I am liking the story, like I have said, although I still dislike the reason behind it, and I don't think I'll ever be fine with it. It's been said that he's still an Avenger and also that nobody really knows his identity. Apparently you'll see him with the Avengers in issue 555. Aggh, I really hate how this is all so confusing in terms of what has actually happened now. What has happened? Who knows? People know he revealed his identity but just can't remember who it was beneath the mask. Sorry, I should just talk about the issue which just makes me think of the classic Spidey stories which were the best, except that these are also trying to tie in to the rest of the MU, with the Registration Act and everything, so it's just weird now. Sigh...

Annihilation: Conquest 4

Basic Plot: Warlock tries to bring te fight to Hala. Ronan has Phalanx-proof Sentries that he is going to send to wipe out Hala.

I have to say that I really don't like this as much as the original, and I am getting in trouble with myself for trying to compare it. It's okay, but not nearly what Annihilation was. I mean, I just really don't know what to say about it. It's an okay story, just not amazing. I really wish it was better and that I could rant about it, but that's just not what's going to happen. Again, Raney's art really doesn't look as good as it has before, with this style of inking and coloring, and I just really wish it were better. All in all, though, it's just not as good and I can't help but compare it. Two more issues to go. Yay.

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