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Shirts for sale!

So, I have decided to let all you fabulous people who read my blog (all 3 of you, even you, you creepy guy with the sunglasses inside, I know who you are) get the chance to own random t-shirts by presenting my Zazzle gallery. Zazzle is an online store where you can make custom t-shirts and stuff, and I have put up random designs, mostly for fun, but also because if people buy them, I can make small amounts of money. Now, don't buy a shirt just to help me (because I feel that would be wrong), but because you want me to have mon...I mean because you want a shirt that has whatever on it. I might occasionally update my gallery as random ideas come to me, but mostly, it is all for fun!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Comics for the week of 11/29 (not 11/28)

Well, I went to the comic store yesterday with a friend, because even though I was fairly sure there wouldn't be any comics because of, had me doubting. Well, I was right and was wrong. Anyway...

Blue Beetle 21

Basic Plot: After helping to stop a prison riot, Jaime has to confront not only the Spectre, but the person who injured his father.

I like Blue Beetle because he doesn't want to be a superhero. He didn't ask for any of it, yet he has persisted. The issue deals a lot with forgiving people for the things they have done. It is kind of corny, but with a fight with the Spectre, you know it is awesome. The Spectre is creepy. If I ever come face-to-face with the Spectre, I know I will start believing in God at that very moment. Spectre has varied more than many characters I know. At times, he was powerful, but just another super being for the JSA. More recently, and by that, I mean even before I was born, he is actually fulfilling his role as God's agent of vengeance (or whichever he is). From major DC events I have read, both Crisis (original CoIE) and Zero Hour end with the main villain having to face off against the Spectre. The main villain has not sweat through beating every other hero, but has to work against the Spectre. That is how scary he is. Although the suit does offer WMD like styles of attack to try and take out the Spectre, he uses a more human approach, and that is what makes this comic great. This is the series (along with Invincible) that closest resembles Silver-Age Marvel Comics (an amazing time in comics) to me.

Black Panther 32

Basic Plot: After landing on a planet where there are gladiator-like matches between different super-beings, the FF have to try and find a way out of it.

Apparently, there were gangster Skrulls before. Not "Yo, wazzup, beeyotch!" gangster, but tommy-gun wielding gangster. And they built a world where they lived as gangsters. Okay. So, the cosmic frogs that were taking them everywhere are definitely sentient as they finally respond to Black Panther before leaving. An amusing story, although I am not syaing much, as it isn't the greatest story. I can live with it, but it isn't great. It feels more like filler, even though they did fight for a bunch, they didn't take it seriously. Maybe it is because in FF, Black Panther (T'Charlie as Thing calls him) and Storm have already left the team. I don't know, but it feels like it cannot go anywhere because things in these character's futures have already been in comics.

Sub-Mariner 6

Basic Plot: Namor has to decide the fate of Atlantis

First, Namor argues with Iron Man. Then he decides that the best decision is that Atlantis was best when it was a myth. So the people all have to evacuate outside of Atlantis to go to live on the surface world. As we knew would happen in Sub-Mariner 4, the Atlantean resembling Namor with DNA that is similar enough to confuse Iron Man and everybody was his son, who was chained to the throne. Was it a wise decision? Maybe, maybe not, but Namor is king and I would hate to argue with him. The end is good though. The first epilogue has Namor talking, saying how Atlanteans are everywhere. The people that you know might be Atlanteans. Now, when considering Secret Invasion, how many of the people living on this planet are actually human? Atlanteans, Skrulls, there is insanity and nobody is sure who anybody is. Homo Sapien is a dying species on Marvel Earth. Yeah, most people are still probably people, but I mean, everybody is infiltrating Earth. Oh, and Namor teams up with Dr. Doom at the end. Come on! You think he would have learned byt his point not to trust Doom, but no! He just gives Doom the Atlantean army. Namor is both intelligent and a moron. Never trust Doom. That is something I have learned from reading comics.

Ultimate Spider-Man 116

Basic Plot: After falling out of the window, Kitty saves Pete, and then Pete goes home, where Norman awaits.

I love Ultimate Spider-Man. Have I said that before? If not, then I love Ultimate Spider-Man. If so, then I agree with previous versions of myself. I love how Pete can freak out like no one else. Kitty as been doing this less, and is probably slightly younger, or at the very least, they are around the same age. She freaks out in her head, but Pete freaks out everywhere. The conversation with Norman at home is good, along with Pete recognizing that the VW van outside of his house is a SHIELD van. He confronts them with food and drinks, letting them know he appreciates that they would protect him that night. I love how this was a fun story to read even though almost nothing happened. There was fighting last issue. This had Spider-Man almost crashing into the ground, being saved, confronting Carol Danvers and then going home and confronting Norman, before learning that Harry is on TV with Danvers, letting the public know that what his dad said was a lie. Man, Bendis can make uninteresting a fun issue. And Immonen continues to make me satisfied even though I loved Bagley. See, he has been around for a few issues now, but Bendis and Bagley set a record for a creative team on a comic (110 1/2) issues and Immonen has to live up to that, and is doing a damn good job of it.

Sensational Spider-Man 41

Basic Plot: Spider-Man confronts the little girl he saw at the end of the previous issue. Then he confronts the rest of the people on that cover before learning of a way to save May.

J. Michael Stracynzski (did I spell that right?) is writing a good arc. It is interesting and fun to see the different lives of Peter Parker, when he didn't get bitten. Not like the What if? stories where someone else got spider-powers and then Peter eventually became Spider-Man in all those realities. Instead, he becomes a chubby video game designer who feels he has a pathetic life and a rich scientist, who became a billionaire by fulfilling his scientific potential, but gre up lonely. Then he confronts Mephisto, who offers him a deal. He can have May live if he agrees to have Mephisto take away his marriage and knowledge of Mary Jane. Peter and MJ would know that something would be different, but they would have different lives. I freaking love What if? and this has two, along with Mephisto, who I also like a lot. I personally know what he should do, considering what they have said in all the previous issues. He should let May go, as it is her time and keep MJ as his wife. He would mourn, but he would not be alone as in all his other lives (as Mephisto said). Will he decide to do the thing that they have been not-so-subtly hinting at the entire series (let go) or will he do something stupid (like trust Iron Man).

World War Hulk: Front Line 6

Basic Plot: Sally Floyd and Ben Urich deal with the aftermath of Hulk smashing Manhattan and Sally realizes who is supplying Front Line with money.

I like Front Line because it deals with something sorely lacking in most comics, the normal person on the street. Marvels did this really well, with art by Alex Ross (it can't be bad if it is done by Alex Ross), but this is doing it with current events, as opposed to older events. So many people lost their homes and so much and cannot get stuff back (no superhero insurance). Sally does flip off Daredevil, as he had promised to keep a home safe for a couple of kids. They can't get to it, and Sally can't deal with heroes not being heroic. But, I do like when Sally does confront Jameson about funding Front Line. It is good in that it really does deal with everything that is human about the Marvel Universe during WWH. It was really impressive. I just really like it. I do think it is too bad that there has to be a major event for Front Line to be a comic. I probably would read a monthly series of Front Line, although I understand that they can really only deal with big events, as it would be too difficult to get the human aspect of everything else. Oh well.

Marvel Zombies 2 #2

Basic Plot: They lock up T'Challa for being converted to a zombie. The cosmic zombies land on Earth.

I am disappointed, I will not lie. I have loved Marvel Zombies, but this is just bizarre and not good. I think it was an amazing series and it continued well, but with the ending they had, I think they have to strain too much to make challenges. Galactus was one of the main forces of the universe that people would fight. With Galactus' power and Gladiator, Firelord and Dark Phoenix, they have to make in-fights or else the sides are way too uneven. The infights aren't as interesting either. Giant Man hates how Spidey has been joking for the entire time and he and Spidey fight. Luke helps out Spidey and, well, watching cosmic zombies battle over something stupid is not as much fun as it sounds. Unfortunately, I think my love of Marvel Zombies is starting to fade and even Robert Kirkman will have a hard time getting me to love them on the same level again. I know many people thought it was a bad idea and have hated it for longer and have thought it ran its course, although I only am starting to feel that now. Marvel Zombies v Army of Darkness and Marvel Zombies: Dead Days both worked for the simple reason that they were before Marvel Zombies and UFF took place. After Galactus devouring, it just wasn't as good and couldn't be as good, because there was nothing less that was good. They might be able to make a good series that takes place before MZ, like the two above, but after? It is showing that it is difficult.

Cable and Deadpool 47

Basic Plot: When Deadpool stabbed T-Ray in the head, he royally screwed up the multiverse and Doc Strange has to help him fix it. Whee!

I love Deadpool and this was no exception. He started stabbing things of all sorts, like the Mindless Ones and all sorts of cosmic baddies. I think that Deadpool also needed someone like Bob, Agent of HYDRA to make the series not stale. As much as I love Deadpool, even I can only take so much, but with him having to help Bob also, it is more interesting. Unfortunately, he has to use his swords to contain or release (I'm not sure which) energy before stabbing T-Ray in the head in order to bring him back to life so that the multiverse can be fixed. It was also awesome seeing Dr. Strange keep telling Deadpool to use his blades, as Deadpool tries to complain, but then Whoosh! Off to another plane of reality. I love Deadpool. Nothing else needs to be said.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ask a Skrull

Seeing as the issues for this week will be released Thursday (at least according to, I am not reviewing comics, but am offering a great thing that has. In the wake of New Avengers: Illuminati 5, they offered people a chance to ask the Skrull Black Bolt questions and the questions and answers are hilarious. Enjoy!

Ask a Skrull: Black Bolt

Room Service

So today, I am going to share with you part of Hawaiian culture. I am Hawaiian, and one of the great artists in Hawaii is Rap Reiplinger. This is the video he made of his "Room Service." Also, you can find other great Rap songs, like "You Get Change" or "Auntie Marialani's Cooking Show." Please enjoy the great Hawaiian culture.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Late Edition of Comics

Sorry for being late. I also have to apologize because my comic store did not have Cap 32 when I went there Sunday, so when I get that song, I'll review it.

Heroes for Hire 15

Basic Plot: Humbug betrayed the Heroes for Hire and let them torture Colleen and Tarantula. The rest try to rescue them and Humbug fights them and then the hive-mind of Earth confronts the Brood Queen.

Okay, when did the Brood that was with the Warbound become a queen? I am so confused. Not knowing the characters very well, I think it wasn't as deep a story for me. When does it take place? Who knows? I really don't think it was that good. Mostly they get their asses kicked and then the hive-mind's plan comes to fruition and it is over. I don't really know what to say about this story, it didn't do much for me and I didn't really care about anything. Shang Chi killed Humbug? Oh no! Is this series continuing? I don't really care. The Hereos for Hire series seemed to me to be a street-level heroes that are not that great but it isn't very entertaining to me. Oh well.

Incredible Hulk 111

Basic Plot: Zom, after leaving Strange, goes into Iron Man's Hulkbuster Armor to try and destroy NYC and Amadeus, Angel, Herc and Namora have to stop it.

I liked this story. It deals with something interesting and that was never really brought up and shows the great aspects of the characters. Wong has a vase that will contain Zom after the host he is in has been defeated. Amadeus never lets people know his full plan, and it is hilarious when he has to enact his plan and he tells his partners the bare minimum they need to survive. He goes up against the Hulkbuster armor with Zom and asks Angel to beat him up when all else fails. Angel is confused as hell, but then Zom inhabits Amadeus because Zom realizes that Amadeus is the one with the knowledge of how to destroy the city and stuff. Instead though, Angel punches Amadeus, knocking him out and allowing Zom to be captured. Also, Herc and Namora start making out. I love how this ties into WWH well as opposed to HfH. It is good and I think I want to read Incredible Herc after Hulk has fallen from the events of WWH 5.

What if...Annihilation...reached Earth?

Basic Plot: As opposed to freeing Silver Surfer to free Galactus, Drax tries by himself and he, Surfer and Galactus all die and Annihilus continues on and reaches Earth at the climax of Civil War and Secret War.

This is an amusing story. I did like it. Basically, I liked it because it showed that Cap and Iron Man were once good friends and can fight well together. They all join together and get help from the Watcher who helps them out by giving them a device which will open a portal and transport the Annihilation Wave to an endless void. It is all worth it for the final two pages. The Watcher says "On one side, the force of anti-life. Facing them, three heroes who face certain death, not gladly, but with the knowledge that this is a good way to die. They are not perfect. There is not so much that separates a hero from any other person. I have seen the human heart. It beats in every one of you. This is why you rebuild. Whenever your resolve falters. Whenever you feel you are losing hope...remember...this..." as Cap, Iron Man and Nova gather to attack the Annihilation Wave and delay it long enough for the Terminus Device to finish. It is an awe-inspiring sight. I just love this issue. Also, it proves my point even more that Civil War was pointless in comparison to Annihilation. When Nova confronts them about Civil War, their excuses are hollow and Nova scolds them and they agree to join forces to take out Annihilus. Annihilation is just so much better and this just makes me even more certain. "You were fighting each other? In the middle of New York?!! I heard you were having problems. I didn't know you'd all gone totally insane!!" Tony replies by saying that there was an incident and Cap says how he disagrees. Nova then responds, "You're squabbling over your secret identites??!! Do you have any idea what's coming?" He then fills them in on the Annihilation Wave and Cap and Tony agree to unite. Heck, even Doom helps out. Everybody together, with the Watcher's super weapon (how many of those does he have?) is able to barely beat the Annihilation Wave and I think it was really well done.

Friday, November 23, 2007


First off, I don't really care if the person who first had the deck called it Waffles. I like Qwaffles more. If you disagree, then just leave now. Are you gone? Why haven't you left?

Second, my cousin wants to build a deck that is similar to Qwaffles and I can't seem to find a good decklist for it, so I was wondering if you could post a comment that has a decklist of Qwaffles so he can be helped out.

Third, I do not have my comics, but will get them over the weekend. I will have a comic post on Monday. See you then!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well, yesterday, I posted on Rian Fike's blog that I didn't feel much for Thanksgiving, in general. Let me elaborate some.

The first thing I think of when I think of Thanksgiving is Warpath's story form Chris Giarusso's Bullpen Bits (#28). I realize that the way we viewed Thanksgiving back in San Francisco, was we would remember it by recalling how the Native Americans were almost wiped out by the Europeans. Everything I learned had to do with hippy philosophies and while I was able to appreciate some of them, others I just was angry about. For example, this was just boring to me. I only appreciated Thanksgiving as a time when my elementary school would make pumpkin pie, and we would go into the courtyard and eat before having 3 days off from school. We would eat a lot of food and whatever. Right now, I am only really appreciating Thanksgiving as days off and a time to visit my grandmother who isn't doing very well health-wise. I don't appreciate any of the reasons why the holiday exists in the first place, only that it allows me time off from school and time to visit relatives. If we are really celebrating Thanksgiving, we would try and probably do something that would remind us of how Europeans did come and get help from Native Americans and then wiped them out (even if somewhat accidentally). All Thanksgiving means in this day and age is that it is a time to watch football (which I am not interested in) and be with family and eat turkey (or turducken if you like Madden enough). These aren't necessarily bad, but they have nothing to do with the original meaning. Heck, the most we do is "give thanks" for things only once a year, and there is a lot of "sentiment" where there doesn't have to be. If you are really thankful, don't only be thankful on the fourth Thursday in November, be thankful all the time.

Oh, and have a happy Thanksgiving (albeit a superficial holiday).

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Interesting day

Well, I flew for the first time on Southwest Airlines today, and I don't know if it always has been like this, although I know somethings are new, but I have always flown before with an assigned seat, and I am confused by the way that they did things. Instead of a seat, I got a place to stand in line before boarding, and then we could pick any seat we wanted on the airplane. I don't know whether or not I liked it, as it made it more difficult for families at a certain point if they had a big enough family and there were too many random spots available as opposed to seats all together. Oh well.

Not much to say today. As I was in the air, I did not have time to get new comics. Expect an update either Friday or Monday with the new comics. For those of you who want to know what I would have read today, the list is here:
Captain America 32
Heroes for Hire 11
Incredible Hulk 111
What if? Annihilation

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Copycat Mahunter Giant deck

4 Manhunter Clone, Clone of Paul Kirk
4 IQ, Ira Quimby
2 Kate Spencer<> Manhunter, Vigilante Justice
4 Lex Luthor, Nefarious Philanthropist
2 The Joker, Headline Stealer
4 Pan, Manhunter Duplicate
5 Manhunter Giant, Army
4 Mimic, Exile

4 The Fall of Oa
4 Funky’s Big Rat Code, Team-Up
4 Acrobatic Dodge
4 Chilly Reception
4 Secret Files
2 Shrink
4 Political Pressure

2 Orinda

2 Unstable Molecules
1 Philosopher’s Stone

This is the deck I sent in for the Copycat contest. It is a mill deck, using the term from Magic, although it doesn't work quite as well as some of the MTG decks I have seen for multiple reasons, chief amongst them being that this is a VS deck, and not an MTG deck. Anyway, for those who don't know, a mill deck is designed to make the opponent have no cards left in his or her deck. In MTG, they would lose the game, although in VS, it is just a big disadvantage. I basically decided to go the route or IG, mixed in with some Secret Society, along with Manhunter Giant and Mimic at the end. Manhunter Giant is amazing at milling, being able to mill for lots of cards. When Mimic has his power, you can then take Manhunter Giant and throw him away. Lots of cards that let them get cards, but they aren't able to use them, thanks to Luthor or Joker. It reminds me of my old IG deck, with some Manhunter thrown in for good measure. Meh, it's not great, but it does allow you to mill for a lot of cards, and hopefully, they lose important cards, although, if they use the STtG/Slaughter Swamp combo, you are kind of screwed. Or, an Underworld or SSociety deck.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Marvel Zombies video

I made a music video, using the song "Superheroes" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, because, well, the lyrics are posted below. Janet's first line is perfect for the theme. For the movie, Silver Surfer is supposed to be speaking the first line, then an omniscient narrator, then Galactus. I hope you like it!

Brad Majors:
I've done a lot
God knows I've tried
To find the truth
I've even lied
But all I know
Is down inside I'm

Janet Weiss:
And super heroes
Come to feast
To taste the flesh
Not yet deceased
And all I know
Is still the beast is

And crawling on the planet's face
Some insects called the human race
Lost in time, and lost in space
And meaning


Friday, November 16, 2007

MAA Preview

My own set is getting another preview here. Here is my version of Mikhail Rasputin:

Mikhail is in my set as a Horseman. Many characters have this version, and like the "Herald" version in MCG, Apocalypse has Horsemen. For most of them outside of AoA, they also have identities of Death, Famine, Pestilence and War, although they weren't named as such in the AoA. The card represents a theme I chose of Mikhail making his genetic stew, where he takes the weak and kills them to make the strong stronger. Plus, it deals with the main theme I chose for Apocalypse of having stunned characters. Apocalypse is invulnerable and he doesn't care about being stunned, in fact, his team thrives off of stunned characters, much like Morlocks or Underworld.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

World War Hulk review

World War Hulk 5

Basic Plot: Hulk is having the 4 members of the Illuminati that sent him into space (Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Black Bolt and Dr. Stange) fight in the middle of Madison Square Garden as if it were the Arena from Sakkar, when the Sentry shows up to fight Hulk. They fight.

Wow! I was looking forward to World War Hulk ever since Planet Hulk, which I read because I saw on the Civil War prelude that listed Planet Hulk as one of the reasons why Civil War would take place. So I picked up the first issue of Planet Hulk and was blown away. It was one of the most awesome Hulk stories I have ever read. Plus, not much had happened yet. I was incredibly impressed with how they placed Hulk on an alien planet and made it interesting. If you haven't read Planet Hulk, I recommend it to you, especially if you tried to read World War Hulk and were somewhat confused. Basically, he was launched by Reed, Tony, Blackagar (yes, Black Bolt's first name is Blackagar) and Stephen into space as a way of trying to send him to a peaceful planet. If you read New Avengers: Illuminati (the prelude to Civil War and not the amazing mini-series), you got to see that the reason Tony has that he launched Hulk was that he caused a lot of chaos and was the reason behind deaths, even if he did not directly kill anyone (collateral damage). So they wanted to send him to a planet that was inhabited only by non-intelligent life so that he could smash to his heart's content without hurting any sentient life-forms. Instead, after smashing parts of the ship, the ship falls through a wormhole and ends up on the planet Sakkar. Sakkar is ruled over by the Red King, a ruthless dictator, ruling over his people with an iron fist (and awesome battle armor). Everyone that lands on the planet through the wormhole (which happens a lot) is enslaved with an obedience disk that is planted on them. After landing on Sakkar, Hulk is enslaved (because passing through the wormhole leaves you incredibly weak, most people pass out, although Hulk was still conscious). Hulk and other slaves fought in an arena and Red King sent him to the Pit, where they train for gladiator fights. Hulk was sent onto a field with a lot of different slaves, and the 7 who lived at the end became a gladiator team. This team consisted of Hulk, Miek (a hiveling from Sakkar that was incredibly weak and looked up to Two-Hands/Hulk), Korg (a Kronan, one of the ones that was sent to Earth and defeated by Thor in his first appearance), No-Name (a Brood that had no name, as the Brood have no names, that was trapped in a creature when the X-Men destroyed Broodworld), Hiroim the Shamed (a Shadow Priest that was expelled because of his delusions of grandeur), Elloe Kaifi (a Sakkarian who's father spoke out against the Red King) and Lavin Skee (a Sakkarian who was the lover/bodyguard of Elloe). Together, they fought in the Arena and became celebrated and cheered upon by the people of Sakkar because Hulk was able to lead them to victory by smashing. When they became too popular, the Red King released an incredibly powerful bomb at them, followed by Death's Head guards. The Hulk was able to defeat them, but Lavin Skee was killed. After his death, Hiroim asked them all to be Warbound, in which they stick together until the end (a solemn oath that all the parties involved understood meant that it was up to and including death). The Red King, furious about the Hulk winning, sent them up against the Silver Savage. Silver Surfer was flying along when he flew into the wormhole and ended up on Sakkar. He was knocked unconscious and "weaker than he had ever been", allowing for an obedience disk to be placed upon him. The Silver Surfer fought in the arena and also had never lost, by himself. When Hulk saw Surfer, he was happy, until they had to fight. During the fight, Surfer knocked Hulk away, and while being dogpiled upon by the rest of Hulk's crew, Hulk came back and smashed him hard enough to break his obedience disk. After that happened, Surfer used his powers to break the obedience disks on everybody within a fairly large radius, and Hulk broke free, and he and his Warbound went off into the wilderness. The Red King gave chase with his army, although Hulk defeated them all. He eventually was able to unite the people on Sakkar together, both the "Pinkies" and the "Bugs" (kind of like how on Naboo, there are the people and Gungans). With both of them on his side, Hulk was able to also recruit the Spikes to his side. The Spikes came from space a long time ago and landed on Sakkar. They normally were peaceful (as you learned later), but they were incredibly hungry and started feeding on the people of Sakkar. The Red King rose to power by finding the Death's Head guards and taking out the Spikes, sending most of them onto rocket-like platforms on a moon of Sakkar. When Hulk wouldn't die, he sent the Spikes against him. Caiera, the Oldstrong, the Red King's personal guard was also sent against Hulk, although she decided to join Hulk wehn she saw the Spikes killing innocent people and the Red King cared nothing for them. Hulk went to the ancient Spikes, and convinced them to help Hulk against the Red King and Hulk would then help them fly in space again. With everybody on his side, Hulk easily overtook the Red King, killing him. The people of Sakkar then crowned Hulk king, partly because he was the most powerful and also because special vines grew where his blood fell. Hulk and Caiera had fallen in love by this point and they married, she as his Queen. Soon enough, the ship Hulk had landed in was found and turned into a sculpture and put in the middle of the main Sakkar city. Eventually though, there was a warning that the ship cried out, saying "Warp Core Compromised" and Hulk threw the ship into the air, although it still exploded, and wrecked the city, killing millions of people and Caiera and Caiera and Hulk's unborn son. Hulk was devastated and wanted to stay on the dying planet, but his Warbound convinced him to put his anger to use and to take out the people who built the Warp Core that failed and killed lots of people. Hulk and his Warbound set off for Earth, and when they reached Earth, first they took out Black Bolt on the moon, in a battle between Hulk and him, in which Black Bolt unleashed almost (if not) the full power of his voice, failing in defeating Hulk, and Hulk showed him as the first one of 4 that Hulk wanted out of the Illuminati. Iron Man attacks Hulk in his Hulk-Buster armor and fails. The Avengers (both Mighty and New) go up against Hulk and his Warbound and are defeated. Then the Fantastic Four are defeated (both Black Panther, Storm and Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman). When Rick Jones tries to convince Hulk to stop, Dr. Strange attacks and fails to take out Hulk. Then Thunderbolt Ross is called in. He shoots Hulk up with adamantium shrapnel, and while it hurts Hulk, he is able to defeat Ross. Dr. Strange then comes at him, with the power of Zom, an incredibly powerful entity that Strange kept a portion of in his possession for a time like this. Although Strange was powerful, he was sloppy and people were almost killed. Hulk saved them though and knocked out Strange. Then he set up the Illuminati for a gladiator battle in Madison Square Garden. They were able to take out one of the beasts that Hulk had to face and then when asked to fight each other Mr. Fantastic takes down Tony Stark, and the Warbound await Hulk's answer. Hulk gives a thumb down. Meanwhile the Sentry is afraid of having to fight the Hulk with the amount of power he'll need to take out the Hulk. Iron Man previously told him that sometimes, you need to play God. As Hulk puts his thumb down, Sentry flies in to take out Hulk.
In WWH 5, Reed misses killing Stark by a very small amount. When asked why he missed, it is revealed that Hulk doesn't want them to die, just to know what he had gone through and that Tony, Reed, Blackagar and Stephen are monsters that, even if they didn't try to, killed more people than Hulk ever did accidentally. Of course at this point the Sentry attacks Hulk. Hulk yells out that what happens next isn't his fault and then they start fighting. Hulk punches Sentry a few times before Sentry unleashes the power he has, the "power of a million exploding suns", in which he starts pummeling the Hulk. An amazing battle takes place and I can't give it justice by trying to recap it here. Eventually though, Sentry and Hulk somehow turn into their relative alter egos, and Bruce Banner lands a punch on Robert Reynolds, taking him out. As everybody is relieved that Hulk isn't trying to kill them anymore, Miek kills Rick Jones. Miek was so obsessed with vengeance that he didn't reveal that he saw Red King supporters putting a bomb in the ship, and so Tony is slightly exonerated (curses!), and it angers Bruce enough to turn into Hulk again and Hulk kills Miek, who can be seen as being responsible for the death of Caiera and his son and millions of people. At this point though, Hulk is too powerful and just walking sends out enough power that a few steps after he starts, he would destroy the Eastern Seaboard. Tony is able to call upon lots of satellites to pummel Hulk, and together with Hulk trying to stop being so angry, Hulk is taken out. Then, Bruce is loaded into a casket-like case and taken to New Mexico and buried 3 miles beneath the surface in a facility and the water in the case starts turning red (the new Hulk coming in January or whenever is Red). Also, on the planet Sakkar, the son of the Hulk rises out of the destroyed ground.
This was just an amazing end to an event that I was looking forward to for a long time. I so was scared it was going to disappoint me like Civil War, but it didn't. It ended with such an amazing bang that it was scary. It ended incredibly well and I was amazed that they did such a great job in ending the story. Hulk v Sentry in an amazing battle and their battle ends amazingly. Just amazing in its spectrum. I was seriously blown away. The one thing I dislike is that the Illuminati were exonerated from the crime of killing Caiera and all the people in that capital city of Sakkar. I really wanted them to pay ever since reading Planet Hulk and was extremely disappointed that they weren't behind it. I never liked Miek, but was surprised to see he would go that far. I don't really know what else I can say about WWH 5, other than that you should read it. The fight is indescribable by someone like me and I can't do the issue justice. I tried, but it is too great an issue for me to go over.
Sorry for being late on this (if you were looking forward to it), but I didn't have time until now.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Comics for the week of 11/14

Wednesday is here again.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 48

Basic Plot: Reed, Johnny and Ben fly to Siberia to find Sue, fight Crimson Dynamo and then go off to confront Sue's kidnappers, Red Ghost and whomever that woman is on the cover.

Well, I'm not liking UFF all that much, but I do like Mark Brooks and his art, so that is one of the few reasons I am still reading it. It is trying to do something similar to a lot of the Ultimate titles, in taking old villains and reinventing them. However, it isn't working as well for some reason. Ultimate Red Ghost was somewhat interesting, but I don't really feel he is close enough to be Red Ghost, and he isn't interesting enough to be a different character. He looks like Red Ghost, has super-intelligent mammals (I believe bears as opposed to apes, although some might be apes, I'm not really sure), but cannot phase, and is a super-genius trying to save his wife so he can save the world. Boo hoo, typical "villain has a reason for being evil" crap, but it is boring at this point. The fight between Crimson Dynamo and the FF isn't even that interesting. I don't know why, but it just isn't. There isn't much that is interesting about these stories and it confuses me, as I have really like Ultimate Fantastic Four at times. At least the final page is funny, although again, it seems like not much of a threat, or something like that. I think it may be that they aren't facing enemies that are on equal ground. They all seem either really weak in comparison or, as in God War or Psycho Man/Silver Surfer arc, way too powerful. Fighting weak enemies is boring.

X-Men: Die by the Sword 3

Basic Plot: Roma, main guardian of the Omniverse, is being attacked and they try to figure out why, plus Captain Britain is dying.

Why is that on the cover? Longshot isn't in the issue, really, and Dazzler is only on the last page as some challenge or something. I don't really understand the last page all that much, but whatever. This issue has a lot of fighting, but between people you don't really care about, so it doesn't really matter all that much. Oh no, some Captain Britains are dying. Yay, they're winning. Oh no, the main bad guy turned some Captain Britians into enemies. Yay, they're winning. I don't know if I am supposed to know of a lot of them, but whatever. The issue is amusing, but not anything special. Kind of bleh, although it is fun to see Blink, Sabretooth, Thunderbird and Morph beat the crap out of a guy. Whee!

Wolverine 59

Basic Plot: To come back to life (body is healed, but soul isn't in it), Wolverine has to face himself.

Heh, watching Wolverine fight is fun, so the only way to make it better is to have him fight himself. Well, it works, even if Howard Chaykin isn't an artist I particularly like. Plus we learn Wolverine tried to commit suicide during WWI or thereabouts because he felt he shouldn't live. Obviously, it didn't quite take. Well, then he fights himself and I am proud to say I recognize all the fights. Let's see: Origin as James Howlett, himself from WWI, when he first fought Lazaer, Weapon X project time, when he first was introduced and fought Hulk, when he was on Broodworld and almost died from turning into a Brood and had plated skin for the rest of the time on Broodworld (why? who cares!), when he fought Shingen, Mariko's father, when Magneto pulled the adamantium out of him, when he played softball/baseball at the mansion (not a fight, but the pic is ranodmly there) and when he was killed at the beginning of this series for Enemy of the State. Then you see him from Enemy of the State fighting guys and finally, him with the girl he just had killed. An amusing story that was done well, as it had lots of fighting, even though the entire thing was filler, it was still interesting and had action. Plus it was fun to see him from Broodworld. Easily my favorite part of the issue, as I love the classic X-Men from New Genesis and that was an awesome storyline. If you want to see scale-Wolverine, just get Essential X-Men 4, the very beginning has them on Broodworld. Yay for Brood-Wolverine. Filler issue. Moving on.

Thor 4

Basic Plot: Dr. Blake travels to Africa as part of Doctors without Borders, but has to become Thor to help the people there, along with discovering more Asgardians.

Thor seems to have a message this time around. He seems a lot like Ultimate Thor in that he is trying to save the world and he sends messages to everybody that he is trying to help everyone. The first issue didn't have much in the way of everything, it was mostly preparing for Thor to come back. Issue 2 was mostly amusing, with him building Asgard something like 8 feet above US soil (not on the soil, technically). Issue 3 though had a message. It took place wholly in New Orleans, where he learns how the dams broke and how tragic it was for the people there. He thinks of it somewhat like a mini-Ragnarok, at least for the people living there. Then after kicking the crap out of Iron Man (awesome scene, where he tells Iron Man off), he discovers Heimdall in a man from New Orleans. This was speaking to us too, with the tragedies going on in Africa, with people killing others pointlessly. As much as he tries to help heal as Blake, he has to become Thor to fend off attackers. See, I really like Thor, especially how he is now. Before, he was pretty much a superhero with some superpowers. In this series, he acts like a God, how I always imagined he should be. He easily beats the attackers, without so much as blinking. But, he is trying to help, and is able to help the people by separating the attackers from the peaceful people. I just really like this Thor. Maybe after growing up in San Francisco, and reading and learning about all the injustice, I think it is awesome for superheroes to try and deal with it too. This issue did remind me a lot of Squadron Supreme (the recent one), where they try to help, but the people just say they will take care of it and that have to do it on their own, and how that continues on in Hyperion v Nighthawk (an amazing story that is well done and brilliant). Godly Thor is here, and he is trying to save the world. Don't get in his way.

Punisher: War Journal 13

Basic Plot: After a bank robbery goes horribly wrong, Rhino tries to evade Punisher, and Spider-Man intervenes, then Kraven comes along...

Corey Walker is doing the art! I love Corey Walker. He created Invincible (with Kirkman), did an amazing job, and has done an amazing job with everything he has done that I have seen. Anyway, I like the story, but my main question is "When did Rhino become a Punisher villain?" I mean, he was originally a Spidey villain, and has fought many people, but he seems to fight Punisher recently. Is it because Fraction (the writer) wants to show Punisher can take out anybody, and is a bad-ass, being able to deal with fairly invulnerable and powerful super-villains? If so, it certainly works. I love this comic, and the storylines are awesome. This one is no exception. Rhino accidentally kills an old security guard when robbing a bank (guy falls onto an exposed pipe-ish thingy that was broken in Rhino's entrance) and Punisher wants vengeance? Awesome. Rhino is genuinely scared of Punisher (with good reason as Punisher had a Satan's Claw last time they fought), and the writing and art is well done. Spidey lectures Punisher (again) and then is taken out by Kraven (Aloysha Kraven, for those wondering "didn't Kraven kill himself), who takes Rhino to his super-villain zoo. It is rather amusing, although not knowing the point, makes me a little cautious, although it is fun enough to enjoy for the moment.

Avengers: The Initiative 7

Basic Plot: The Scarlet Spiders reveal themselves to the world when chasing after the Vulturions, who stole info on how to make Gamma Bombs. Spider-Man intervenes.

I love this comic. Seriously. It is a really good comic. Every issue has been amazing, and the art is good. Now, I don't like the Initiative, in fact I am vehemently opposed to it, but I love this comic, mainly because it allows the reader to see how badly the Initiative fails. Things don't go wrong in this comic, no, things go horribly wrong and then it is great to see them try and pick up the pieces. It is a great series because it allows you to rubberneck, and watch the train wreck in action. The main reason I like this issue though is because it gives Spider-Man an out. In Cable and Deadpool, when Deadpool is doing a recap of Civil War, he mentions how Spider-Man reveals his identity, in something that will screw up his continuity for years to come. Ever since then, I have been trying to figure out how they will fix it. The only ways I saw were mass mind-control, like what happened with the Flash (Spectre wiped the memory of who the Flash was from everybody, except for himself and other Flashes) or a House of M type change to the MU, where things can be different, like an Infinite Crisis, Superboy breaking the walls of reality type change. None of those have to happen. While chasing the Vulturions (I know, I know, they are bigger losers than they sound like they would be. Basically, poor rip-offs of Vulture that hunt as a pack), Spidey and the whole world watch the previously secret Scarlet Spiders give chase. When he eventually helps, and they take out the Vulturions and get the case back, the Scarlet Spiders, as a show of good faith, and to get the case, use their costumes to morph into the outfit Peter was wearing (t-shirt, baseball cap, you know, regular clothes), and "reveal" that Peter was one of four secret agents that were given suits with Spider-Man's powers, and they could shift into anything, including old suits of Peter's. Thus, they are able to say Peter wasn't the original Spider-Man, he was just one of the guys who had a Spider-Man suit, which he kept until that point in time, in which Peter will give it back to the government or something, meaning Peter might not be Spider-Man (or so the general public can think).

New Avengers 36

Basic Plot: Luke describes what happened with the Venom Bomb to Jessica Jones. Wolverine confronts Jessica Drew about what she told Stark, when giving him the Elektra body.

Curse you Mighty Avengers! The first arc isn't over in Mighty Avengers, and yet New Avengers has gone through many, including the second Mighty Avengers arc. Well, now we know what happens with the Venom bomb, so we don't have to worry much any more. It was a good issue, and I liked it a lot, but I don't like how late Mighty Avengers is being. Oh, and Luke is still paranoid. Basically, he asks "Well, what if Doc Strange was a Skrull, and used some Skrull magic that doesn't do what he said the spell was supposed to do?" Paranoia, paranoia, everybody's coming to get me. Just say you never met me. I'm running underground with the moles, digging holes. Hear the voices in my head, I swear to God, it sounds like they're snoring. But if you're bored, then you're boring. The agony and the irony, they're killing me! (-Flagpole Sitta, by Harvey Danger) I love paranoia quotes. I am paranoid myself, and when telling people I am paranoid, I always just use my catchprase (if I had one) "Just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get me." In the Harry Dresden books (amazing books, read them), he uses a similar version of my phrase, with more demonic references: "Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean there isn't an invisible demon in front of you, ready to rip your face off." (or something like that) Hooray for paranoia! Anyway, the confrontation with Spider-Woman is nice too. Basically, her reason is "Right now, I don't trust anyone except myself, and I want to help humanity, and it will be easier here." Then, they go after the Hood, find him, realize he has the Wrecking Crew with him (it took a bunch of them to even beat the Wrecker), and call for backup. The final page has Luke Cage attacking with backup, which consists of at least multiple cape-killers, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, the Sentry, Angel, Storm, Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Black Widow, Daredevil, Vision, Cyclops, Doc Samson, Hercules, US Agent, what appears to be someone resembling (but isn't probably) Drax, Howard the Duck, Punisher, Silver Surfer and Thor. Yes, somehow, they got the last 4 to attack the Hood. The godly Thor, the replenished herald-Silver Surfer, the Punisher that is taking down the Rhino, and Howard the Duck. I mean, come on! Awesome, but come on!

Nova 8

Basic Plot: Nova, after using his powers to evade Drax and Gamora, has ended up at the edge of the Universe (the other side from where Annihilus invaded?), where he finds a mystery...

Yawn... Not Annihilation related, so not as interested. I do like the new Nova, but this isn't Annihilation, which was awesome, so I don't care as much. It is very bizarre, and I don't exactly understand all of it, but Cosmo, a talking, Russian, telepathic dog, is able to ask for help, as the giant floating Celestial head they live in has been infiltrated by zombie-ish guys. Um, it's weird and hopefully it will be explained, along with continuing to have Drax. Give a man his Drax, not dangle it in front of him, then pull it away! I don't really feel like reading it, but it is okay, and I want to continue, as it has been really good, and I think it can continue to be good, although this idea isn't great.

World War Hulk 5

I can't do World War Hulk justice in this, so I'll give a fuller review of it tomorrow. Sorry to all of you, wanting to know about it, but it deserves more than just being at the end of my comic pile for this week.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Things get worse... then better, plus preview of my own set

Well, I have discovered that multiple things have gone wrong, including my entire VS folder not copying to my re-imaged computer. I don't know when it vanished, but it vanished. I still have some stuff from when I first arrived in college, although everything in that folder since that point has vanished, so I don't fully have the list for my Marvel: Alternate Realities set. Hopefully, I can get it together soon, so we shall see if I am able to post the list to show you what cards are going to be in it, along with a couple spoilers from my set. It has 4 main teams, and I might have a 5th (depending on if it's still there, because otherwise, it's gone), Ultimates, Ultimate Adversaries(Can't think of a better name, and Liberators doesn't work as it isn't just them), Horsemen of Apocalypse and Zombieverse. It introduces a new concept that is a different reality. If a card has an image in the background of the card (as like on the Hellboy cards, with the Thule or BPRD symbol), the card comes from an alternate reality. It really doesn't add much aside from just being a placeholder, although like willpower, there are things that reference them (mostly in the generic cards). The alternate realities are Ultimates, Age of Apocalypse and Zombieverse. My first preview is of my Colonel America from the Zombieverse:

Zombie is a keyword that is stated as such:
Whenever a zombie stuns a character, put a food counter on that zombie.
At the start of the recovery phase, KO all zombies without food counters, then remove all food counters from zombies.

Zombies are generally powerful, but come with the drawback of having to feed or die. For example, Colonel America is greater than the curve, although he does seem to be more vulnerable after having the top of his lead lopped off. There are cards that can add food counters and fun things for the Zombieverse team. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Pi Vs card

So, on VS Realms, Stu gave out a little fantasy card challenge where you create yourself or something like that. Since I created a card for myself a while ago for VS Paradise, I decided to remake it with the new template. Here I am!


Well, my computer died sometime between Friday and Saturday, and while it is up and running again, I did lose a whole lot of stuff stored in programs. I may have my files, but not things like my New and Improved Pawns deck. I'll try and rebuild it, but it is annoying, since I was able to get something like 5 9/9's on 5 or something. Gah, I can't even remember anymore.

Anyway, Spidey has a New Avengers (although for some reason with an extra New) version that is similar in some ways to the one I created a long time ago (in that they are both 2-drops). Meh, I do like him, but not that he is hard to get.

I'm definitely looking forward to World War Hulk 5 coming out this week and Hulk's battle with the Sentry. My friend loved the line in WWH 1, when Spidey says that he felt Hulk was the third most powerful being on Earth, falling behind Sentry and Black Bolt. Then Hulk took out Black Bolt. Although I am scared that it is going to disappoint me. I already am disappointed in that Hulk doesn't kill Iron Man (he still lives in New Avengers: Illuminati 5, which takes place after WWH), so I am scared to see if Hulk actually wins. I really want him to, but seeing as Marvel is not wanting my sides to win (Cap's side mostly, but I do like Annihilus and Thanos although I do like Super Skrull and Drax more), I'm guessing either Sentry wins the battle or Hulk wins and then leaves or something. Probably the first, but we'll see.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My art

Just wanted to share with you all my Chibi-esque art. This is just some of the more recent stuff. If you want more, I can add more. I am starting to add hands, my style is changing, but I like them. Isn't that the cutest Juggernaut?

A Few Things

First, I am going to just once again praise the Coming of Galactus deck, as it looks so amazing. You can look at the cards they have previewed on which I have a link to on the right of this page. Or you could go to this thread in which I put links up to each card as it comes out. I really want this set, as I love Galactus and this looks incredibly fun.

Second, for my New & Improved deck, I was able to get 5 7/7 Pawns on turn 5 and 4 9/9 Pawns on 6, so it looks incredibly fun. I should be able to get them bigger, so I'll let you know what I have done, after I am able to get larger Pawns.

Third, I recently created and purchased my very own Deadpool shirt. I got it in the mail a few days ago, and want to show it off.


The image on the back is kind of small, but I still love the shirt.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Comics for the week of 11/7


Howard the Duck 2

Basic Plot: After becoming a MeTube (YouTube, but without copyright issues) celebrity, MODOT (Mental Organism Designed Only for Talking) has decided to do something with Howard, and as everybody wants more of Howard, chaos erupts.

Let me first say why I like Howard the Duck. My dad is not a comic fan, at least not much of one, but he still has a soft spot in his heart for Howard the Duck, as he read about Howard while living in Cleveland (where Howard lives). Because of that, I decided to pick up this mini-series, and so far, have not been disappointed. See, the great thing about Howard the Duck is that the stories, while involving a duck that came to our dimension and hasn't found a way back, is really just an amusing tale. He doesn't have to be a duck, but it's just funnier that way. Ty Templeton is doing a great job of capturing Howard's "I don't care" attitude and it is also well drawn by Juan Bobillo, who is able to capture Howard's bored expressions really well. Like his original series, everybody around him seems to be crazy, with madness consuming everything. I don't know if you read HtD before, but this is a great series to pick up. It's madness, chaos, hilarious and definitely Howard.

Astonishing X-Men 23

Basic Plot: Cyclops, after piloting a ship and having it blown up, is resurrected and tortured by the Breakworld to get him to tell about Leviathan, the secret weapon Cyclops mentioned in the previous issue. Meanwhile, the rest of the team assembles to try and take down Powerlord Kruun and do whatever.

Holy Shit! That is my expression after a lot of issues that came out today, 3 of them to be precise. This is one of them. Joss Whedon is an amazing writer and John Cassasy is an amazing artist. I've been really impressed with everything they have done so far with Astonishing X-Men, and while I feel it was kind of slipping, slightly, it definitely got right back where it was (amazing, in other words) with this issue. The cover is funny, and I love it, and while a similar scene takes place in the actual story, it really isn't even the best part. It is maybe only the third best part. Wolverine arguing with Armor about ethics while attacking hundreds of Breakworld soldiers is amazing and great, but then, the second best part is Cyclops's plan. So, Colossus goes to Aghanne, after being told not to, Wolverine and Armor start busting up some Breakworld soldiers after being told to keep low, and all of this is part of the plan. See, in the previous issue, when they were forming their plans, Cyclops realized that since this was one of Kruun's ships, he must have devices that allow him to listen in on their conversation, so while they make plans that are near the opposite of what they want to do and actually do in the next issue, and come up with some "secret weapon", they are actually forming the plan using Emma's telepathy. The entire scene, when replayed with Emma's telepathy is hilarious and it just makes you realize how good a leader Cyclops actually is. I never give Cyclops enough credit, but he is an awesome character. Oh, the best part? When they torture him and after Kruun asks him what other lies he has told, he smiles, and unleashes an optic blast. Not a weak one that just knocks Kruun unconscious or anything, but one like in Civil War: X-Men, when he unleashes more than he usually does, busting a hole in the entire prison which was formerly said to be impenetrable to Colossus. And then, he stands there, with glowing red eyes, telling the X-Men to finish it. I mean, Cyclops is viewed, often, as a wimp and someone who may be a good leader, but corny and too "good". This is one of the times where you realize that you do not want to be on Scott's bad side.

The New Avengers: Illuminati 5

Basic Plot: The Illuminati regroup after discovering Elektra was actually a Skrull pretending to be her to discuss who is a Skrull, who isn't, what manipulation is going on, etc.

Holy Shit! Another one of those issues that just make me glad to read comics. So, Doc's astral self gets to Tony, who is in front of a body bag. Everybody eventually files in as Iron Man confirms their identities. Then, after Xavier, who can walk again, is there, he reveals that in the body bag is the Skrullektra. Then they argue about Skrulls for a page or two, blah blah blah. Then, while trying to decide what to do with the body, Black Bolt speaks and says he will take the body so that his people can live. Then he unleashes a massive attack. Then, after the dust clears, it is revealed to be a Skrull with Black Bolt's powers. Oh, and Iron Man's, Dr. Strange's, Namor's, Mr. Fantastic's and Professor X's powers too. You thought Kl'rt was great? Check out the ultimate Super Skrull. After Namor is able to impale it, killing it (after a huge battle), more Skrulls, with at least Colossus's, Nightcrawler's and Thor's powers show up. This entire story is just amazing. I freaking love the Illuminati storylines as they just offer so much. When does this take place in termss of WWH? Who knows, but it still is freaking awesome! Dear God, and I'm an atheist, but Dear God!

World War Hulk: Gamma Corps 4

Basic Plot: After Grey snapped Hulk's neck, Ryker talks to him and taunts him, until Hulk heals and makes the Gamma Corps realize that they were wrong about Hulk.

Well, this was a good story with a nice ending, but all in all, it can't compare with Illuminati or X-Men, so on another week? Amazing story. But this week? Merely meh. I like WWH and totally support Hulk, but have been disappointed with Gamma Corps. The first few issues were pretty boring to me, with not much happening as they take multiple issues to introduce the characters. I mean, the battle was okay, but not great. This one though is better. After Hulk heals and goes after Ryker, and when they try to stop him, he is able to convince them he isn't the enemy and it is rather amusing to see Ryker's perfect plan fall apart so completely. Plus it is amusing to watch Hulk manipulate someone the way he has usually been manipulated. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a good story, but the first few issues are dull and this one, while amusing, just doesn't save it quite enough for me. Oh well.

Annihilation: Conquest - Starlord 4

Basic Plot: After being captured, only the current Captain Universe can save them. Trying to stop the spread of the Phalanx's virus, they have to rely upon the Uni-Force and the Celestial Madonna (Mantis).

I am a fan of Annihilation, as you may tell, but this felt almost like the opposite of Gamma Corps in a sense. I thought it was awesome at the beginning, but then it got worse, but by this issue, it is back and I like it again. Annihilation: Conquest isn't quite as good as Annihilation (not even close), but they have tried, and I feel the biggest successes were Wraith and Star-Lord. It finishes with a bang and puts an end to a nice mini-series. Basically, the Uni-Force goes and inhabits a Phalanx member which makes the other Phalanx attack it and chaos ensues and eventually, they get the info they need to shut down the Phalanx. I mean, the story felt like it finished quickly, but I think it worked out well, even though it wasn't quite as great as other issues of Star-Lord.

Annihilation: Conquest 1

Basic Plot: The Phalanx have taken over Kree space. Kl'rt, Wraith, Ronan and some freedom fighters are trying to recruit Ravenous to help them. Quasar and Moondragon look to Adam Warlock for help.

The last of my Holy Shit! issues for this week. Well, like Annihilation, there are more questions at the end of this and less answers. Everything you think will be answered just becomes more questions. It's awesome! First off, I really don't think Tom Raney and the inker or colorist get along well. I love Tom Raney's art, and have for a while, but the inker or colorist (I think inker, but I'm not fully sure), just makes his art not the same. It feels like David Finch mixed with Tom Raney. At times, you can see that it is Raney who is doing the art, but a lot of the time, you can't tell one way or the other, if it would be Finch or even Coipel from House of M. Anyway, let's see what makes this issue amazing. Adam Warlock's back again! Blastaar get's his ass kicked. Xemnu, Korath and Shatterax are joined with the Phalanx. High Evolutionary is there and humongous. Oh, and the best part? Last page, you see who the main villain is behind this. What, you thought it was the Phalanx? Well, since when have the Phalanx been able to do stuff like this? I guess it is when they are led by...ULTRON. That's right. ULTRON, MOTHER F*CKERS! Ultron's no longer dead, but leading the invasion of the Kree empire. Awesomeness shall ensue.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quick Post

Well, I almost forgot today to put up an entry, but not fully.

So, on Vs. Realms, Flashback81 has started to make a Rogues team based off of Flash's Rogues Gallery, which is one of the most well organized and best loved rogues galleries of all time. Anyway, I haven't read much Flash (Marvel fan, remember) and so what I knew was limited to Wikipedia and the Flash volume where he gains his memory back and takes place during Identity Crisis.
I liked it, as I like Flash and he is my favorite DC superhero of all time, as he has the superpower that I would take if given a choice. Super-speed, when used properly, is practically unbeatable, so I have always wanted to have super-speed. Anyway, I recently got Rogue War to help furhter my knowledge of the Rogues and to help out more with the set, and I freakin' loved it. It isn't on my top 5 books of DC, but it is really good. I just wanted to say, mainly, that my favorite DC super-heroes, and then villains, are in this order:
Flash (Mostly Wally, although really any of them, so Jay, Barry or Bart also)
Hal Jordan
Blue Beetle

Zoom (Hunter Zolomon, although Eobard is Crazy, yes with a capital C)

Monday, November 5, 2007

New and Improved

Before I post the idea, I just had to get this out of the way. HOLY CRAP! And with Galactus, against 3 people, he can get this bad boy out on turn 8 at the latest, as long as there is nothing else that allows Galactus to gain resource points (which there very well may be). Galactus is starting to look more amazing than I originally had thought (and I love me my cosmic Marvel characters).

Ahem, and anyway, I thought I would try and let you all in on the combo I am trying to harness, and unfortunately, failing. New and Improved reads: "Ongoing: KO a non-Army character you control -> Characters you recruit this turn with the same name as that character enter play with two +1/+1 counters." The first part of "non-Army" makes sense, as you wouldn't want to have a deck with a character you could recruit multiples of to get lots o' counters. However, Aspiring Pawn reads: "Whenever Aspiring Pawn causes breakthrough while attacking a player directly, put a +1/+1 counter on Aspiring Pawn, and it loses the version Army and gains the version Knight." Now, if you cause direct breakthrough with the Pawn, he becomes a Knight and is no longer an Army character. In case you haven't found where I am going with this, KO multiple Aspiring Pawns with the version Knight and you can have lots o' swarming, humongous Pawns. Now, I can't quite get enough Pawns in my hand for this to work, and I can't seem to deal direct breakthrough to get Knights easily enough. If you have ideas, please post comments.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Cigars Will Burn All Night

If you are here, expecting VS stuff, I'll post some deck ideas and stuff next week, but first I wanted to let everybody who reads this (and I know there are people, even if only once or multiple times, you might not comment, but you're here for some reason or another) know about this great play by a friend of mine.
The Cigars Will Burn All Night: The Dreams of the Common Man

Ruben Raskin wrote this, starting last school year, during the playwriting class at our high school, the Jewish Community High School of the Bay, located in San Francisco. We have been friends since his freshman year, my sophomore year, and have been in only one play with him, but have had the privilege of performing one of the parts of this play he wrote. When our school had an "Arts Evening", he asked me and two of our friends and co-stars in the play we were in, Corey and Elana, to read three of the monologues he had written. I was only given mine (the New Jersey Community College professor, although it was originally written for a guy with a different name than the one it had), and he asked me to think of Phil Ken Sebben, of the TV show "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law", when thinking about the part. Well, I think that Corey, Elana and I gave better performances, partly because we know Ruben and he did write those parts almost specifically for us (or at least mine), and partly because when we performed, it wasn't only sound, and we could express ourselves more. Well, I hope you enjoy my good friend Ruben Raskin's play about dreams.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Batman: Hush

I am not much of a DC fan, as you may have figured out if you have read this at all. But, that doesn't mean I won't read DC, just that I prefer Marvel. Anyway, a friend recommended Batman: Hush to me. I had heard really good things about Hush, and decided to get it yesterday, since I only had 3 issues to get. If you haven't read it, then you may not want to read this, as I spoil everything.

Batman: Hush is really well written and has amazing art by Jim Lee. The premise is that there is this mystery man behind these attacks on Batman. Batman tries to figure out what is going on.

Plot: Batman tries to save a kid who was kidnapped by Killer Croc, and even after defeating him, the ransom is taken by Catwoman. As Batman chases Catwoman, his line is cut and he falls into Crime Alley, where Huntress helps him out. During this, Catwoman takes the money to Poison Ivy, who had been controlling Selina. Meanwhile, Huntress gets Bats to the Batcave, where he calls for his friend from his childhood, Tommy Elliot, who is now a brain surgeon. Tommy saves him, and he tries to find out why Killer Croc wanted the money, and set up something way too elaborate for Croc, when his tire blows out. Batman realizes it is meant to be a distraction, and has Oracle keep tabs on Croc, who goes to Catwoman and attacks her for taking his money. As Batman wraps up Croc, he learns Poison Ivy is now in Metropolis. Bats and Catwoman go to Metropolis, where they confront Poison Ivy, who has Superman under her control. Batman and Superman fight until Catwoman drops Lois Lane off of a pole and Supes saves her, breaking Poison Ivy's control him, which allowed Bats, Supes and Catwoman to easily catch Ivy. As Bats and Supes part ways, a man with a bandaged face laughs.
The second part starts with Selina and Bruce going to the opera "Pagliacci" with Tommy, when the main character is revealed to be Harley Quinn, who demands that the people there give her all their money. Harley takes Tommy's jade pendant, which he really loves. Selina and Bruce change into their respective identities, and after fighting Harley and her thugs, Harley shoots Catwoman in the shoulder and runs. Batman follows after and finds Joker in the alley, with a gun in his hand and Tommy Elliott's dead body there on the ground, after being shot. Batman almost kills Joker, when Jim Gordon stops him. During the entire beating, Joker keeps saying he is innocent. At the end, the man with the bandaged face is there with a scarred coin, saying that he is innocent and that that was the joke. Then, after Batman and Nightwing stop a robbery being committed by the Riddler, Batman spots some ash related to the Lazarus pits and Ra's al Ghul. Bats then decides, as he and Catwoman are seeing each other, to reveal his identity to Catrwoman while the Joker is freed by a man wrapped in bandages, who is revealed to be Harvey Dent, no longer scarred. When Batman kidnaps Talia Head (Talia al Ghul), Ra's lets Batman know where to find him and Bats and Ra's fight each other. After being defeated, Ra's asks Batman who in his life would want to use the Lazarus pit most of all. Afterwards, Huntess is going crazy and when Catwoman confronts her, Batman and Robin watch from a distance. When Batman joins the fight, he asks Robin to look out for whoever is messing with his life. Robin is then immediately taken out by a man in bandages, calling Robin a pretender. As Batman helps Catwoman with Huntress, they then fight Scarecrow who was manipulating Huntress. As Batman beats up Scarecrow, Robin's kidnapper shows himself, and takes off the bandages, appearing to be Batman's dead sidekick, Jason Todd, standing right in front of Jason's empty grave. Then Jason and Batman fight, with Batman confused by everything going on. Eventually, he realizes that his opponent doesn't know his identity or even that Jason Todd himself was Robin. Jason turns into clay, meaning Bats had been fighting Clayface imitating Jason as opposed to Jaosn himself. Then, after Batman checks in with Oracle, he confronts Harold, someone who used to work for Batman. As he talks to Harold by a bridge, Harold is shot in the head by the man in bandages. As Batman fights Hush(bandaged man), Hush says things that reveal him to be the previously thought dead Tommy Elliott, wanting to hurt Batman. As Hush takes out Batman, he is confronted by Gordon, and then Hush is surprised to see Harvey Dent is with Gordon, and Dent shoots Hush twice, dropping him into the water. Batman searches, but can't find Hush anyway. Later, Batman finds out that Harold had implanted something on a computer of Batman's that would subliminally flash Tommy's picture, so that Batman would ask for Tommy when he hurt himself. Batman then confronts Riddler, who was the only villain of his acting normally during the entire storyline, and realizes Riddler was behind most of everything, including Hush and Tommy. He has figured out Batman is Bruce Wayne, but due to his compulsion of riddles, realizes that if he goes around telling everybody, then the riddle will be worthless, and he couldn't have that. Then, Batman breaks up with Catwoman, thinking he needs more time to figure out how to live with her.

Again, the story is really well written, and I love all the twists and turns it takes. Making Batman confused is a task and it is amazingly accomplished in this story, throughout everything. Everything leads to everything else and I just can't praise this story enough. It is now one of my favorite DC storylines, falling behind Identity Crisis, I Can't Believe it's Not the Justice League, Formerly Known as the Justice League and Crisis on Infinite Earths. Two of those are epic, and two are funny, and Hush, while good, isn't quite as epic as any of those and falling to 5th on top DC storylines. Seriously, it is incredibly good.
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