Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Interesting day

Well, I flew for the first time on Southwest Airlines today, and I don't know if it always has been like this, although I know somethings are new, but I have always flown before with an assigned seat, and I am confused by the way that they did things. Instead of a seat, I got a place to stand in line before boarding, and then we could pick any seat we wanted on the airplane. I don't know whether or not I liked it, as it made it more difficult for families at a certain point if they had a big enough family and there were too many random spots available as opposed to seats all together. Oh well.

Not much to say today. As I was in the air, I did not have time to get new comics. Expect an update either Friday or Monday with the new comics. For those of you who want to know what I would have read today, the list is here:
Captain America 32
Heroes for Hire 11
Incredible Hulk 111
What if? Annihilation


Amy said...

Yeah, that's the way Southwest always works. It's kind of weird, and it must be difficult for families that want to sit together. Then again, Aaron and I weren't seated next to each other on Northwest when flying back from Italy, but we managed to switch our seats.

I guess the only good thing about not being able to get comics today is that you can look forward to getting them later. (Look at me, being all optimistic!) I'm so behind on Captain America. It's tragic.

Pi_3.14159... said...

Huh. Oh well. I'm glad you manage to sit next to Aaron. Getting them later? True, but not something good. Looking forward to something doesn't make me happy, it makes me nervous and then makes me want to get it even sooner.

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