Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well, yesterday, I posted on Rian Fike's blog that I didn't feel much for Thanksgiving, in general. Let me elaborate some.

The first thing I think of when I think of Thanksgiving is Warpath's story form Chris Giarusso's Bullpen Bits (#28). I realize that the way we viewed Thanksgiving back in San Francisco, was we would remember it by recalling how the Native Americans were almost wiped out by the Europeans. Everything I learned had to do with hippy philosophies and while I was able to appreciate some of them, others I just was angry about. For example, this was just boring to me. I only appreciated Thanksgiving as a time when my elementary school would make pumpkin pie, and we would go into the courtyard and eat before having 3 days off from school. We would eat a lot of food and whatever. Right now, I am only really appreciating Thanksgiving as days off and a time to visit my grandmother who isn't doing very well health-wise. I don't appreciate any of the reasons why the holiday exists in the first place, only that it allows me time off from school and time to visit relatives. If we are really celebrating Thanksgiving, we would try and probably do something that would remind us of how Europeans did come and get help from Native Americans and then wiped them out (even if somewhat accidentally). All Thanksgiving means in this day and age is that it is a time to watch football (which I am not interested in) and be with family and eat turkey (or turducken if you like Madden enough). These aren't necessarily bad, but they have nothing to do with the original meaning. Heck, the most we do is "give thanks" for things only once a year, and there is a lot of "sentiment" where there doesn't have to be. If you are really thankful, don't only be thankful on the fourth Thursday in November, be thankful all the time.

Oh, and have a happy Thanksgiving (albeit a superficial holiday).

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