Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quick Post

Well, I almost forgot today to put up an entry, but not fully.

So, on Vs. Realms, Flashback81 has started to make a Rogues team based off of Flash's Rogues Gallery, which is one of the most well organized and best loved rogues galleries of all time. Anyway, I haven't read much Flash (Marvel fan, remember) and so what I knew was limited to Wikipedia and the Flash volume where he gains his memory back and takes place during Identity Crisis.
I liked it, as I like Flash and he is my favorite DC superhero of all time, as he has the superpower that I would take if given a choice. Super-speed, when used properly, is practically unbeatable, so I have always wanted to have super-speed. Anyway, I recently got Rogue War to help furhter my knowledge of the Rogues and to help out more with the set, and I freakin' loved it. It isn't on my top 5 books of DC, but it is really good. I just wanted to say, mainly, that my favorite DC super-heroes, and then villains, are in this order:
Flash (Mostly Wally, although really any of them, so Jay, Barry or Bart also)
Hal Jordan
Blue Beetle

Zoom (Hunter Zolomon, although Eobard is Crazy, yes with a capital C)

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