Friday, November 2, 2007

The Cigars Will Burn All Night

If you are here, expecting VS stuff, I'll post some deck ideas and stuff next week, but first I wanted to let everybody who reads this (and I know there are people, even if only once or multiple times, you might not comment, but you're here for some reason or another) know about this great play by a friend of mine.
The Cigars Will Burn All Night: The Dreams of the Common Man

Ruben Raskin wrote this, starting last school year, during the playwriting class at our high school, the Jewish Community High School of the Bay, located in San Francisco. We have been friends since his freshman year, my sophomore year, and have been in only one play with him, but have had the privilege of performing one of the parts of this play he wrote. When our school had an "Arts Evening", he asked me and two of our friends and co-stars in the play we were in, Corey and Elana, to read three of the monologues he had written. I was only given mine (the New Jersey Community College professor, although it was originally written for a guy with a different name than the one it had), and he asked me to think of Phil Ken Sebben, of the TV show "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law", when thinking about the part. Well, I think that Corey, Elana and I gave better performances, partly because we know Ruben and he did write those parts almost specifically for us (or at least mine), and partly because when we performed, it wasn't only sound, and we could express ourselves more. Well, I hope you enjoy my good friend Ruben Raskin's play about dreams.

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