Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Comics for the week of 11/29 (not 11/28)

Well, I went to the comic store yesterday with a friend, because even though I was fairly sure there wouldn't be any comics because of, had me doubting. Well, I was right and was wrong. Anyway...

Blue Beetle 21

Basic Plot: After helping to stop a prison riot, Jaime has to confront not only the Spectre, but the person who injured his father.

I like Blue Beetle because he doesn't want to be a superhero. He didn't ask for any of it, yet he has persisted. The issue deals a lot with forgiving people for the things they have done. It is kind of corny, but with a fight with the Spectre, you know it is awesome. The Spectre is creepy. If I ever come face-to-face with the Spectre, I know I will start believing in God at that very moment. Spectre has varied more than many characters I know. At times, he was powerful, but just another super being for the JSA. More recently, and by that, I mean even before I was born, he is actually fulfilling his role as God's agent of vengeance (or whichever he is). From major DC events I have read, both Crisis (original CoIE) and Zero Hour end with the main villain having to face off against the Spectre. The main villain has not sweat through beating every other hero, but has to work against the Spectre. That is how scary he is. Although the suit does offer WMD like styles of attack to try and take out the Spectre, he uses a more human approach, and that is what makes this comic great. This is the series (along with Invincible) that closest resembles Silver-Age Marvel Comics (an amazing time in comics) to me.

Black Panther 32

Basic Plot: After landing on a planet where there are gladiator-like matches between different super-beings, the FF have to try and find a way out of it.

Apparently, there were gangster Skrulls before. Not "Yo, wazzup, beeyotch!" gangster, but tommy-gun wielding gangster. And they built a world where they lived as gangsters. Okay. So, the cosmic frogs that were taking them everywhere are definitely sentient as they finally respond to Black Panther before leaving. An amusing story, although I am not syaing much, as it isn't the greatest story. I can live with it, but it isn't great. It feels more like filler, even though they did fight for a bunch, they didn't take it seriously. Maybe it is because in FF, Black Panther (T'Charlie as Thing calls him) and Storm have already left the team. I don't know, but it feels like it cannot go anywhere because things in these character's futures have already been in comics.

Sub-Mariner 6

Basic Plot: Namor has to decide the fate of Atlantis

First, Namor argues with Iron Man. Then he decides that the best decision is that Atlantis was best when it was a myth. So the people all have to evacuate outside of Atlantis to go to live on the surface world. As we knew would happen in Sub-Mariner 4, the Atlantean resembling Namor with DNA that is similar enough to confuse Iron Man and everybody was his son, who was chained to the throne. Was it a wise decision? Maybe, maybe not, but Namor is king and I would hate to argue with him. The end is good though. The first epilogue has Namor talking, saying how Atlanteans are everywhere. The people that you know might be Atlanteans. Now, when considering Secret Invasion, how many of the people living on this planet are actually human? Atlanteans, Skrulls, there is insanity and nobody is sure who anybody is. Homo Sapien is a dying species on Marvel Earth. Yeah, most people are still probably people, but I mean, everybody is infiltrating Earth. Oh, and Namor teams up with Dr. Doom at the end. Come on! You think he would have learned byt his point not to trust Doom, but no! He just gives Doom the Atlantean army. Namor is both intelligent and a moron. Never trust Doom. That is something I have learned from reading comics.

Ultimate Spider-Man 116

Basic Plot: After falling out of the window, Kitty saves Pete, and then Pete goes home, where Norman awaits.

I love Ultimate Spider-Man. Have I said that before? If not, then I love Ultimate Spider-Man. If so, then I agree with previous versions of myself. I love how Pete can freak out like no one else. Kitty as been doing this less, and is probably slightly younger, or at the very least, they are around the same age. She freaks out in her head, but Pete freaks out everywhere. The conversation with Norman at home is good, along with Pete recognizing that the VW van outside of his house is a SHIELD van. He confronts them with food and drinks, letting them know he appreciates that they would protect him that night. I love how this was a fun story to read even though almost nothing happened. There was fighting last issue. This had Spider-Man almost crashing into the ground, being saved, confronting Carol Danvers and then going home and confronting Norman, before learning that Harry is on TV with Danvers, letting the public know that what his dad said was a lie. Man, Bendis can make uninteresting a fun issue. And Immonen continues to make me satisfied even though I loved Bagley. See, he has been around for a few issues now, but Bendis and Bagley set a record for a creative team on a comic (110 1/2) issues and Immonen has to live up to that, and is doing a damn good job of it.

Sensational Spider-Man 41

Basic Plot: Spider-Man confronts the little girl he saw at the end of the previous issue. Then he confronts the rest of the people on that cover before learning of a way to save May.

J. Michael Stracynzski (did I spell that right?) is writing a good arc. It is interesting and fun to see the different lives of Peter Parker, when he didn't get bitten. Not like the What if? stories where someone else got spider-powers and then Peter eventually became Spider-Man in all those realities. Instead, he becomes a chubby video game designer who feels he has a pathetic life and a rich scientist, who became a billionaire by fulfilling his scientific potential, but gre up lonely. Then he confronts Mephisto, who offers him a deal. He can have May live if he agrees to have Mephisto take away his marriage and knowledge of Mary Jane. Peter and MJ would know that something would be different, but they would have different lives. I freaking love What if? and this has two, along with Mephisto, who I also like a lot. I personally know what he should do, considering what they have said in all the previous issues. He should let May go, as it is her time and keep MJ as his wife. He would mourn, but he would not be alone as in all his other lives (as Mephisto said). Will he decide to do the thing that they have been not-so-subtly hinting at the entire series (let go) or will he do something stupid (like trust Iron Man).

World War Hulk: Front Line 6

Basic Plot: Sally Floyd and Ben Urich deal with the aftermath of Hulk smashing Manhattan and Sally realizes who is supplying Front Line with money.

I like Front Line because it deals with something sorely lacking in most comics, the normal person on the street. Marvels did this really well, with art by Alex Ross (it can't be bad if it is done by Alex Ross), but this is doing it with current events, as opposed to older events. So many people lost their homes and so much and cannot get stuff back (no superhero insurance). Sally does flip off Daredevil, as he had promised to keep a home safe for a couple of kids. They can't get to it, and Sally can't deal with heroes not being heroic. But, I do like when Sally does confront Jameson about funding Front Line. It is good in that it really does deal with everything that is human about the Marvel Universe during WWH. It was really impressive. I just really like it. I do think it is too bad that there has to be a major event for Front Line to be a comic. I probably would read a monthly series of Front Line, although I understand that they can really only deal with big events, as it would be too difficult to get the human aspect of everything else. Oh well.

Marvel Zombies 2 #2

Basic Plot: They lock up T'Challa for being converted to a zombie. The cosmic zombies land on Earth.

I am disappointed, I will not lie. I have loved Marvel Zombies, but this is just bizarre and not good. I think it was an amazing series and it continued well, but with the ending they had, I think they have to strain too much to make challenges. Galactus was one of the main forces of the universe that people would fight. With Galactus' power and Gladiator, Firelord and Dark Phoenix, they have to make in-fights or else the sides are way too uneven. The infights aren't as interesting either. Giant Man hates how Spidey has been joking for the entire time and he and Spidey fight. Luke helps out Spidey and, well, watching cosmic zombies battle over something stupid is not as much fun as it sounds. Unfortunately, I think my love of Marvel Zombies is starting to fade and even Robert Kirkman will have a hard time getting me to love them on the same level again. I know many people thought it was a bad idea and have hated it for longer and have thought it ran its course, although I only am starting to feel that now. Marvel Zombies v Army of Darkness and Marvel Zombies: Dead Days both worked for the simple reason that they were before Marvel Zombies and UFF took place. After Galactus devouring, it just wasn't as good and couldn't be as good, because there was nothing less that was good. They might be able to make a good series that takes place before MZ, like the two above, but after? It is showing that it is difficult.

Cable and Deadpool 47

Basic Plot: When Deadpool stabbed T-Ray in the head, he royally screwed up the multiverse and Doc Strange has to help him fix it. Whee!

I love Deadpool and this was no exception. He started stabbing things of all sorts, like the Mindless Ones and all sorts of cosmic baddies. I think that Deadpool also needed someone like Bob, Agent of HYDRA to make the series not stale. As much as I love Deadpool, even I can only take so much, but with him having to help Bob also, it is more interesting. Unfortunately, he has to use his swords to contain or release (I'm not sure which) energy before stabbing T-Ray in the head in order to bring him back to life so that the multiverse can be fixed. It was also awesome seeing Dr. Strange keep telling Deadpool to use his blades, as Deadpool tries to complain, but then Whoosh! Off to another plane of reality. I love Deadpool. Nothing else needs to be said.


stubarnes said...

You are going to have to stop this!

Now I must own that Cable and Deadpool cover.

This is fun stuff.

Pi_3.14159... said...

Why must you own it?

If it is the Skottie Young art, you probably should pick up Cable & Deadpool issues starting around 39 or so, as he has done all of them since then.

If it is Dr. Strange on the cover, read New Avengers, because he is awesome in that as well.

If it is Deadpool, then please write a letter to the letter column (Dear Deadpool) in which you hope for another series for Deadpool to be in after C&D finishes in February.

SAVE DEADPOOL! (Cable gets his own series again, while Deadpool is left behind)

dirk.mancuso said...
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dirk.mancuso said...

I love Ultimate Spiderman! Unlike that trainwreck Ultimate Fantastic Four, Bendis has managed to retain the feel of the early original Spiderman run but put a fresh spin on it. (Now if he would only bring back my all-time fav, Gwen Stacy...)

As for the Stracynzski run over on the regular title...I'm not so enthusiastic. That man has done more damage than good to that title as far as I am concerned. From that lame-o "spider god" crap to the unforgiveable "Gwen had Norman Osborne's kids" garbage, I have given up on the regular Spiderman titles. (And I've heard that Mary Jane is as good as gone when this arc is over since a married Spidey is less appealing to younger readers.)

Pi_3.14159... said...

Look for my earlier comments on Gwen to see how I feel about Gwen. And Ultimate Gwen Stacy is back (to an extent) from Clone Saga as a clone and the current Ultimate Carnage.

Stracynzki failed at certain times, but was good at others. Making Spider-Man magical wasn't a good idea, although Ezekiel wasn't as bad IMO. Getting rid of Mary Jane would be retarded because of everything they have done in the previous issues, where he has to let May go. I think that while I like May, she has to go, and not MJ. I don't like MJ a lot, but she really needs to be with Peter as opposed to May at this point.

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