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Comics for the week of 11/7


Howard the Duck 2

Basic Plot: After becoming a MeTube (YouTube, but without copyright issues) celebrity, MODOT (Mental Organism Designed Only for Talking) has decided to do something with Howard, and as everybody wants more of Howard, chaos erupts.

Let me first say why I like Howard the Duck. My dad is not a comic fan, at least not much of one, but he still has a soft spot in his heart for Howard the Duck, as he read about Howard while living in Cleveland (where Howard lives). Because of that, I decided to pick up this mini-series, and so far, have not been disappointed. See, the great thing about Howard the Duck is that the stories, while involving a duck that came to our dimension and hasn't found a way back, is really just an amusing tale. He doesn't have to be a duck, but it's just funnier that way. Ty Templeton is doing a great job of capturing Howard's "I don't care" attitude and it is also well drawn by Juan Bobillo, who is able to capture Howard's bored expressions really well. Like his original series, everybody around him seems to be crazy, with madness consuming everything. I don't know if you read HtD before, but this is a great series to pick up. It's madness, chaos, hilarious and definitely Howard.

Astonishing X-Men 23

Basic Plot: Cyclops, after piloting a ship and having it blown up, is resurrected and tortured by the Breakworld to get him to tell about Leviathan, the secret weapon Cyclops mentioned in the previous issue. Meanwhile, the rest of the team assembles to try and take down Powerlord Kruun and do whatever.

Holy Shit! That is my expression after a lot of issues that came out today, 3 of them to be precise. This is one of them. Joss Whedon is an amazing writer and John Cassasy is an amazing artist. I've been really impressed with everything they have done so far with Astonishing X-Men, and while I feel it was kind of slipping, slightly, it definitely got right back where it was (amazing, in other words) with this issue. The cover is funny, and I love it, and while a similar scene takes place in the actual story, it really isn't even the best part. It is maybe only the third best part. Wolverine arguing with Armor about ethics while attacking hundreds of Breakworld soldiers is amazing and great, but then, the second best part is Cyclops's plan. So, Colossus goes to Aghanne, after being told not to, Wolverine and Armor start busting up some Breakworld soldiers after being told to keep low, and all of this is part of the plan. See, in the previous issue, when they were forming their plans, Cyclops realized that since this was one of Kruun's ships, he must have devices that allow him to listen in on their conversation, so while they make plans that are near the opposite of what they want to do and actually do in the next issue, and come up with some "secret weapon", they are actually forming the plan using Emma's telepathy. The entire scene, when replayed with Emma's telepathy is hilarious and it just makes you realize how good a leader Cyclops actually is. I never give Cyclops enough credit, but he is an awesome character. Oh, the best part? When they torture him and after Kruun asks him what other lies he has told, he smiles, and unleashes an optic blast. Not a weak one that just knocks Kruun unconscious or anything, but one like in Civil War: X-Men, when he unleashes more than he usually does, busting a hole in the entire prison which was formerly said to be impenetrable to Colossus. And then, he stands there, with glowing red eyes, telling the X-Men to finish it. I mean, Cyclops is viewed, often, as a wimp and someone who may be a good leader, but corny and too "good". This is one of the times where you realize that you do not want to be on Scott's bad side.

The New Avengers: Illuminati 5

Basic Plot: The Illuminati regroup after discovering Elektra was actually a Skrull pretending to be her to discuss who is a Skrull, who isn't, what manipulation is going on, etc.

Holy Shit! Another one of those issues that just make me glad to read comics. So, Doc's astral self gets to Tony, who is in front of a body bag. Everybody eventually files in as Iron Man confirms their identities. Then, after Xavier, who can walk again, is there, he reveals that in the body bag is the Skrullektra. Then they argue about Skrulls for a page or two, blah blah blah. Then, while trying to decide what to do with the body, Black Bolt speaks and says he will take the body so that his people can live. Then he unleashes a massive attack. Then, after the dust clears, it is revealed to be a Skrull with Black Bolt's powers. Oh, and Iron Man's, Dr. Strange's, Namor's, Mr. Fantastic's and Professor X's powers too. You thought Kl'rt was great? Check out the ultimate Super Skrull. After Namor is able to impale it, killing it (after a huge battle), more Skrulls, with at least Colossus's, Nightcrawler's and Thor's powers show up. This entire story is just amazing. I freaking love the Illuminati storylines as they just offer so much. When does this take place in termss of WWH? Who knows, but it still is freaking awesome! Dear God, and I'm an atheist, but Dear God!

World War Hulk: Gamma Corps 4

Basic Plot: After Grey snapped Hulk's neck, Ryker talks to him and taunts him, until Hulk heals and makes the Gamma Corps realize that they were wrong about Hulk.

Well, this was a good story with a nice ending, but all in all, it can't compare with Illuminati or X-Men, so on another week? Amazing story. But this week? Merely meh. I like WWH and totally support Hulk, but have been disappointed with Gamma Corps. The first few issues were pretty boring to me, with not much happening as they take multiple issues to introduce the characters. I mean, the battle was okay, but not great. This one though is better. After Hulk heals and goes after Ryker, and when they try to stop him, he is able to convince them he isn't the enemy and it is rather amusing to see Ryker's perfect plan fall apart so completely. Plus it is amusing to watch Hulk manipulate someone the way he has usually been manipulated. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a good story, but the first few issues are dull and this one, while amusing, just doesn't save it quite enough for me. Oh well.

Annihilation: Conquest - Starlord 4

Basic Plot: After being captured, only the current Captain Universe can save them. Trying to stop the spread of the Phalanx's virus, they have to rely upon the Uni-Force and the Celestial Madonna (Mantis).

I am a fan of Annihilation, as you may tell, but this felt almost like the opposite of Gamma Corps in a sense. I thought it was awesome at the beginning, but then it got worse, but by this issue, it is back and I like it again. Annihilation: Conquest isn't quite as good as Annihilation (not even close), but they have tried, and I feel the biggest successes were Wraith and Star-Lord. It finishes with a bang and puts an end to a nice mini-series. Basically, the Uni-Force goes and inhabits a Phalanx member which makes the other Phalanx attack it and chaos ensues and eventually, they get the info they need to shut down the Phalanx. I mean, the story felt like it finished quickly, but I think it worked out well, even though it wasn't quite as great as other issues of Star-Lord.

Annihilation: Conquest 1

Basic Plot: The Phalanx have taken over Kree space. Kl'rt, Wraith, Ronan and some freedom fighters are trying to recruit Ravenous to help them. Quasar and Moondragon look to Adam Warlock for help.

The last of my Holy Shit! issues for this week. Well, like Annihilation, there are more questions at the end of this and less answers. Everything you think will be answered just becomes more questions. It's awesome! First off, I really don't think Tom Raney and the inker or colorist get along well. I love Tom Raney's art, and have for a while, but the inker or colorist (I think inker, but I'm not fully sure), just makes his art not the same. It feels like David Finch mixed with Tom Raney. At times, you can see that it is Raney who is doing the art, but a lot of the time, you can't tell one way or the other, if it would be Finch or even Coipel from House of M. Anyway, let's see what makes this issue amazing. Adam Warlock's back again! Blastaar get's his ass kicked. Xemnu, Korath and Shatterax are joined with the Phalanx. High Evolutionary is there and humongous. Oh, and the best part? Last page, you see who the main villain is behind this. What, you thought it was the Phalanx? Well, since when have the Phalanx been able to do stuff like this? I guess it is when they are led by...ULTRON. That's right. ULTRON, MOTHER F*CKERS! Ultron's no longer dead, but leading the invasion of the Kree empire. Awesomeness shall ensue.


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