Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Things get worse... then better, plus preview of my own set

Well, I have discovered that multiple things have gone wrong, including my entire VS folder not copying to my re-imaged computer. I don't know when it vanished, but it vanished. I still have some stuff from when I first arrived in college, although everything in that folder since that point has vanished, so I don't fully have the list for my Marvel: Alternate Realities set. Hopefully, I can get it together soon, so we shall see if I am able to post the list to show you what cards are going to be in it, along with a couple spoilers from my set. It has 4 main teams, and I might have a 5th (depending on if it's still there, because otherwise, it's gone), Ultimates, Ultimate Adversaries(Can't think of a better name, and Liberators doesn't work as it isn't just them), Horsemen of Apocalypse and Zombieverse. It introduces a new concept that is a different reality. If a card has an image in the background of the card (as like on the Hellboy cards, with the Thule or BPRD symbol), the card comes from an alternate reality. It really doesn't add much aside from just being a placeholder, although like willpower, there are things that reference them (mostly in the generic cards). The alternate realities are Ultimates, Age of Apocalypse and Zombieverse. My first preview is of my Colonel America from the Zombieverse:

Zombie is a keyword that is stated as such:
Whenever a zombie stuns a character, put a food counter on that zombie.
At the start of the recovery phase, KO all zombies without food counters, then remove all food counters from zombies.

Zombies are generally powerful, but come with the drawback of having to feed or die. For example, Colonel America is greater than the curve, although he does seem to be more vulnerable after having the top of his lead lopped off. There are cards that can add food counters and fun things for the Zombieverse team. Hope you enjoy!

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