Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Few Things

First, I am going to just once again praise the Coming of Galactus deck, as it looks so amazing. You can look at the cards they have previewed on which I have a link to on the right of this page. Or you could go to this thread in which I put links up to each card as it comes out. I really want this set, as I love Galactus and this looks incredibly fun.

Second, for my New & Improved deck, I was able to get 5 7/7 Pawns on turn 5 and 4 9/9 Pawns on 6, so it looks incredibly fun. I should be able to get them bigger, so I'll let you know what I have done, after I am able to get larger Pawns.

Third, I recently created and purchased my very own Deadpool shirt. I got it in the mail a few days ago, and want to show it off.


The image on the back is kind of small, but I still love the shirt.


Amy said...

Oh woah, looks who's commenting JUST LIKE SHE PROMISED SHE WOULD!!

I love the shirt. Now you've got a costume, a belt, AND a shirt! The whole ensemble! All you need now is a mask that's not attached to the rest of the suit.

The quote on the back is great. People are going to get so flustered because they're going to try to read what it says but they won't have time. Hilarity will ensue, I promise. What site did you make it on?

Oh and I'm supposed to say something philisophical now. Um... There is such thing as a serious challenge.

Congratulations once again on an immensly awesome shirt!

Pi_3.14159... said...

I made it on There were other sites I could have gone to, but none had a good way for me to pay the site (basically no PayPal) or they didn't have an easy way to get a black shirt. Making the mask is going to be difficult, as I'm not really sure how to make it. Once I know how to make a flat piece of cloth into a face-fitting mask, I'll be good.

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