Monday, November 26, 2007

Late Edition of Comics

Sorry for being late. I also have to apologize because my comic store did not have Cap 32 when I went there Sunday, so when I get that song, I'll review it.

Heroes for Hire 15

Basic Plot: Humbug betrayed the Heroes for Hire and let them torture Colleen and Tarantula. The rest try to rescue them and Humbug fights them and then the hive-mind of Earth confronts the Brood Queen.

Okay, when did the Brood that was with the Warbound become a queen? I am so confused. Not knowing the characters very well, I think it wasn't as deep a story for me. When does it take place? Who knows? I really don't think it was that good. Mostly they get their asses kicked and then the hive-mind's plan comes to fruition and it is over. I don't really know what to say about this story, it didn't do much for me and I didn't really care about anything. Shang Chi killed Humbug? Oh no! Is this series continuing? I don't really care. The Hereos for Hire series seemed to me to be a street-level heroes that are not that great but it isn't very entertaining to me. Oh well.

Incredible Hulk 111

Basic Plot: Zom, after leaving Strange, goes into Iron Man's Hulkbuster Armor to try and destroy NYC and Amadeus, Angel, Herc and Namora have to stop it.

I liked this story. It deals with something interesting and that was never really brought up and shows the great aspects of the characters. Wong has a vase that will contain Zom after the host he is in has been defeated. Amadeus never lets people know his full plan, and it is hilarious when he has to enact his plan and he tells his partners the bare minimum they need to survive. He goes up against the Hulkbuster armor with Zom and asks Angel to beat him up when all else fails. Angel is confused as hell, but then Zom inhabits Amadeus because Zom realizes that Amadeus is the one with the knowledge of how to destroy the city and stuff. Instead though, Angel punches Amadeus, knocking him out and allowing Zom to be captured. Also, Herc and Namora start making out. I love how this ties into WWH well as opposed to HfH. It is good and I think I want to read Incredible Herc after Hulk has fallen from the events of WWH 5.

What if...Annihilation...reached Earth?

Basic Plot: As opposed to freeing Silver Surfer to free Galactus, Drax tries by himself and he, Surfer and Galactus all die and Annihilus continues on and reaches Earth at the climax of Civil War and Secret War.

This is an amusing story. I did like it. Basically, I liked it because it showed that Cap and Iron Man were once good friends and can fight well together. They all join together and get help from the Watcher who helps them out by giving them a device which will open a portal and transport the Annihilation Wave to an endless void. It is all worth it for the final two pages. The Watcher says "On one side, the force of anti-life. Facing them, three heroes who face certain death, not gladly, but with the knowledge that this is a good way to die. They are not perfect. There is not so much that separates a hero from any other person. I have seen the human heart. It beats in every one of you. This is why you rebuild. Whenever your resolve falters. Whenever you feel you are losing hope...remember...this..." as Cap, Iron Man and Nova gather to attack the Annihilation Wave and delay it long enough for the Terminus Device to finish. It is an awe-inspiring sight. I just love this issue. Also, it proves my point even more that Civil War was pointless in comparison to Annihilation. When Nova confronts them about Civil War, their excuses are hollow and Nova scolds them and they agree to join forces to take out Annihilus. Annihilation is just so much better and this just makes me even more certain. "You were fighting each other? In the middle of New York?!! I heard you were having problems. I didn't know you'd all gone totally insane!!" Tony replies by saying that there was an incident and Cap says how he disagrees. Nova then responds, "You're squabbling over your secret identites??!! Do you have any idea what's coming?" He then fills them in on the Annihilation Wave and Cap and Tony agree to unite. Heck, even Doom helps out. Everybody together, with the Watcher's super weapon (how many of those does he have?) is able to barely beat the Annihilation Wave and I think it was really well done.


stubarnes said...

Wow, that Heroes for Hire cover is making me buy it.


Pi_3.14159... said...

I think I know the one in the bottom right corner, but I'm not sure. The rest are fairly easy, but that one is giving me trouble. Starting from the one to the left of him(her?) and going clockwise, it is Humbug, Black Cat, Tarantula, Paladin, Misty Knight, Shang Chi, Colleen Wing. Te last one I want to say is Moonboy, but I really do not know. Do you know who that last one is?

stubarnes said...

I don't know, and they didn't have the issue at the shop. I will try again next Tuesday during Hobby League.

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