Tuesday, September 9, 2008

VS stuff

So, VS is hard for me where I am, but I hopefully can do more in terms of VS related activities. I think I might post my MAR set of Marvel Alternate Realities. I know I have said I would do that before, but I really wanted to actually create the cards in Photoshop, but right now, I just don't care enough.

Otherwise, I am really looking forward to MEV, and hopefully, I'll be able to build a killer Deadpool legend deck that is able to defeat anyone.

I still am on forums and read blogs, but I just don't have opportunity to play, as I don't really like online play (I'll do it, but it kind of irks me a little, especially with people who won't actually listen to you, and...long story) and have no one near me who'll actually play. The closest are people who might play once, but would more likely rather play M:TG, which I will play also.

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