Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Comics for 9/10

Here's the covers and the reviews will be by later:

Ultimate Origins 4

Basic Plot: Nick Fury's a super soldier and Bruce Banner, Hank Pym, Richard Parker and Franklin Storm all work on new super soldiers.

Um, okay. Some interesting stuff. Mostly, I am confused. So, why is Nick Fury suddenly a super soldier in the Ultimate universe? Sure they established that a while ago, but I am still confused. Why didn't it seem he acted like it during everything he was in? Oh, and those weird eye thingies? The Ultimate Watchers. Sigh... Bendis, there are some weird things you are doing. What is going on? Why are you destroying the Ultimate universe? Oh, Ultimatum. Right. Well, why are you having Ultimatum? Why can't it just continue and not be a crossover universe with epic stuff only in individual series. Why are you crazy? Still, Hulk's first Ultimate appearance? Fought and met Spider-Man. Hulk's first actual Ultimate appearance (by that, I mean the first time in actual time and not in reading comics, like Colossus took Banshee before it existed/we knew it existed) ended up being him staring down young orphan Peter Parker as a baby. Oh, Peter, your life was f'ed up before you were old enough to crawl!

Ultimate X-Men/Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual 1

Basic Plot: Honestly? Um, get back to me on that.

Yeah. Okay. Let's see... In the future, 20 years from now, the X-Men will consist of Captain America, Wolverine, Kitty Pryde with webbing, Rogue with wings and claws and Phoenix ( a guy). All revealed, it is actually Cyclops who lost his powers and took over the mantle of Cap after Cap died, a Wolverine robot (all Sentinels in the future are Wolverine), Phoenix is Franklin Richards (yeah, Reed and Sue's kid) and weird shit happens. I don't really know how to describe it. Oh, and apparently, the future FF is Firestar (yeah, probably Liz), Invisible Woman, Namor and Iron Man/Crimson Dynamo? Sigh... The story finishes in Ultimate Fantastic Four/Ultimate X-Men Annual, which is just stupidly named. Oh, and there are 3 more annuals, Ultimate Spidey, Ultimate Cap (with Black Panther) and Ultimate Hulk. Hmm....

Amazing Spider-Man 571

Basic Plot: Anti-Venom fights the Thunderbolts, Menace fights Norman and Norman discovers Spider-Man's secret...

Spider-Man sets up the camera and then has it designed to always take pictures so that the spider on the front of his chest is dead center in the frame. Spidey only uses Peter Parker as someone to pawn pictures off to. Oh, Norman... Well, I am glad this is a longer arc, and I do enjoy it so far. Man, though, they are pretty much yelling at us that Menace is Harry. Crazy. Hmmm, who is Jackpot? We still don't really know... Anyway, a great start to the New Ways to Die arc that keeps being consistently good this time around for at leat 4 issues, as opposed to last arc's 3 issues are great, then 3 issues suck, then 3 are okay...

Secret Invasion: Inhumans 2

Basic Plot: The Royal Family fights back.

Note: Whenever attacking the Inhumans, don't do it outright, just do it in secret. Otherwise, they'll gain the upper hand and kick the crap out of you. Man, Medusa is a bitch. She takes the Skrull who attacked her and tortures him by exposing him to Terrigen mists a bunch of times, causing weird mutations and making him tell whatever she wants. Man, they are all bad ass. Still, they will have a hard time trying to find Black Bolt, I suspect, but when they do? Shit. I really don't want to be a Skrull then.

Secret Invasion: X-Men 2

Basic Plot: The X-Men use guerilla tactics as Nightcrawler keeps listening to Skrull rhetoric.

Oh, Nightcrawler, who would have ever guessed your faith would be a weakness? Skrull bible v Nightcrawler? Skrull bible FTW. Oh, and X-Force shows up. The new one, yeah. No Wolverine in it anymore, jsut X-23, Warpath, Wolfsbane and Archangel. Yeah, Archangel. Still transformed somehow. I don't quite understand, but whatever. Maybe Carey thought they would keep Warren in his Apocalyptic form. Oh well. Still cool to see. I enjoyed it a lot. And the killing of the Super Skrull ot be delivered as a tissue sample to Beast? It feels right for some reason. I don't know why. Maybe this is too colorful and I don't think of it as trying to be ridiculouly dark so it fits. Oh well. I enjoy stuff like this.

Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers 3

Basic Plot: Runaways+Young Avengers v Xavin's teacher+Elektra/Cloak/Dagger Super Skrull.

Awesome. I love this series. The art is different, but I enjoy it a lot. I also really like how Yost wrote Xavin. Xavin is an awesome character (and one of the reasons I like Runaways) and he is great in this entire series. Everything was well done, and at the end, I am satisfied and the story was well written and beautifully drawn. It is weird seeing the art like this, but I enjoy it. It's the same artist from the Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane stuff, which isn't as much a superhero comic, and it isn't really a superhero type art, but I think it is still good and worked well.

Secret Invasion 6

Basic Plot: The Skrulls spread the message of embracing change, while the heroes gather for one last offensive.

Okay, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man together again for the first time is awesome. New Thor, with Bucky Cap and SHIELD head Iron Man are just awesome. I hate Tony, but man, that is awesome. As much as I like the Skrulls, damn, that was cool. Thor is so great at this point in time, and Bucky does a great job trying to fill the role of Cap. Oh, and the dialogue between Skrull-Spider-Woman and Nick Fury:
"He loves you."
(Spidey)-"Uh...he who?"
(Fury)-"Yeah? Well my god has a hammer!"
I love this series. Bendis is awesome (in general, althought the destruction of the Ultimate universe is bullshit) and I love this series. I don't really care what other people think about it. Secret Invasion is possibly the greatest Crossover event I have ever read. I think it is ridiculously awesome. Go Skrulls!

Deadpool 1

Basic Plot: Deadpool tries to fight a bunch of Skrulls.

Hell yeah! Deadpool's back with his own series. First, the negatives: Deadpool is still written by Daniel Way. Deadpool still is seeing things. Positives: Deadpool seems better when not being drawn by Steve Dillon and being written by Daniel Way. Deadpool realizes that he is seeing things. Deadpool is back in his own series. It was awesome. Okay, so he has two voices in his head now, the yellow boxes and white boxes, with typewriter like text, and he explains that he sees from his own POV, which while ususally meaning Point of View, here means "POOL-O-VISION", which then makes an argument between the yellow boxes and white boxes on pronouncing the TM, which is silent. Oh, and he dressed as the Phillie Phanatic. For those who don't know, he is a mascot for the Philidelphia Phillies baseball team that looks like this (albeit without the copyright infringement, and thus nameless baseball teams). Man, and he wants to join them? WTF? Oh, wait, Daniel Way already wrote WTF? at the end of the comic. Well, Mr. Way, you have impressed me. Keep up the good Deadpool.

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