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9/24 Comics

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Ultimates 3 #5

Basic Plot: Ultron finally gets to the point.

Okay, Loeb, I think I understand you. You love mysteries, and try to create your own by throwing people into the middle of everything and expecting them to hang on until the end of the ride. Your style is interesting, and really good...some of the time. Hulk pissed me off too much and this was no Ultimates or Ultimates 2. Still, I have to admit that this wasn't as bad as I originally thought. Basically, after Ultimates 2, still my favorite series ever, I was expecitng more of the same and not your brand of storytelling. Well, now that the series is over, I can say that it really wasn't all that good. It was okay, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was at the beginning. The explanations that were given were sufficient, and I appreciate that the story is over and I understand most of it. Sure, they didn't explain everything, but they explained enough.

Captain America 42

Basic Plot: Bucky fights Sin to save the candidates, while everything goes to hell.

Seriously, this was crazy. Totally crazy. I loved how it ended. Not enough to continue reading, but I did enjoy it for the time I did read it. Man, Bucky is really stepping into the role of Captain America. Dare I say that, hmmm, okay: He can be Captain America. Not just take the role until Steve comes back (which he'll probably do eventually), but he can be the new Captain America. He just feels right as Cap. Oh well. Oh, and that last page? WTF? So crazy!

Ultimate Fantastic Four/X-Men Annual 1

Basic Plot: Geez, okay, here we go. The future FF fight the current FF and current X-Men, while the remaining future X-Men continue fighting.

This two parter was just bizarre. All I can say is that Ultimatum is a horrible idea and concept. Stop trying to fuck everything up! Still, this was enjoyable, but mostly made me just ask WTF a whole lot.

Fantastic Four 560

Basic Plot: The future revealed! Why the New Defenders need Doom, Human Torch and Galactus revealed! Everything is crazy!

Oh, Millar. Somehow, you make this good. This is confusing, and somewhat convoluted, but it is still something I enjoy a lot. Maybe there is something wrong with me, but I love reading comics you do. Anyway, this was, as I said, confusing and convoluted, but awesome. I enjoyed when they went over how they took down Galactus. "How could the six of you take down Galactus? He's, like, the biggest bad-ass ever." "Let's just say there used to be a hundred and forty-seven of us before that fight, Johnny Storm." They used 147 freaking superheroes to take out Galactus, who ended up taking 141 of them down with him. Oh, and Susan? Well, telekinesis is one of the most powerful abilities ever, if used in the proper way and with enough power, so the nanny/Susan from the time of the New Defenders is ridiculously powerful and takes out the FF without breaking a sweat.

Ultimate Spider-Man 126

Basic Plot: Symbiote Spidey faces the Ultimates.

Well, this wasn't a great storyline. Also, when does this take place, because Fury is there and I know Fury is in the Squadron universe, and is there for years. This is weird. Seeing him face the Ultimates was pretty cool, although he put up more of a fight then I think he should have. Still, pretty cool, although everything else is mostly confusing. Hopefully, they'll explain when this actually takes place.

Secret Invasion: Amazing Spider-Man 2

Basic Plot: Jackpot faces the Super Skrull as everybody else runs away.

Meh. Not that great. I really hope they reveal Harry to be Menace soon. Pretty much everybody runs away and that is it. Yay.

Blue Beetle 31

Basic Plot: Blue Beetle and Dr. Mid-Nite fight Dr. Polaris' men.

Dr. Polaris is behind everything. A new Dr. Polaris apparently. All in all, it wasn't anything special though. Some fun parts, and I do like Dr. Mid-Nite, but nothing spectacular that I liked about Blue Beetle.

She-Hulk 33

Basic Plot: Kl'rt fights She-Hulk over Jazinda.

I like this issue, but barely. You see, in Annihilation: Super-Skrull, Kl'rt fought his own people in order to find a way to save his son Sarnogg from destruction on the planet Zaragz'na. But he is joining with Skrulls in order to kill his daughter. What, he doesn't care about his daughter? He only cares about his male offspring or something? Oh well. Still, in the end, he realizes that he prefers his daughter being alive to his daughter being killed, and ends up leaving and throwing Nogor away. Guess who's back as an enemy of the Skrull empire? He changes his allegiances so much, it is crazy.

Runaways 2

Basic Plot: Majesdanians attack in retribution for their homeworld.

Poor Xavin. She just got Karolina back and they are ready to start anew when it is revealed that Skrulls killed her homeworld. Awww... That means Karolina is not quite ready for Skrull-Majesdanian relations. Sigh. I still really like this series, including the art, which fits really well for this series. Ramos is an artist I like, but he doesn't fit with everything, such as when he drew Wolverine. It was slightly more serious, so seeing the slightly distorted version didn't quite fit for me.

Nova 17

Basic Plot: Nova and Darkhawk fight off Skrulls.

I have always liked Darkhawk ever since I first found his comics in the 3 for $1 box at a store in San Francisco. Sure, he represents the "mysterious robotic-like guy with weird powers" 90's-esque stereotype, but I still don't care. He was in some issues of Spidey (I do like the Round Robin arc of ASM with Moon Knight, Darkhawk, Punisher, and a whole bunch of guys) and Spidey was in a few of his issues. He just seems to me like one of those Spidey-like guys that is new to his powers, a teen, and unsure of himself, trying to fight crime, all while learning about the world. Blue Beetle and Invincible are part of this too. Of course, by this point, he is more sure of himself, as is Nova, and they were teammates in the New Warriors, so they somewhat get along, aside from that Nova isn't fully trusted since they are being invaded by shapeshifters. Still, very cool. Oh, the issue. Um, pretty good. I enjoyed it. Um, the ending was just confusing, and where the hell is Worldmind? And what the hell is Wendell doing there?

Avengers: The Initiative 17

Basic Plot: The Shadow Initiative go after Spider-Woman/Veranke at Camp Hammond.

Oh, I love this series. And what I have believed for a long time (ever since I realized it was a known character) seems to be true. They have very much hinted that Jean Grey is Mutant Zero in this issue, from her red hair to telekinesis. Oh, and her greatest fear is the darkness in her htat has a name? I mean, I always felt that it fit well that Mutant Zero was Jean (mostly because it had to be a dead character that was female, a mutant and was well-known), but this is just screaming that it is Jean. Well, ninja-Jean, but whatever. The artist is one that I don't necessarily like, with the ridiculous muscles coming out of people, but it is fairly toned down in this issue, with not much of that going on. I love the writing, and I loved when Spider-Woman turned them all on Trauma, who shapeshifted into a Skrull because they feared he was a Skrull.

Black Panther 41

Basic Plot: Black Panther and Storm enact their plan.

Why is this so awesome? Why is Black Panther so bad-ass? I mean, seriously people! He is ridiculous. He was able to detect all of the Skrulls in Wakanda because of the Panther God, giving him the plan of making the Skrulls shapeshift into...I'll let you see. Man, though. I've learned my lesson. Leave Wakanda the fuck alone. Seriously, they took on the Skrulls and kicked their asses. That was ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. The two page spread at the end? Holy shit! This is what happens when you invade Wakanda.

New Avengers 45

Basic Plot: What happened with Veranke and Criti Noll during House of M?

Well, I loved House of M (although do think that if they removed the second, fourth and fifth issues, it would have been nearly the same thing) which was written by Bendis and love that this is drawn by Cheung, who has a similar style to Olivier Coipel, which makes it look a lot like House of M. This was a little bit of nostalgia for me, as House of M was when I started picking up issues weekly. Not very much new, just kind of learned that they knew what was going on during House of M, one of Scarlet Witch's kids killed Veranke and they learned soon after that the Annihilation Wave struck the Skrull worlds.

Thunderbolts 124

Basic Plot: The Thunderbolts defend DC.

Look at that image. Go ahead, I'll be right here. Awesome. Remember way back when (last week), when I said how much I love Norman. Aw man, he is a great leader. Now, the Thunderbolts are still a horrible idea, but they at least function cohesively which makes them really hard to beat. Man, this is an awesome series. I love the Thunderbolts. Go Osborn! Any issue that starts with Norman Osborn opening fire on a room full of Spider-Man Skrulls while laughing maniacally has to be good. And man, Venom, Penance, Bullseye, Radioactive Man and Swordsman all prove how powerful they are. Seriously. Moonstone is still proving somewhat incompetent, which is cool, and Songbird is barely in it. Everybody else is pulling their weight though, and posing for the cameras in front of the Lincoln Memorial, Norman gives a speech. "My friends! These creatures think Earth belongs to them! That they can come here--to our
home--and make us kneel! But this is our world! This is our country! While a single breath remains in our bodies, we will fight and die to keep it! Stand with me! Show them! Let us shout it with one voice! my country." Norman is awesome.

Wolverine: First Class 7

Missed it. I'll get it soon, though.

Deadpool 2

Basic Plot: Deadpool trains Skrulls.

Awesome! I mean, seriously. This is a great jumping on point for Deadpool fans. It gives his origin and shows you that just because he is crazy doesn't mean he isn't awesome and really badass. I mean, he took out the Skrulls, wanted to join them, they take his blood, realize they can make immortal Super Skrulls and make a whole batch of Deadpool Skrulls, complete with swords and costumes. This was a dream come true for me, believe you me. Anyway, he goes to show how badass Deadpool can be by having his team take out a whole squadron of Super Skrulls. Not just weak powers either. Powers include: Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Cyclops, Mr. Fanastic, Nightcrawler, Thing and many others. Still, outnumbered 5-1, they conme out on top. His method is madness! Oh, and he mocks Rob Liefeld and his pouches, which was awesome. Man, this is a ridiculous series. Oh, and the end? Nick Fury knows to call on Deadpool. How cool is that? With a Skrull invasion, Fury knows to contact Deadpool to get him to take out a whole bunch of Skrulls. Crazy. Remeber, madness is his method.

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