Monday, September 29, 2008

Planeswalkers are broken

I mean, seriously. There were 5 in Lorwyn (already broken in and of itself), but each of the Planeswalkers are really good. And the most recent set? Well, I can say that even though I did horribly yesterday, I still won a game and stood a chance in others all because of Elspeth, Knight-Errant, one of the three Mythic rares I got yesterday. I tried to do too much (because of the Mythics), and that is why I didn't do as well, but still. Shards of Alara is crazy. If you had no idea what I was talking about, I'll try to spell it out a little bit. In MTG, you are a Planeswalker. You can bring all these different beings together and command them. You can burn people, kill people, stop stuff from happening, etc. In the set Lorwyn, they introduced the Planeswalker as a card. Basically, you can pay a cost, and they come into play to help you. They have a loyalty to you that can grow and shrink. Every turn, you can add loyalty for an effect or remove loyatly for an effect. If they have no loyalty, then they go away. The Planewalkers in Lorwyn all started with some amount, had one ability that gave them counters, one ability that took just a small amount of counters away, and then one major ability that took a lot of counters. So, you normally would be stuck with the one ability to add, waiting for the massive ability. Elspeth (a Plaeswalker), in the most recent set, has two +1 abilities that are amazing, and a -8 ability that is ridiculous. I also like that Saprolings actually look better as opposed to looking like animals, they look more like plants.

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