Monday, September 22, 2008

Sealed v Draft v Constructed

Constructed is the most basic way, where you have the rules ahead of time, and spend time constructing a deck that fits the format. Now, there are many different constructed formats, including Golden Age, Silver Age, Modern Age, Random Punks, Silver Random Punks, Modern Random Punks, BYOS, BYOT, Build a Legend, mini-deck, Highlander, etc. I mostly enjoy Silver Age, but having to think of different ways to build decks (mini-deck/BYOS, etc) are also enjoyable to a point. I can bring whatever I want to a tournament, as long as it fits thouse bounds, which is fun, but the thing I dislike? There are many people better than me, who have more rares, or better ideas, and better ways to run their decks, and include cards I would never think about that make their deck ridiculous. I still enjoyed the 10K I went to where I won 0 games, and only got 3-7 because 3 people didn't show up, but I would have enjoyed it more, had I been a better deckbuilder. As a player, I'm not the best, but I'm pretty good. As a deckbuilder, I could use a lore more improvement.

Sealed is a lot of fun, because you have the same chance as everybody else at the very beginning. Now, there is still emphasis on deckbuilding, but somebody can't have playtested their deck for a long time beforehand and worked out all the kinks, making sure they have the best rares and the best tech. Sure, if you aren't a great deckbuilder, you still could have problems. Still, I enjoy that my losses are pretty much mostly my fault. I could have built a better deck, most likely, out of the cards I was given. I didn't, and now I have to make do with what I have. Sure, some people get ridiculously lucky (Come on, two Blinding Rage at a Sealed event?), but mostly, it is on you to do better.

Draft is my favorite, because you can make more consistent and better decks than in Sealed, and without all of the ridiculous deckbuilding and testing of Constructed. Plus, it is cheaper and more interactive. As opposed to buying 5 packs, you only have to buy 3, but you do need the people. I can see how good cards are in a new set by building sealed decks out of my boxes, but I can't draft, unfortunately, as I don't have the people available. Still, I do enjoy drafting more than anything else.

What about any people that might actually read this? Do you prefer 1 of them to the others?


Jassmonsteret said...

Wow, people that might read this? Me for instance,prefer by far, casual and fun variants of magic AND drafting/livedrafting using cards we already own...there are so many fun formats to play out there...

Pi_3.14159... said...

People hadn't responded for a couple years, hence why I phrased it the way I did.

One point I'd like to make is that this is not about Magic: The Gathering. I play Magic: The Gathering, but this is specifically about VS, a card game about superheroes that was discontinued a while ago. That's why the formats mentioned are stuff like Golden Age, Random Punks and why I mentioned getting Blinding Rage (a VS card) at Sealed. While this is all very similar to MTG, this wasn't written about MTG.

In that regard, VS is a very different game such that a lot of MTG variants would be a lot trickier with Magic. In MTG, I still pretty much play constructed, sealed and draft, with a hint of other constructed formats (EDH, and sometimes Planeshift), but to each his own.

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