Thursday, September 4, 2008

Comics on 9/4

Hey, today is my parents' 20th anniversary! Happy anniversary.

Punisher War Journal 23

Basic Plot: The end of the Jigsaw arc. Everything comes to an end.

Well, I haven't really liked WJ since the Kraven arc, but I do have to admit that this was probably my favorite of all the issues. I still dislike Chaykin's art, but it was bearable. When they brought in the Wrecking Crew, I was concerned as to how they were going take them out. I mean, these guys, while mostly idiots, have gone up against big shots like Thor multiple times. How would Punisher take them out? Well, aside from Domino apparently driving a truck into two of them (Piledriver and Bulldozer) to stop two of them, it made sense. Rhino came to save Frank. Wait a sec... what? Yes, I love that Rhino came to help him. With everything Punisher did, he still let Rhino go and Rhino paid Frank back big time by taking out the Wrecker, giving Frank the opportunity to grab his crowbar and beat Thunderball. And why did he not take out Jigsaw? Well, it is pretty convoluted. I didn't like his reasoning. Sure, he can't see the big picture all the time. Well, whatever. I remember during Marvel Team-Up, the arc with Ringmaster, there was a Punisher/Blade team-up and Blade talked about how he was immortal and might be able to complete his mission of eliminating vampires, but Frank won't be able to. Frank just kept saying he didn't care and was going to try. In this, it seems he is less bad-ass like that. Oh well...

Venom: Dark Origin 2

Basic Plot: Eddie covers the story of the Sin-Eater.

Really? I want new stuff. This story was covered in, what, 3 pages in issue 300 of ASM? While not a bad story all in all, this was just pointless. It basically was a more detailed version of how Eddie covered the story of Sin-Eater, and then revealed who Sin-Eater really was, just a few hours before Spidey caught the real one. Eddie took the fall, then became Venom. Okay, so this needed a whole issue? Sigh... I don't understand this series. I think it is trying to make Eddie Brock look crazy, dangerous and sympathetic all at the same time.

Secret Invasion: Front Line 3

Basic Plot: More about the people in NYC trying to get away from Skrulls.

I like the art in this series, but the story? Well, I think it could be interesting, but I just don't care enough about these people, most of them anyway, so it just doesn't matter that much to me. Sure, I like Urich, but otherwise, that cop, the guy and his daughter, not as interesting. Oh, and the ending? Just stupid to me. I mean, basically, what the cab driver said? My point exactly. The "Rolling Sevens" are this street gang that have a subway tunnel and don't want to let survivors through. And the driver says "Aw, that's bull, man. I spend my whole morning running away from aliens, I ain't gonna be scared of some mope with a bright light." Then he gets shot. Oh no! I'm so worried!/sarcasm This is just stupid to me. I don't know.

Amazing Spider-Man 570

Basic Plot: As Norman plans, Venom, Anti-Venom and Spidey fight.

Okay, I have to say it. When they first showed pics of him, I thought, "What is this guy? Anti-Venom?" Then I realized that was a pun and laughed. Wait, he really is called Anti-Venom? That is pretty stupid. Come on, Slott, get a better name than that. Anyway, the fight was amusing, and Mr. Li (aka Mr. Negative) is starting to look suspicious to May for having the panic room in the homeless shelter. Norman is awesome though, throughout. He is easily my favorite Spidey villain, and he is working really well in this. Oh, and something came to me. I think Harry Osborn might be Menace. That would be so awesome. Hmmm...

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