Wednesday, September 17, 2008

9/17 Comics

Well, here you go:

Amazing Spider-Man 572

Basic Plot: Bullseye and Thunderbolts guards equipped with the gizmos to take out Spidey go after him, as Norman plots.

When did Norman lose it completely? I mean, he was always a nutjob, but he at least cared about his kids. I mean, Spidey snapped Norman into amnesia with Harry multiple times. Now, he just doesn't care? Oh well. Still awesome. I love Norman. He is ridiculously awesome. The Green Goblin is ridiculous. Ridiculous. And he pulls it off so well. Man, I love New Ways to Die! a lot so far, although mostly because of this arc. I wonder if the stuff after will be any bit as good, which is annoying to me, as I don't know the quality of my issues month to month, but I do enjoy the thought of a 6-issue storyline in two months.

Incredible Hercules 121

Basic Plot: Amazons go after Amadeus.

This was really good. I wasn't as happy about the last issue for reasons of Secret Invasion feeling somewhat pointless, but this issue brought it back to what it was before all of that, a bunch of fun with Herc and Amadeus. Namora is also there, so that is fun as well. All in all, it is just a lot of fun, and that is what makes Herc such a great comic. Oh, and the story at the back? I love Chris Giarrusso so much and his Mini-Marvels with the Skrulls have been great.

Secret Invasion: Thor 2

Basic Plot: The Asgardians fight against the Skrulls as Donald Blake delivers a baby.

Meh. This is one of the ones I don't like as much. One reason is Beta Ray Bill. As much as I love him, he was trapped in some demonic dimension last we saw him. Oh, and suddenly, the Skrulls were able to find him, capture him, torture him and abuse Stormbreaker? Stormbreaker, which has the same enchantments as Mjolnir? Which includes, as far as I know, the same enchantment that makes it not be able to be used by anyone other than those worthy (such as Bill or Thor). Hmmm. Oh well. I enjoyed it, but think that it is kind of ludicrous that the Skrulls are able to take on the Asgardians the way they do in this. Oh, and that Super Skrull? Come on! Well, at least Thor wins and then goes to NY by himself to fight the Skrulls with the new Cap.

Mighty Avengers 18

Basic Plot: Nick Fury sends his Commandos after Maria Hill.

Heh. Nick is a dick. I never quite realized how much of one he was. I still like him, but I mean, come on! How do you make your team work well and love you? Well, insert a device into them that can't be copied or interfered with (so he knows it's them), kick their ass to prove that powers don't make the man, and finally kidnap and torture them under another guise to make sure they won't talk to enemies. Oh, I didn't realize Nick Fury was a dick no matter what universe he's in. I still think he is awesome, but man! Oh, and seeing the Commandos in action is pretty cool. Oh, and it was all a test. Maria isn't a Skrull (as far as Nick knows). Ha! You went through all that effort because I wanted to test you! Geez!

Guardians of the Galaxy 5

Basic Plot: Drax works on his plan, while everybody else also does their own thing trying to find the Skrulls amongst them.

I love Drax. I used to love his Infinity Watch version (the one I knew), and when they had the Drax miniseries, I was intrigued by his trasnformation into a bad-ass. I still appreciate brain-damaged Drax, but have to admit that this is awesome, seeing him as a total bad-ass, who just kicks ass. I mean, he is going to blow up Knowhere to see which people were Skrulls after they were all dead. Also crazy, but yeah. This is a great series and a great issue. Man, I love these Guardians of the Galaxy. They are so bad-ass.

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