Thursday, December 13, 2007

Well... SNOW!

I was thinking about getting today the comics I missed yesterday, but then today came, and that idea went out the window. See, I have lived most of my life in San Francisco, and haven't really been to the East Coast that much during winter, so I never really experienced snow much. Basically, I have seen snow, don't get me wrong. My K-8 school took students to the Sierras in California every other year, so that kids from the Bay Area could see snow. When I visited China, we went to the Himalayas, or close to them, and while high on a mountain (not close to Everest, but we were on a tour group, give me a break), and it was snowy, and I loved sliding down the hill that was there (small little bump on the mountain, not the mountain itself) on my shoes and waterproof pants. When I was visiting the East Coast in the winter, early into it, with my parents, we were with some of my Dad's friends in New Jersey, and they live on a lake, and it had frozen over, and there was some snow. I did really well in our hockey game (8 goals), mostly because I am (or at least was) a really good ice skater. BUT, I have never lived on the East Coast or even been to Troy in the winter. Here, it snows a lot. And I mean a lot, especially in comparison to what I have seen. Snow is amazing. I just love how snow is so pure and white, when it covers everything, making walking incredibly hard, but an adventure. Oh, and I have pics taken by my camera phone, because it was just so cool to me that it was snowing where I live, and in a great amount.

Oh, and I have added a couple things to my Zazzle gallery, and I am going to soon add some more that have come to mind. Have a great time!

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