Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Comics for 12/12

Okay, so get ready to be confused. I picked up an issue that I hadn't gotten before and missed two that I would have gotten this week. Sigh, I'll try and remedy the situation, but we'll see how it works.

Captain America 32

Basic Plot: Faustus tries to break Winter Soldier. Falcon and Black Widow break into the current base that he has. Sharon tries to break free from Faustus' mind control.

I know this comic didn't come out this week, but I wasn't able to get it until now. Besides, most other comics are still way ahead of it in continuity, so it doesn't really matter all that much. Brubaker is really doing well in writing a good story for Captain America especially considering Captain America is dead. I don't know what it is about Captain America that makes me so happy to read it, but it is always a delight. Falcon is such a great character, Black Widow is always great as well. Winter Soldier steals the show for me though. I love James Buchannan "Bucky" Barnes. He is really amazing. I love how Winter Soldier almost breaks out of the compund, even with both of his arms behind his back, just by kicking soldiers. It is really amazing. Go Bucky!

X-Men: Die by the Sword 5

Basic Plot: Captain Britain has to beat up The Fury, Roma has to deal with being stabbed, everybody has to deal with the aftermath.

Well, now New Excalibur is dead, so I am sad, but this was a good story, even if I didn't really care for many of the characters. Sigh... I really can't say much about this story except for that I am glad that it is over. The fighting was cool and things were interesting. Oh, and Sage is now an Exile and Longshot is with New Excalibur. They basically switched places. And I actually like Albion now, which is kind of fun, because he does have a sense of honor and he isn't really a bad guy, just a guy who is not the kindest or nicest.

Ultimate Iron Man II 1

Basic Plot: After Iron Man made his quite explosive debut (play on words!), some government guys want to use one of Stark's "robots" for a mission.

I really like Ultimate Iron Man, even though I hate regular Iron Man. He is kind of confusing, with his healing factor and lack of feeling pain and stuff, but Orson Scott Card (yes, that Orson Scott Card) is a good writer (as if I had to say that) and makes Iron Man an interesting character. Plus it is awesome to see Iron Man and War Machine together, especially since I liked Rhodey from Ultimate Iron Man I, and I think it is awesome how they work together. Tony is awesome in this incarnation, and I really like how they can do whatever they want, to an extent. Plus, Pasqual Ferry's art is great.

New Warriors 6

Basic Plot: Still distraught over Longstrike's death, Thrasher discusses the disbandment of the New Warriors.

New Warriors was interesting. I liked trying to discover what the secrets of Thrasher and everything. But I did love it for one main reason. It made me dislike Stark even more. Basically, and spoiler alert if you care, Tony gave the funding to the New Warriors in order to be able to have the Initiative come to pass. He made all of these decisions, including ordering assassinations and other crap in order to get his way no matter what. Although I do like that New Warriors does have a lot of old X-Men characters (basically the team consists of de-powered mutants with superpowers from equipment) that make this an interesting comic. I also am kind of disappointed that it isn't the actual Night Thrasher and is just his brother or something, pretending that he has to be in a wheelchair. Oh, sorry, did you think it was safe to continue reading without spoilers? I guess I never said that I was done spoiling, so it is all your fault if you care.

Nova 9

Basic Plot: Nova tries to stop Abyss with the help of Cosmo. Really, that is all.

In the middle of Knowhere, Nova is stuck trying to fend off zombies with his buddy, the Russian, telepathic, talking dog, Cosmo, who is Chief of Security in the floating base at the edge of oblivion, while keeping the Transmode virus in check, all while facing Xarth's Mightiest Heroes and their ultimate villain. Sigh, just another day for Richard Rider. I do like the story now, although I am kind of sad with regards to how good it could have been with Annihilation. Abyss is somewhat of a pathetic villain, and they don't really explain how everybody became zombies, but other than that it is amusing. I do like watching Cosmo fight though. Cosmo is an awesome character, and I wish he continued on in the series. A talking, telepathic, Russian dog is awesome. Oh, and I really like Drax, so I really hope he gets rid of the Transmode virus soon. Plus, when will they, if ever, rejoin the Annihilation: Conquest storyline. They kind of did with the ending, but not all that much. Hmm, the old Annihilation had no ongoing series that were going on while it was, so I guess it is somewhat more awkward, but it was fun.

Punisher: War Journal 14

Basic Plot: Punisher tries to go after Rhino who was captured by Kraven (Al Kraven) for his zoo.

Okay, WTF happened? Punisher was so cool against Hate-Monger, calm and collected against Winter Soldier, took on that alien bug, but gets his ass handed to him by Al Kraven? Come on! I don't know what just happened, but everything went downhill and now he doesn't do anything the entire issue. I mean, come on! Frickin Al Kraven! Punisher should have just killed him and shot him, but he gets captured. I have no idea why this is so difficult for him. Just don't talk to me about this, and hopefully, after all this is over, we never have to pay attention to this arc again.

New Avengers 37

Basic Plot: The Wrecker tells what happened when the New Avengers attacked them, and then the rest of the story is told.

I really like New Avengers and I really like the Hood, so this arc is awesome to me. It is revealed early on that the reason all those people appeared was that Dr. Strange made them appear to be there when in fact they weren't. It allowed, however, for the actual New Avengers to get the drop on the bad guys and kick their asses, so it was fun, although then, I worry about the Hood, since he did kick the crap out of Tigra. What will he do now to the New Avengers? I guess, since they are hiding anyway, there isn't much he can do, but it would be interesting to see what he can do. I love the Hood. After reading Beyond, he is one of my favorite characters that no on ehas ever heard of before. I do like Gravity more, but Hood is still a good character, and I enjoyed seeing him be bad-ass in these issues of New Avengers.

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