Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sorry I was late

I apologize for being late for anyone wanting to read my blog yesterday, but other things came up. Um, today I can give you my review of the two comics I missed last Wednesday. I promise I will get the new comic review up by at least tonight. I am on the west coast now, so everything will be later for the East Coast

Spider-Man Family 6

Basic Plot: Thor is turned into a frog and Spidey has to help him find Loki. Spider-Man and Zabu have some tender time together. ASM 180. MTU vol 1 #1. Spider-Man J

So, basically this is a fun comic and I really enjoyed the first and sceond stories. The first one is written and drawn by Chris Eliopoulos who had drawn a cute Puppet Master story in a previous Spider-Man Family. Basically, Loki plans to have Thor dissected by students, but Peter Parker gets the Thor frog, who refuses to go to sleep or be killed, breaks free of the container and leads him back to where his hammer is. Then, he turns back into Thor, although still a frog. Then, being able to speak (since Thor can speak), he leads Spider-Man back to his school where Loki was disguised as a kid to watch Thor die. Instead Thor beats him up and eventually everything is happy. It is a cute story. Like all of the ones in the Spider-Man Family series, I know it means nothing, so I can just enjoy it for what it is. The second one involves Zabu and how he is the last of his kind and lonely because of it. Spider-Man brings him to the Museum of Natural History in order to have him see the stuffed sabretoothed tigers. Zabu grows fond of Spider-Man and when he returns Zabu to Ka-Zar, Zabu gives him a warm goodbye and it is sweet. I love the story as it is simple and cute and Zabu is awesome. The other stories are pretty good (aside from Spider-Man J which I cannot make myself read). MTU is fun as it is a Christmas issue where Sandman visits his mother. All in all, a fun comic to read.

Wolverine 60

Basic Plot: Wolverine looks for the woman he saw in his coma and goes after Scimitar.

Whee! When Wolverine is pissed, boy is he pissed. A lot of death and a lot of action. It is lots of fun and some silliness involved, but overall, I think it is a fun storyline and while it may not be the deepest storyline or even as deep as they want it to be, it still is fun. The fights are a little short, but overall they are still good. I don't like Chaykin all that much, so I can live with shorter fight scenes. Oh, but the greatest part is easily the end when you learn who is behind it all. And believe me, it is hard to figure out. I had a hard time, but I did realie who it was by the second to last page right before seeing him. Oops, now you know it is a guy. Oh well. It you want to know, then just wait a sec, I have ot clear out everybody else. Ahem. SPOILER ALERT!!! So, it is Mariko's father who is back from the grave to exact his revenge on Wolverine for killing Mariko and himself. I love the concept, since there is a lot of resurrection with the Hand and he is a great person to resurrect. Anyway, I want to see where this is going.

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