Friday, December 14, 2007

It's over!

For some reason, whenever something ends, I always think of the end of "The Matrix has You" by Legendary Frog and other people, in which, after everything ends from what happened in the Matrix movies, the small Indian computer program (can't remember name) just says "It's over!" and it goes to credits, and for some reason, I always think of it. Anyway, my finals are over, and my first semester of college comes to a close, and I can't wait to go home. As much as I love cold and snow, I can't wait to get to San Francisco, where all of the people that I know live.

I am not a DC fan, as I have said many times, but I am looking forward to DC Legends, just because, like Marvel Legends, it looks to be an amazing set that is both powerful and flavorful. There looks to be things for everybody. Stu gets some seahorses (PONY!), and everybody else gets Starbolts and Scarecrow, Chiroptophobia to make Stu sad. I personally am looking forward to building a Deathstroke deck, or, if possible, add in Deadpool to the deck and have an amazing deck with both of them. Look for it after DCL comes out.

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