Saturday, December 8, 2007

Marvel Zombies hater

Now, when I posted my movie, I saw someone else who complained that "All your heroes are dead, if they decided to eat people in this universe, then they could be immoral in the regular MU, etc..."

I found it incredibly stupid.

First off, What if...? stories like Marvel Zombies (while technically not under the title, it is close to a What if...? type story), are not meant to be taken in context with the regular MU. If you do accept it, then why would you look at What if...? Planet Hulk any differently? So, then, is it fine that Hulk thought about his wife first or does that make him completely different? In the What if...? story with Spider-Man and The Other (from last year or two years ago or something), are you saying you can no longer trust Spider-Man because in that universe, the symbiote took him over and made him Venom (yes, I know he didn't before when he had the outfit, but the outfit has changed over the years)? Judging the heroes in the 616 universe by what happens in the Zombieverse is like saying the JLA are bad because the Squadron Supreme tried to create a utopia.

Second, he bashes the Ultimate Universe, which is an amazing universe, and if he read Ultimate FF during that time, or any other Ultimate comic, he would understand. Basically, a person should not complain about things he knows nothing about. I complain about things that I know about, and I try to only stick with that.

Third, he calls every writer past the original a fan-fiction writer, in that they are taking the characters and going off in new directions that the original writer might have never intended. So, to clarify, unless a character has been written by the same writer, then it is not the same character. So that means that team-up books and team books are horrible because a single writer (usually) is changing all of these other characters. Now, if a writer took JLA and made Superman just start killing people and Batman decides to just stop fighting crime because he's bored, that would be stupid, although it doesn't happen, because writers always take the characters and continue to use them in new ways. Just because it is a new writer does not mean that everything is completely wrong and that only the original can write that character. That can be the case (like I currently feel about Ultimates 3), although it is not something that automatically rings true regardless of the situation.

Fourth, the moral codes of a character don't have to ring true throughout each universe. Um, the Crime Syndicate is basically the JLA in an alternate universe, where there is mainly evil as opposed to good, and they are evil. Does that work? Yes. Generally, there is a "mirror-universe" where everything is the exact opposite (which is hard to understand in certain ways, like if he turned left, instead of right, he could have died or something, but I digress), where the people in that universe have goatees and are the evil version of the main people. Does that mean that everybody is wrong and dead to society or something like that? No. If you care only for your one universe, then do that, and the other ones will have no effect on your own.

Fifth, the hunger they felt was technically something that they could have overcome about the same that you can overcome dying from re-entry into the atmosphere by being at the exact angle, but if you don't know that, you're screwed anyway, and if you do, it is still incredibly difficult, and you'll probably end up failing. The hunger can be overcome in the Zombieverse, as seen by Wasp and Black Panther in the current issues, although it is not something that is easy to do, especially when you can just eat people to try and get rid of it.

Sixth, he is talking about a time after they had been infected for a while. People did try and find a cure, although they failed. If he had read Marvel Zombies v Army of Darkness, he could see that. Plus, the overwhelming hunger is what consumed them at first. Once they got past the initial hunger, they did realize that they could stem off the hunger, however it would be incredibly difficult, and seeing as they already ate their loved ones first, why should they even try at this point, considering everything they have gone through, it probably would be better to just be zombies then to be alive and having to deal with that the Avengers ate Jarvis and Spider-Man ate MJ and May etc.

Plus, he liked Marvel Zombies, so why was he bashing it in the first place?


David said...

He bashes it because he hates you and wants to claim that he likes Deadpool more.

Pi_3.14159... said...

Some people do like Deadpool more, I'm sure, but I was happy that Deadpool even showed up in Marvel Zombies, as opposed to him who was complaining. I mean, we already saw that Wolverine and Hulk's healing factors didn't work for whatever reason (Zombie virus eliminates healing factors or something), so I was just happy to see Deadpool as opposed to being upset that he was turned.

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