Monday, December 17, 2007

Secret Wars Part 1

So, for whatever reason, I just want to review a really good story with one of the most bizarre reasons for its existence, plus it's sequel (to an extent, not Secret Wars II or III, but Beyond).

Okay, so it actually started in Marvel Comics before, but nobody was quite sure what was happening. Basically, Professor X felt strange scanning waves, and was concerned. Spider-Man's Spider-Sense just went off for no reason. Eventually, though, the heroes all realized that there was a purpose for the strange occurrences and they all found themselves ending up at a strange alien site that was in Central Park. They all ended up going into it, knowing they probably shouldn't, and then they all get zapped. Suddenly they all end up on this alien platform in the middle of space. All the heroes introduce themselves. There are the Fantastic Four, minus Sue who was pregnant, the Avengers, which consisted of Wasp, Captain America, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Hawkeye and Thor, Iron Man (Jim Rhodes) who wasn't with the Avengers at the time, the X-Men, consisting of Professor X, Storm, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Wolverine, Cyclops, Colossus and Lockheed, Hulk and Spider-Man, along with Magneto, who everybody was confused as to why he was there. Then a second platform is seen by the heroes, and Professor X is able to read that Enchantress, Ultron, Absorbing Man, the Wrecking Crew, Kang, Lizard, Molecule Man, Doctor Octopus, Dr. Doom and Galatcus are on that platform. Then suddenly, the galaxy they are in, minus them of course, is destroyed and then they move towards a planet that is being assembled. A rift appears and from that rift, they hear a spooky voice tell them, "I am from Beyond! Slay your enemies and all you desire shall be yours! Nothing you dream of is impossible for me to accomplish!" Galactus, sensing the Beyonder could speak the truth, hurls himself out of the field keeping the villains in and rushes towards the Beyonder, who swats him and Doom (who followed Big G) back, to the shock and surprise of all there, especially Galactus. Eventually, they all land on the planet, and Magneto argues with the heroes, eventually flying away. The team eventually decides to let Captain America be their leader. Meanwhile the villains had found an alien construct that they used as a base. Doom came to them, and they wanted him to lead them, but Doom wanted to fight the Beyonder to try and get his power, as there was a power in the universe that dwarfed all others. He then left them, sad that they couldn't see his vision, realizing that maybe Richards would be able to see his plan, because while Richards is still his greatest foe, he is also a match for Doom's brain. But, when Doom sees pity in Reed's eyes, he leaves the heroes as the villains attack the heroes. Their first attacks take out a lot of heroes as they use a lot of weapons from the base they had. Eventually though, thanks to Cap's leadership mainly, they were able to take out the villains, capturing the Wrecking Crew minus Wrecker, Kang and the Enchantress and discovering a base that they take over, that is humongous (apparently around the size of 54.5 Pentagons). While they rest there, Doom tries to get Galactus to help him, but when he is refused, he returns to the villain base, re-powers Ultron and has programs in Ultron to control him and to have Ultron only obey Doom. He also takes two people from the small suburb of Chicago that was taken to construct Battleworld and makes them into Volcana and Titania using strange devices in the newly christened Doombase. The X-Men decide that they need Magneto and thus go to him in order to get him on their side. Soon though, the villains launch an all-out assault on the heroes and the heroes are caught unaware and they have to flee. After taking a lot of them out, they blow up the base. When they discover that the heroes are running, Titania throws a huge chunk of base at them. Spider-Man senses that the chunk is coming down, and Hawkeye is able to split it in two and Iron Man is able to drive the pieces apart. Then, Molecule Man drops a mountain range on the heroes. Not a mountain, but a mountain range. Hulk is able to support the weight of the range, but isn't doing well. Meanwhile, Thor, who had left slightly earlier, goes back to his base, only to find it destroyed by the villains who attack him, with Ultron seemingly disintegrating the thunder god. Meanwhile, Reed harnesses the power of the Human Torch and Captain Marvel into Iron Man, so he can repulsor blast out of the mountain range. Thor finds them and they then relocate to a small alien town underneath the mountain upon which Galactus stands. Then Galactus moves...

To be continued.

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